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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Changing Lives

Hola Familia,

Well it was a great week. Why? Because we had two baptisms this week!!! We had the baptisms of M and B. It was a really cool experience to see how the two of them have really changed a lot. B before was a really serious guy but after his baptism he was all smiles. And he hasn't stopped smiling since. M had made big changes in his life. He was a really animated guy but he decidced to stop drinking coffee in one day and actually gave away his coffee to his brother. The best part was that he came to his baptism in a suit and tie. He was really scared to enter the water but when he came back out he had a huge smile on his face and screamed ¨Que Lindo! Pura Vida!!¨ It was really funny. He told us that he didn't want to leave the church. He wanted to sleep in the church until Sunday. The next day at church they came early and they honestly looked like they had been members for their whole lives. It is amazing to see how the gospel changes peoples lives. It really is the only way that someone can find true happiness.

The best thing that has been happening to us are our english classes. We have been giving english classes every thursday and a ton of people have been coming. Last week we had 14 people show up. The majority of them were investigators. We have been receiving a ton of references from people in these classes. So that has been a huge hit for us lately.

Well I think one of the biggest news this week was that I now have 18 months on the mission. Crazy. My companions like to tease me because I am older and have more time then them. They even made the whole zone sing me "Happy Birthday". It was really ridiculous. But it is really crazy to see how long have I been on the mission. I honestly don't feel like I have been here that long. But I can tell because things just come more naturally now. Spanish, talking to people in the street, or challenging someone to be baptized. It all seems natural and normal. I really haven't thought much about how much time I have. I really don't like too. And I really don't feel that much different. 

I received my package. And I loved it all. I had been craving PEZ so that was cool to see. Thank you guys a lot for all the goodies. :)

I have been working out everyday. Everyday I wake up at 5:30 and work out before we start the day. It has been great. I feel stronger and I have a lot more energy. The biggest problem is that it makes me really hungry. We are trying to eat out less and do more cooking ourselves.
Well I love you guys. And miss you guys a lot. I'll sent some pictures home. I am trying to take more pictures. Have a great week. Love you guys!!

Pura Vida,
Elder Keysor
Valentine's Day Package

Baptism of M and B