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Monday, February 10, 2014

Young Faith

Hola Familia,

It was a crazy week. It started out a little rough but it it finished great. Monday wasn't P-Day because we went to the temple on Wednesday. On Monday, one of the assistants came to join us for a few days to see how things were going and see if we could fix some things. It that helped a lot. Monday night was one of the roughest lessons of my mission. We had to go and tell D and J that they couldn't get baptized. I felt horrible horrible horrible in this lesson. Everyone was sad but they agreed to work hard to get married and baptized in the future. It was a really rough lesson but we had to do it. After the lesson we were back thinking about what we were going to do to have a baptism this month. We decided that we were going to help every area in our zone to have a baptism this month. So that was our goal. 

On Tuesday, we had interviews with President. It was good having interviews with him. He really helped me a lot. He asked how he could help us and I explained the situation and how we were really struggling to find baptisms. He asked "Well how many do you think you can have as a zone?" I told him at least 12 but we obviously want more. He responded, "Elder, I want to see 15. You know what to do." That really pushed me and it was a great reminder that President trusts me a lot. So that really got me going and to top it off, we went to the temple on Wednesday and that helped a ton. I felt so peaceful afterwards. I realized that I need to just let everything go and just work. If I work hard everything is going to fall into place. That is what I did. I just let everything go and got to work. And with that mentality, it really changed the week. We got to work trying to help everyone we could. We really started to see the miracles coming. 

The best was on Friday, we went to visit C, the kid we baptized, and he asked if he could go and do visits with us. His brother had sent him a missionary tag and so he wants to walk around like a missionary. We said sure and we went and visited some kids that went to church on Sunday. We got to the lesson and the first thing that happened was this kid named K asked his mom if he could get baptized. Right then, C told him to get baptized and bore his testimony about his baptism. My companion and I were shocked. A 9 year old missionary was inviting a 10 year old to be baptized. K accpeted and we asked his mom and his dad if he had permission to get baptized. His parents said sure and they were willing to take him to church every Sunday. A 9 year old missionary saved our month. We are now going to have a baptism this Sunday. And sunday at church, K was looking at the baptismal font with his Aunt, who also is 10 years old, and he invited her to get baptized with him on Sunday and she said yes! So now we are hoping to have 2 baptisms on Sunday. But that isn't it. After receiving the numbers yesterday for the zone, we are going to have a minimum  of 6 baptisms but we could have as much as 14. So we could end up with 12 or up to 20 as a zone. We are really excited for this upcoming week. We got a lot of work to do. 

So really my mind has changed completely. I am a lot happier. It really helped talking to President and going to the temple this week. It helped me remember why I am here and what is my purpose as a missionary. So things are a lot better right now and it is going to be a great week because Elder Cook of the 12 apostles is coming on Friday to speak to all the missionaries. It will be an awesome week. 

It sounds like things are going well at home. Kendal study hard and pray. Just work hard to understand all the material and you will be fine. Kylie stop being gross.  Dad I will send you another letter with experiences. I have a ton because the majority of my baptisms are from less active members. Mom I really like that quote you sent me from Elder Oaks. Thanks a lot. 

Well I love you guys and miss you guys a lot. Have a great week and don't do anything stupid!!

Pura Vida,
Elder Keysor

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