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Monday, February 10, 2014

Rough Times

Hola Familia,

So we had really good week. We found a bunch of new families and a lot of them accepted to get baptized. We have a lot of work ahead of us. We are really happy about that and things were looking good for us. We also had D and J that were preparing for their marriage and baptism this weekend. We were super happy because it would be our first baptisms in our area since November. It has been killing me not having baptisms as often as before. We have been feeling good about how D and J are progressing. So things were looking great for this weekend. 

But Sunday just killed me. We got to church really excited to announce the marriage and baptism of D and J. But when we got to church all the members were against us baptizing them and they even told us he could go to jail. To understand what is going on right now, you have to understand the story of D and J. D is the son of a member and the only member of the family that isn't a member. He has a brother that is a missionary in Nicaragua and they whole family has been fighting to get D baptized. It was just lately that D started to listen to us and that is because J his girlfriend started listening to us and wanted to attended church. We started teaching them but we never had the intention of baptizing them because D is 22 and J is 14 and she is pregnant. This is pretty common in Costa Rica.  We knew that they didn't want to separate and so to live the law of chastity they had to get married. My companion and I knew that they couldn't get married because it is against the law. So we just taught them and helped them go to church. The problem is that they all of a sudden wanted to get baptized. We really thought about what we should do and we called a lawyer.  A lawyer told us that it wasn't illegal and they could get baptized. When we heard that we got them prepared and got them going to get married and baptized. They got excited and the family of D was super excited their son was going to get baptized. Everything was going great and everyone was super happy. But when we got to church on Sunday, the members started telling us that it was illegal and that he could go to jail. We were shocked and confused because a lawyer told us that it wasn't illegal. But word got to D and J and they ended up leaving church early and really upset. We started calling more lawyers and they said that we couldn't get them married. After working for weeks and everyone happy, we have to tell them that they can't get married and can't get baptized. The only way that they can get baptized is if they separate. So right now, my companion and I are really hurt because we realized that we have caused more harm than good with this family. We don't know what to do.

So that is how things are going right now. The area is great and we are really happy with the way things are going. But really hurt because we want to help this family so much and we honestly don't know what to do. We received a message last night that I hope will help me a lot right now. The message was from our mission president. He told us that tomorrow we are having interviews with him and Wednesday we are going to the temple. So I am hoping that in these next two days I can find answers to my questions and most of all peace. I am not sad, I am still really happy. I am in the Lords work but I am just sad that I can't help this family find the happiness that they deserve in their lives. But I know I will find an answer. I haven't found it yet but I will work like crazy to find it. I have been reading the scriptures a lot. I even stay up all night reading them looking for answers and looking for things that I can do to help everyone. This is one of the most difficult times here on my mission. I have also learned a lot through all this. I have learned a lot about the scriptures and a lot about patience.

I actually have learned a lot about faith. President gave a great example about faith a while back. He used the example of me pitching. How I had to have the faith that I will win with every pitch. And I can't think about losing in any moment. It was a great reminder and it has been something that has been pushing me through all the tough times. I can tell you right now that my faith has grown a ton. Everyday it grows and I bet you guys won't even recognize me when I come back. Yeah things are tough. But who said that the mission would be easy. I am going to keep pushing myself everyday and I will never stop fighting to help everyone find the eternal happiness that we can find from this gospel. That is my purpose and that is why I am here on the mission. 

I love you guys and miss you guys a ton. Have fun in finals Kendal. HaHa I am so glad I don't have to worry about that. Kylie keep practicing your soccer because I will still beat you when I get home. Congrats Dad on the work. It sounds like things are going great for you. Put your faith in God and anything is possible. Mom I love you a ton and thank you for everything that you do for me. Thank you guys for all your prayers. Have a great week everyone. Don't do anything stupid! :)

Pura Vida,

Elder Keysor