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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

It's HOT

Hola Familia,

Well it was another HOT week. Really HOT as usual. But I am slowly getting used to it. We didn't have a great week like last week but we learned a lot about the area and the ward. It was a rough week because we had to travel to San Jose for a multi zone conference with President. So we lost all day but we learned a lot and it was a lot of fun. We had to practice lessons and when we were practicing President came to join us. It really helped because he was able to give us tips to help us become a better missionaries. The zone conferences are always helpful to us as missionaries. The craziest part was that we had Stake Conference yesterday. We went to set up the church and we were going to watch a transmission from Salt Lake. Everyone showed up in the Stake. The church was full. We had to set up TV's in other rooms to fit everyone and there were still people outside trying to watch the transmission. There was a total of 458 people in the Stake Conference. It was ridiculous. It was a great conference. Richard G Scott and Dallin H Oaks gave great talks. They really focused on ways to help reactivate members. It was perfect because my companions and I have been really focused in on that this week. Our ward has had a lot of baptisms but the attendance hasn't changed much. We are really focused on reactivating and baptizing so that the attendance can increase. So it was a really helpful Stake Conference. 

Well our focus here lately is on working a lot more with the members. That has really been the focus of my whole mission and it really has helped a lot. We are really working on getting to know all the members, actives and less actives and so far things are going great. We have received a lot of references and things are really going to change. The bishopric wants to go on visits with us this week. We are really starting to get support from the members.

Everyday is an adventure. I will walk you through a typical day in the life of Elder Keysor. Wake up at 6 and start working out behind the house. 7 get cleaned up and eat. 8 study. 9 study with my companions. 11 study spanish. 12 go and eat at a small restuarant that is owned by a member. It is super good. I usually have steak with rice and beans. The best is on Saturday when they have a special dish that they only sell here in this area called rice and beans. It is rice and beans with coconut milk and spicy chiles. It is so good and usually has chicken in it too. It is the best. After lunch we jump on a bus to get to our area. Our area is small but full of people. It is dirt roads and small houses. The people are really humble and really love listening about God. The biggest challenge is getting to church. Church starts at 8 in the morning and they have to get on the bus at 7:30 to get to church on time. So it is really early and they usually don't have money. We really have to help them understand sacrifices to get them to come to church. But the people are great and we are being received by many people. We work from around 2 to 8:30. We have to take the bus at 8:30 to be home by 9. At 9 we plan for the next day. Around 10 we start receiving phone calls from the district leaders about how things are going in their districts. We have 3 districts in our zone. 13 areas and 27 missionaries. 4 sisters and 23 elders. It is a great zone and everyone works hard. The only challenge is the distances between the areas. We sometimes have to take a bus that is about an hour or two to get to some of the areas. It is really big. We try to finish the phone calls by 10:30 but they usally go till 11. Then bed and get as much sleep as possible to be ready for the next day. So that is my day. It is crazy and exhausting but there is always something fun with everyday and I love it!!

Well things are going well here and it seems like things are going well at home too. FELIZ CUMPLEAÑOS DAD!!!!!!!!!! I hope you had a great birthday and I wish I could have been there. Thanks for everything that you do for me and all the support you give me. You are great and a great example for me and thanks for all the tips that you give me every week. Keep working hard to help the missionaries at home. You are doing great. Thanks too mom for gettting everything set up for school. I know it wasn't easy but thanks. I missed Kendal's letter this week. I know that she has been busy with school work so it is ok. Good Luck on your concerts this week. Kylie needs to start working out with Aaron if she wants to get faster. Plus my companion Elder L told me something this week that really hit me. "There is no such thing as physical disability, only mental disability" you got to be mentally strong if you want to be successful. 

Have a great week everyone. I miss you guys and love you a ton. Nos Vemos!

Pura Vida!!

Elder Keysor
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