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Tuesday, February 11, 2014


Hola Familia,

This week was a really tough week. It was full of divisions and meetings. It started crazy on Tuesday. Tuesday we had a meeting with President and all of the zone leaders. It was really good and really rough. Rough because we had to stand up in front of everybody and give an explanation of what happened in the last month. We have to do this every month but this month was really a rough one for everyone. We really slacked as a mission this last month. So president wanted a lot of answers of what happened and some people weren't able to give him answers. For us he just asked me what we were going to do to change things and that was it. He almost never asks a lot of questions about our zone. I think it is because he trusts our zone. But it was a good meeting. I learned a lot. One of the things President wants us to focus on is the use of the Book of Mormon. I have set a new goal to use the Book of Mormon in every lesson. Plus President had another idea for the mission. He wants to know if we can get rid of the dividing lines and work as one ward. Which is if there are 4 missionaries in a ward they work together in the same area instead of dividing the ward into 2 parts. A lot of missionaries were against it. My companion and I really liked the idea and wanted to try it out in our area. We told President that we were going to try it out in our area. We are really excited to start working like this and we are hoping that it will help us to be more united as a ward. This is our big project right now. 

This week, I went on divisions almost everyday. I was only supposed to be on divisions for 2 days but the assistants called wanting to do divisions. I learned a lot on divisions. The first set of divisions, I went to see how an area was doing because they are baptizing every week right now. I was curious to see what they were doing. It was interesting to see that they weren't doing anything special but they were really organized with everything. They had everything planned out so well. I really need to work on organizing everything more. If I have everything organized and work hard, everything will work out better. That is another focus of mine right now, making sure that we are really organized with everything. In the other divisions with the assistants, I went to my old area in Alajuela, La Tropicana. The assistants are now there, so I got to go back for a day. It was great to see a lot of my converts and see how happy they were. I really needed these divisions after some crazy weeks. A funny thing was a member here asked me how I was doing becuase I am a lot skinnier. I told her it was because I have been doing more exercise. 

Things are going great. It was a tough week because I wasn't in my area much but it was a good break and now I am ready to get things going again this week. It seems like it was a good week for you guys. It must have been nice to have rain finally. I miss you guys a lot and love you guys. Have a great week. 

Pura Vida!
Elder Keysor

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