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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Mission Fun

Hola Familia,

So it was a really good week. I was able to stay in my area and really pick things up. After working hard this week, we really saw the blessings. We are planning to have 2 baptisms. The first baptism we are going to have is a reference from a member named B. He really knew everything before we taught him and because we haven't been able to see him a lot, the members have been teaching him. So this week we are planning to have his interview and his baptism. The other baptism will be a interesting one. It will be an interesting one because it will be my first baptism that was a contact in the street. I really have been pushing myself to talk to more people in the streets. I know that working with members is more effective but President taught me a great lesson. He pretty much said that the best athletes are strong in every aspect of their sport and it is the same in the mission, we as missionaries have to be strong in every aspect of the work. Receiving references and contacting. So that has been a focus lately and that is how we found M. M is an older guy but he acts like he is in his 20s. He was really excited to talk to us in the street and from the moment that we got to know him, he accepted to be baptized. He actually asked if we could come by more often to help him learn. He told us that he wanted us to teach him everything he needed to know to get baptized. He loves the church and actually looks like a member already because he shows up in shirt and tie and particpates in all the classes. So he is really good. And it will be interesting because it will be the first contact that I have done in my mission that will be baptized. So thats how things are looking in the next couple of weeks. 

We had a cool activity in the stake this week. It was missionary for a day. We had to help show the youth how it was being a missionary. It was a really fun experience. My companion for the day was a really shy kid. He was so nervous talking to the people and the funny thing was that every lesson we had planned that day fell. So we ended up walking a ton and talking to a ton of people. But it was cool to see how little by little he started losing the fear of talking to people. He asked me how I knew what to say in certain situations and I said that I just open my mouth and the words come out. It was a really fun experience helping out the future missionaries. I think it would be a great experience to do in the stake at home. I have done this activity twice and it really has changed a lot of youths views of a mission. 

So like I said, I really have been focused on talking to everyone. And it is crazy to see how that is really helping us out in our area. We aren't really finding a lot of new investigators from the contacts we are doing but we are receiving a ton of references from the members. A ton. It really seems like the members are trusting us a lot with their friends and family. So right now we have a lot of work to do. Plus the cool thing is that now because we arent working with dividing lines we are able to teach a lot of these references and not have to pass them onto other missionaries. So right now things are going great. But there is always room for improvement. My companions and I are looking for ways that we can step it up. 

Crazy stuff that happened this week. Our sink broke in the bathroom. It just fell and our shower broke. It only shoots out FREEZING cold water. So we had to shower all week with cold water. After 2 days of showering like that, I decided to heat up water on the stove and use it to shower. So I would wake up early to heat up water so I would have hot water to shower and I used a small cup to wash myself. It was a lot of fun. But today I decided to be a handyman and try to fix the shower. Well, I guess you can call me "Handy Manny" because now we have hot water. :) So now we are just waiting to see what we do with the sink. 

But it seems like everything is going well at home. Everyone is happy and having fun. I miss you guys a lot and love you guys a lot too. Have a great week!

Pura Vida!
Elder Keysor

Our broken sink.
His heated water and a cup for his shower.