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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Loving Life

Hola Familia,

Well my first week here in my new area was a very interesting one. We worked really hard to find a ton of new people and also get to know the area. This last week we found 19 new investigators and 16 of them accepted to get baptized. So we got a lot of work to do. This area is great. It is smaller but there are a lot of people and they are all willing to receive us. So it makes finding new investigators really easy.
Plus we had a baptism. First week and one baptism. His name is S. He is 18 years old and an amazing person. He was really prepared to get baptized. He was a reference from another member and really loves the church. He used to have dreads but he cut his hair before his baptism. He also wants to be a missionary. He came to church on Sunday in a suit. He is just a great person. He was so happy after his baptism.

I also went on divisions this week. The pictures I uploaded are from these divisions. I went to a place that is called Puerto Viejo. That place is so cool. I felt like I was Tarzan because everything was jungle. The church there is really small. There are only 35 members so the church is actually a house. The missionaries live in the church. It is crazy and in the back there is a pool for their baptisms. I took pictures of the church and the pool out back. Honestly this zone is so cool.  It is completely different than any of my other areas. I am seriously in the jungle. It is really HOT but it is super green. It is an adventure everyday. I seriously like it here.

My companions are great. Yep Elder Hess was trained by Elder S and they are really similar. It is really funny. He is a great missionary. The people here love him. He makes me laugh a lot. My other companion Elder L is amazing. I am learning a lot from him everyday. Just seeing him get ready in the morning is amazing. Elder L is 24 years old and has a ton of faith. Elder L was in an accident before his mission. He doesn't have a left leg. That is why he is serving here in Costa Rica. He uses a fake leg made of carbon fiber. He may have a disability but that doesn't stop him. He walks faster than me and I have two legs. It is honestly something you just have to see. He is an amazing person and I learn something new with him everyday.

I think you can tell that I am really happy. Super Happy actually. I love my new area and my companions. There is nothing to complain about. It's really really HOT but I am going to have a nice tan when I am done here. Everything is Pura Vida!!!

It seems like everyone is doing great at home. I hope mom had a great birthday. I love you guys a lot!! Have a great week!!
Pura Vida!!

Elder Keysor

Elder Keysor, Elder H baptism of S and Elder L. 
The church in Puerto Viejo - a house.
The churches baptismal font.