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Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter Week

Hola Familia,

Well I don't know where to start. It was an amazing week. Things just took off. This area is amazing. It is one of the best areas of my mission. It isn't hot. Every morning the fog rolls in and it has a nice cold breeze all day long. The weather is absolutely amazing. The members are great. In the short time that I have been here the members have helped us out a ton and feed us a ton. The area is huge. Enormous but we have been trying to work smarter and that has really paid off. This week we had more new investigators than any other area in the whole zone. We had 14 new investigators this week. We put the goal of 2 new investigators a day and we did it. Our investigator pool is huge and it keeps getting bigger. And the crazy part is that it was the holy week here. Holy week is when the people celebrate the death of Jesus Christ. It is all week but it really starts Thursday and ends Sunday. During this time everyone goes to the beach or the Catholics go to church. So finding people in their house is almost impossible. But we found a ton of new people. It was amazing. We also brought 5 people to church. It was the first time that this ward has seen more than 3 investigators in church in 4 months. The members got really excited. The church building here is a house. They are building a new chapel that will be ready in August. The attendance here is about 150 people. The people don't all fit so they have to film the sacrament meeting and play it on TVs that are placed in the other rooms. It is really interesting. The baptismal font is a pool too. It is pretty cool. And that's the other thing. We are planning to have 2 baptisms this Sunday. So we are just taking off right now. Things are going great.

So as you can tell I am really happy here. We had some great experiences so far. The other day we were walking and we talked to someone and they told us to go and visit the guy next door. We went to visit him but he was drunk. He was really mad about something and told us to go and talk to his wife. We went and talked to his wife. We knocked on the door and the son opened the door and the mom was crying on the couch. She told us to come in. We talked to her and she told us that her husband and her got into a fight. She later explained to us that she had been baptized in the church but hadn't attended church in 5 years. We gave her a blessing and told her that we would pass by later in the week to see how she was doing. When we passed by later in the week the husband was home and sober. We shared a small scripture and he told us that he wanted to change and that he knew that we could help him. He accepted to be baptized and was willing to start making changes in his life to bring peace and happiness in his family. It was an amazing experience but it was amazing how the spirit guided us to that family. We had a ton of experiences like that all week long. It was amazing. 

So far things are great with my companion. He wants to learn and is willing to work so that makes things a lot easier. We both have high goals so we are working hard to meet our goals. He is a funny kid and we are having fun working together. 

Well things are great. For Easter we ate at the bishops house. He is a gringo from Canyon Country, California. He knows the M family. So it was funny talking to him. His last name is M. Maybe you know him. He is here for work but goes back to the states in June. Well all is good. I am happy and having fun. I love you guys and miss you guys a lot. Have a great week. Nos Vemos!!! :)

Pura Vida, 

Elder Keysor
My New Home 

I work out on the balcony.

My New Companion - Elder G.

P-Day Tennis Fun
P-Day Football Fun

Changed Again

Hola Familia,

Well this week started off great. We were all pumped up after having 16 baptisms that we went crazy looking for new people to teach. We ended up receiving 20 references from members and we found 12 new investigators and we set 9 baptismal dates. It was a really good week. Plus we ended up having members go out and do visits with us everyday this week. We are really starting to pick things up and getting a lot of support from the members. So it was a great week and we are excited to start this week. 

But Sunday night we got a phone call. I had changes. So today in the  morning I had to wake up at 5 to get to my new area. My new area is San Ramon in Alajuela. It will be the third time that I have been in Alajuela and I think this is going to be my last area. It seems good. I have only been here for a few hours but it looks good. It isn't hot here which is nice. It has a nice breeze. My new companion is Elder G. He is from El Salvador.  So far that is all I know about my new area. 

Besides that I am doing great. I was able to see the ocean before I left my last area. I went on divisions and there was a beach nearby. I called the mission nurse about my eyes. She said that if they started to bother me I could go and see a doctor. They aren't bothering me anymore and I am able to use my contacts without pain.  I have been using my contacts all week and nothing. The only thing is that I ran out of contact solution so I have to buy more. 

Well that is the big news for this week. I expect to have more things to write you guys next week. Have a great week and say hola to everyone there in Arizona. Have fun. I love you guys a lot and miss you too. Nos Vemos!!

Pura Vida,

Elder Keysor

What a week - 16 Baptisms

Hola Familia,

Well it was a very interesting and really busy week. The week started off great. We were getting phone calls of missionaries super excited because they had baptismal dates with people for this weekend. We finished with 16 baptisms this week as a zone. It was amazing to see so many people in white clothes. We ended up having the baptisms after the last session of General Conference on Sunday. The whole stake comes here to see conference because they can't watch it on TVs. We ended up having a huge baptismal service. It was super cool. Everyone was super happy. There was just happiness in the air. Sunday night everyone was calling us and congratulating us for our hard work. President was really excited and we really had the best week out of all the mission. The next closest zone had 8 baptisms. We were really excited last night.

Plus we ended up having the baptism of J. J got baptized on Friday because the members that bring him to church couldn't come on Sunday. So we had the baptism on Friday. It was amazing. J came running into the church with the biggest grin on his face. He honestly couldn't sit still. He was bouncing all over the place. We had the primary do the whole baptismal service. The primary kids gave the talks, the prayers and the special musical numbers. It was such an spiritual experience. The kids are always really spiritual. After the baptism the spirit stayed in the room. The best part is that the lady who is legally in charge of J came to the baptism. Afterwards we asked her what she thought of the baptism. She just asked us what she needed to do to get baptized. We were really excited and now we are going to start to work more with her to help J to stay strong in the church.

So that is really how the week went. It was full of good news. Now comes the hard work of finding a lot of new investigators to keep things going. We have a lot of plans this week to have a lot of new investigators by the end of the week.

Well things are great here. Hot as usual. It is raining a little bit right now but it is still hot. I am getting a little lazy with the picture taking but I am really going to work on it this week. I promise. It seems like things are going good at home. I actually never had that 15 minutes program but I remember hearing about it. Kendal is already being a missionary. That is cool. Kylie is still Kylie. A super hero freak. Everyone told me that the new Captain America is really good. 

General Conference was really good. It was the first time that I watched it in spanish. The internet wasn't working well to watch it in english. I really enjoyed it. Especially the priesthood. It was amazing. There were a lot of great talks. I will have to start studying them here soon.
Well I love you guys and miss you guys a lot. It seems like everything is the same at home. Have a great week. Nos vemos!!

Pura Vida!!

Elder Keysor
What a week - 16 baptisms.
Baptism of J

Tuesday, April 1, 2014


Hola Familia,

Well this week was crazy. I had to travel all over the zone to do baptism interviews. So 4 days out of the week, I spent on the road in a bus. It was exhausting. But that is what I have to do when there are a lot of baptisms. The bad news is that we finished this month horribly. We finished with 19 baptisms this month. The goal was 30 and we didn't even get close. I have learned a lot of things from sports that I have applied here on the mission and one of the best things I have learned is dealing with failure. So we looked at what we did wrong and changed what needed to be changed. The best part is that we start off April as a new month and a new goal. The goal still is 30 and we can meet this goal this month. The zone started working hard and we have 20 investigators waiting to get baptized this weekend. So things are looking good right now, the zone is super excited. We have a lot of work to do and it is going to be an interesting week.

This week we are going to have a baptism. His name is J. He is ten years old. He was a reference we received from some recent converts. He doesn't have any parents. His parents abandoned him when he was little and he lives with an aunt. But he spends all day at the recent converts house. J is great. He is super excited to go to church every week. He is really happy going to church and it is a huge change from where he was before. We are really excited to have the baptism this week.

We have been working hard to schedule baptismal dates in the first lesson. It has been going great. That's a great goal Dad of putting one a day. But on average we get 3 to 4 new investigators a day and 3 to 4 baptismal dates a day. So our goal is a little bit more. The challenge we are facing right now is getting people to church. Everyone is accepting the baptismal dates but here it is a requirement to attend church 3 times before they can get baptized. We can't baptize them until they come to church and if they never go to church they can't get baptized. So that is the challenge we have. It is hard because the people don't have money for the bus or the church is far for them to travel. We are really trying to find ways to get people to church.

It seems like things are going great at home.  It was great to hear everyone is doing great at BYU too.
So things are good. Still Super Hot but things are great and I am having fun. I miss you guys and have a great week!

Pura Vida,

Elder Keysor

Funny Stuff

Hola Familia,

This week was a fun week. We had to do a lot of divisions this week because of baptismal interviews. So my companion went and did the divisions and I stayed in the area working. It was a fun week because we started working in a new areas. The area here is really big but the missionaries before only worked in one part. We haven't been having that much success in that area. We are continuing to work in that area and also work outside to find new people. We have had some success with that. We have been receiving a ton of references. We received 25 references this week and all of them have been from members. So that is really going to help us get going. We have had to walk a lot lately but are also finding a lot of people from it.

One of the best things that we have been doing lately is challenging people to baptism in the first lesson. In the beginning of my mission it was really weird challenging people in the first lesson but now it is easy. Plus it is a goal that we have as a companionship. It really helps us get people progressing faster. It is really interesting and we have been doing well with that goal. All of our new investigators have baptismal dates.

I am honestly can't remember what happened this week. It's all a blur. The days are going by so fast. Don't worry I haven't missed a day of writing in my journal. Funny things that happened this week. First, we were praying at night and I was praying on top of a couch we have in the house. When we finished, I lifted up my head and hit my forehead on the corner of the drawers that were above the couch. So I have a bruised on the middle of my forehead and it bleed a little bit so there is a scab too. It looks so stupid. Second, I saw a sloth. It was super cool. It was hanging in the tree and moving super slow. Third, we went to do interviews in an area that was really far (about an hour and a half away). We went to do the interviews and when we finished we realized that we missed the last bus of the day to get back home. We had to take a bus to San Jose and then take another bus that took us home. Lastly, it has been raining a little bit and every time it rains I don't bring my umbrella. Oh and I am forgetting a lot of english too. I had to help someone with their english homework and I am sure I was more confused than they were. It was embarrassing. Just some of the funny stuff that happened this last week.

Sounds like everyone is busy at home. Kylie with sports and Kendal with dance and singing. Good luck on all of those concerts and shows. Kylie keep running hard and make sure you rest so that you don't get burned out. I can't believe mom is still working on girls camp. How many years do you guys have working on girls camp? Dad how are things going with the missionary work there? I hope it is all going well and hopefully you have found some things that can help speed up the work.

I miss you guys a lot and hope you guys have a great week. Nos Vemos!!

Pura Vida!!

Elder Keysor
The Sloth

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

It's HOT

Hola Familia,

Well it was another HOT week. Really HOT as usual. But I am slowly getting used to it. We didn't have a great week like last week but we learned a lot about the area and the ward. It was a rough week because we had to travel to San Jose for a multi zone conference with President. So we lost all day but we learned a lot and it was a lot of fun. We had to practice lessons and when we were practicing President came to join us. It really helped because he was able to give us tips to help us become a better missionaries. The zone conferences are always helpful to us as missionaries. The craziest part was that we had Stake Conference yesterday. We went to set up the church and we were going to watch a transmission from Salt Lake. Everyone showed up in the Stake. The church was full. We had to set up TV's in other rooms to fit everyone and there were still people outside trying to watch the transmission. There was a total of 458 people in the Stake Conference. It was ridiculous. It was a great conference. Richard G Scott and Dallin H Oaks gave great talks. They really focused on ways to help reactivate members. It was perfect because my companions and I have been really focused in on that this week. Our ward has had a lot of baptisms but the attendance hasn't changed much. We are really focused on reactivating and baptizing so that the attendance can increase. So it was a really helpful Stake Conference. 

Well our focus here lately is on working a lot more with the members. That has really been the focus of my whole mission and it really has helped a lot. We are really working on getting to know all the members, actives and less actives and so far things are going great. We have received a lot of references and things are really going to change. The bishopric wants to go on visits with us this week. We are really starting to get support from the members.

Everyday is an adventure. I will walk you through a typical day in the life of Elder Keysor. Wake up at 6 and start working out behind the house. 7 get cleaned up and eat. 8 study. 9 study with my companions. 11 study spanish. 12 go and eat at a small restuarant that is owned by a member. It is super good. I usually have steak with rice and beans. The best is on Saturday when they have a special dish that they only sell here in this area called rice and beans. It is rice and beans with coconut milk and spicy chiles. It is so good and usually has chicken in it too. It is the best. After lunch we jump on a bus to get to our area. Our area is small but full of people. It is dirt roads and small houses. The people are really humble and really love listening about God. The biggest challenge is getting to church. Church starts at 8 in the morning and they have to get on the bus at 7:30 to get to church on time. So it is really early and they usually don't have money. We really have to help them understand sacrifices to get them to come to church. But the people are great and we are being received by many people. We work from around 2 to 8:30. We have to take the bus at 8:30 to be home by 9. At 9 we plan for the next day. Around 10 we start receiving phone calls from the district leaders about how things are going in their districts. We have 3 districts in our zone. 13 areas and 27 missionaries. 4 sisters and 23 elders. It is a great zone and everyone works hard. The only challenge is the distances between the areas. We sometimes have to take a bus that is about an hour or two to get to some of the areas. It is really big. We try to finish the phone calls by 10:30 but they usally go till 11. Then bed and get as much sleep as possible to be ready for the next day. So that is my day. It is crazy and exhausting but there is always something fun with everyday and I love it!!

Well things are going well here and it seems like things are going well at home too. FELIZ CUMPLEAÑOS DAD!!!!!!!!!! I hope you had a great birthday and I wish I could have been there. Thanks for everything that you do for me and all the support you give me. You are great and a great example for me and thanks for all the tips that you give me every week. Keep working hard to help the missionaries at home. You are doing great. Thanks too mom for gettting everything set up for school. I know it wasn't easy but thanks. I missed Kendal's letter this week. I know that she has been busy with school work so it is ok. Good Luck on your concerts this week. Kylie needs to start working out with Aaron if she wants to get faster. Plus my companion Elder L told me something this week that really hit me. "There is no such thing as physical disability, only mental disability" you got to be mentally strong if you want to be successful. 

Have a great week everyone. I miss you guys and love you a ton. Nos Vemos!

Pura Vida!!

Elder Keysor
Goat for Sale
A friendly visitor on his pancake mix.

Loving Life

Hola Familia,

Well my first week here in my new area was a very interesting one. We worked really hard to find a ton of new people and also get to know the area. This last week we found 19 new investigators and 16 of them accepted to get baptized. So we got a lot of work to do. This area is great. It is smaller but there are a lot of people and they are all willing to receive us. So it makes finding new investigators really easy.
Plus we had a baptism. First week and one baptism. His name is S. He is 18 years old and an amazing person. He was really prepared to get baptized. He was a reference from another member and really loves the church. He used to have dreads but he cut his hair before his baptism. He also wants to be a missionary. He came to church on Sunday in a suit. He is just a great person. He was so happy after his baptism.

I also went on divisions this week. The pictures I uploaded are from these divisions. I went to a place that is called Puerto Viejo. That place is so cool. I felt like I was Tarzan because everything was jungle. The church there is really small. There are only 35 members so the church is actually a house. The missionaries live in the church. It is crazy and in the back there is a pool for their baptisms. I took pictures of the church and the pool out back. Honestly this zone is so cool.  It is completely different than any of my other areas. I am seriously in the jungle. It is really HOT but it is super green. It is an adventure everyday. I seriously like it here.

My companions are great. Yep Elder Hess was trained by Elder S and they are really similar. It is really funny. He is a great missionary. The people here love him. He makes me laugh a lot. My other companion Elder L is amazing. I am learning a lot from him everyday. Just seeing him get ready in the morning is amazing. Elder L is 24 years old and has a ton of faith. Elder L was in an accident before his mission. He doesn't have a left leg. That is why he is serving here in Costa Rica. He uses a fake leg made of carbon fiber. He may have a disability but that doesn't stop him. He walks faster than me and I have two legs. It is honestly something you just have to see. He is an amazing person and I learn something new with him everyday.

I think you can tell that I am really happy. Super Happy actually. I love my new area and my companions. There is nothing to complain about. It's really really HOT but I am going to have a nice tan when I am done here. Everything is Pura Vida!!!

It seems like everyone is doing great at home. I hope mom had a great birthday. I love you guys a lot!! Have a great week!!
Pura Vida!!

Elder Keysor

Elder Keysor, Elder H baptism of S and Elder L. 
The church in Puerto Viejo - a house.
The churches baptismal font.

New Area

Hola Familia,

Well, it was an interesting week. Last week we had a ton of meetings with President. He has been trying to figure things out in the mission and really get things going. Plus this week was changes. Actually today was changes day. The President threw me a curveball. I had changes. My new area is Pococi. It is in the Zona Atlantica and the best part is that I have finally left the central part of Costa Rica. I had to take a 2 hour bus ride from San Jose to get to my area today. The whole trip was on windy streets in the jungle. My new area is tropical and really hot. I haven't stopped sweating since I got here. I really don't know that much about my new area because I just got here today. But it looks like it is going to be interesting. Interesting because I am doing a white wash. A white wash is when they take out the two companions and add two new people into the area. So I am with my new companions, Elder L and Elder H. Elder L is from Costa Rica and is serving here. He is the new zone leader with me. I have to train him to be a zone leader also. Elder H is a missionary from Utah, he only has 4 months on the mission. He is our other companion. Plus this zone has been one of the most successful zones here in the mission. So I have a lot of work to do. That is the big news for this week.

I was really surprised when I heard I had changes last night. We really had started to get things going. And things were really looking good for the upcoming weeks. One of the things I have learned here on this mission, is that as soon as things get all organized, you have changes. So I was a little sad but coming here on the bus and seeing the type of area I am in now, I got really excited and agreed that it was time for a change. So I am really excited, sweating a ton, but really excited.
Besides that things are good. I have really tried to step things up. My time is running out and it would be great to end with a bang. I've decided that I am really going to do the best that I can everyday. And really give it my all. Not that I wasn't but just more. I have been trying to come up with goals that I can be doing. So in this week, I plan to set some goals to help me really push myself more.

Well, that is the big news and I can't keep my head straight because it is so HOT. It seems like things are good at home. I remember Outdoor Ed when Dad went with me. Seems just like yesterday. Good job Kendal with the Spanish. The mexican side of her is starting to come out. Mom FELIZ CUMPLEAÑOS!!!!!!! I hope you have a great birthday. I wish I could be there to celebrate it. But have a great birthday, to amo!  And hey my new area is cool and they told me that there is a beach and monkeys and tucans. So I am going to try and take more pictures. :) Dad it is good to hear that you are working a lot with the missionaries. It really makes our job easier as missionaries if we have the members there to support us.

Well, I miss you guys and love you guys a lot. Have a great week!!

Pura Vida!
Elder Keysor

Changing Lives

Hola Familia,

Well it was a great week. Why? Because we had two baptisms this week!!! We had the baptisms of M and B. It was a really cool experience to see how the two of them have really changed a lot. B before was a really serious guy but after his baptism he was all smiles. And he hasn't stopped smiling since. M had made big changes in his life. He was a really animated guy but he decidced to stop drinking coffee in one day and actually gave away his coffee to his brother. The best part was that he came to his baptism in a suit and tie. He was really scared to enter the water but when he came back out he had a huge smile on his face and screamed ¨Que Lindo! Pura Vida!!¨ It was really funny. He told us that he didn't want to leave the church. He wanted to sleep in the church until Sunday. The next day at church they came early and they honestly looked like they had been members for their whole lives. It is amazing to see how the gospel changes peoples lives. It really is the only way that someone can find true happiness.

The best thing that has been happening to us are our english classes. We have been giving english classes every thursday and a ton of people have been coming. Last week we had 14 people show up. The majority of them were investigators. We have been receiving a ton of references from people in these classes. So that has been a huge hit for us lately.

Well I think one of the biggest news this week was that I now have 18 months on the mission. Crazy. My companions like to tease me because I am older and have more time then them. They even made the whole zone sing me "Happy Birthday". It was really ridiculous. But it is really crazy to see how long have I been on the mission. I honestly don't feel like I have been here that long. But I can tell because things just come more naturally now. Spanish, talking to people in the street, or challenging someone to be baptized. It all seems natural and normal. I really haven't thought much about how much time I have. I really don't like too. And I really don't feel that much different. 

I received my package. And I loved it all. I had been craving PEZ so that was cool to see. Thank you guys a lot for all the goodies. :)

I have been working out everyday. Everyday I wake up at 5:30 and work out before we start the day. It has been great. I feel stronger and I have a lot more energy. The biggest problem is that it makes me really hungry. We are trying to eat out less and do more cooking ourselves.
Well I love you guys. And miss you guys a lot. I'll sent some pictures home. I am trying to take more pictures. Have a great week. Love you guys!!

Pura Vida,
Elder Keysor
Valentine's Day Package

Baptism of M and B

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Mission Fun

Hola Familia,

So it was a really good week. I was able to stay in my area and really pick things up. After working hard this week, we really saw the blessings. We are planning to have 2 baptisms. The first baptism we are going to have is a reference from a member named B. He really knew everything before we taught him and because we haven't been able to see him a lot, the members have been teaching him. So this week we are planning to have his interview and his baptism. The other baptism will be a interesting one. It will be an interesting one because it will be my first baptism that was a contact in the street. I really have been pushing myself to talk to more people in the streets. I know that working with members is more effective but President taught me a great lesson. He pretty much said that the best athletes are strong in every aspect of their sport and it is the same in the mission, we as missionaries have to be strong in every aspect of the work. Receiving references and contacting. So that has been a focus lately and that is how we found M. M is an older guy but he acts like he is in his 20s. He was really excited to talk to us in the street and from the moment that we got to know him, he accepted to be baptized. He actually asked if we could come by more often to help him learn. He told us that he wanted us to teach him everything he needed to know to get baptized. He loves the church and actually looks like a member already because he shows up in shirt and tie and particpates in all the classes. So he is really good. And it will be interesting because it will be the first contact that I have done in my mission that will be baptized. So thats how things are looking in the next couple of weeks. 

We had a cool activity in the stake this week. It was missionary for a day. We had to help show the youth how it was being a missionary. It was a really fun experience. My companion for the day was a really shy kid. He was so nervous talking to the people and the funny thing was that every lesson we had planned that day fell. So we ended up walking a ton and talking to a ton of people. But it was cool to see how little by little he started losing the fear of talking to people. He asked me how I knew what to say in certain situations and I said that I just open my mouth and the words come out. It was a really fun experience helping out the future missionaries. I think it would be a great experience to do in the stake at home. I have done this activity twice and it really has changed a lot of youths views of a mission. 

So like I said, I really have been focused on talking to everyone. And it is crazy to see how that is really helping us out in our area. We aren't really finding a lot of new investigators from the contacts we are doing but we are receiving a ton of references from the members. A ton. It really seems like the members are trusting us a lot with their friends and family. So right now we have a lot of work to do. Plus the cool thing is that now because we arent working with dividing lines we are able to teach a lot of these references and not have to pass them onto other missionaries. So right now things are going great. But there is always room for improvement. My companions and I are looking for ways that we can step it up. 

Crazy stuff that happened this week. Our sink broke in the bathroom. It just fell and our shower broke. It only shoots out FREEZING cold water. So we had to shower all week with cold water. After 2 days of showering like that, I decided to heat up water on the stove and use it to shower. So I would wake up early to heat up water so I would have hot water to shower and I used a small cup to wash myself. It was a lot of fun. But today I decided to be a handyman and try to fix the shower. Well, I guess you can call me "Handy Manny" because now we have hot water. :) So now we are just waiting to see what we do with the sink. 

But it seems like everything is going well at home. Everyone is happy and having fun. I miss you guys a lot and love you guys a lot too. Have a great week!

Pura Vida!
Elder Keysor

Our broken sink.
His heated water and a cup for his shower.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014


Hola Familia,

This week was a really tough week. It was full of divisions and meetings. It started crazy on Tuesday. Tuesday we had a meeting with President and all of the zone leaders. It was really good and really rough. Rough because we had to stand up in front of everybody and give an explanation of what happened in the last month. We have to do this every month but this month was really a rough one for everyone. We really slacked as a mission this last month. So president wanted a lot of answers of what happened and some people weren't able to give him answers. For us he just asked me what we were going to do to change things and that was it. He almost never asks a lot of questions about our zone. I think it is because he trusts our zone. But it was a good meeting. I learned a lot. One of the things President wants us to focus on is the use of the Book of Mormon. I have set a new goal to use the Book of Mormon in every lesson. Plus President had another idea for the mission. He wants to know if we can get rid of the dividing lines and work as one ward. Which is if there are 4 missionaries in a ward they work together in the same area instead of dividing the ward into 2 parts. A lot of missionaries were against it. My companion and I really liked the idea and wanted to try it out in our area. We told President that we were going to try it out in our area. We are really excited to start working like this and we are hoping that it will help us to be more united as a ward. This is our big project right now. 

This week, I went on divisions almost everyday. I was only supposed to be on divisions for 2 days but the assistants called wanting to do divisions. I learned a lot on divisions. The first set of divisions, I went to see how an area was doing because they are baptizing every week right now. I was curious to see what they were doing. It was interesting to see that they weren't doing anything special but they were really organized with everything. They had everything planned out so well. I really need to work on organizing everything more. If I have everything organized and work hard, everything will work out better. That is another focus of mine right now, making sure that we are really organized with everything. In the other divisions with the assistants, I went to my old area in Alajuela, La Tropicana. The assistants are now there, so I got to go back for a day. It was great to see a lot of my converts and see how happy they were. I really needed these divisions after some crazy weeks. A funny thing was a member here asked me how I was doing becuase I am a lot skinnier. I told her it was because I have been doing more exercise. 

Things are going great. It was a tough week because I wasn't in my area much but it was a good break and now I am ready to get things going again this week. It seems like it was a good week for you guys. It must have been nice to have rain finally. I miss you guys a lot and love you guys. Have a great week. 

Pura Vida!
Elder Keysor

P-Day Hike to Monte de la Cruz in Heredia
A little P-Day Basketball 

Monday, February 10, 2014

Working to improve my Zone

Hola Familia,

As always it is a crazy week. We have been trying to get ourselves organized. We are still trying to get 3 people to fit into our small little apartment. I will send you guys some pictures when we get it organized this week. We are trying to get ourselves organized in our area. We are now working in two HUGE areas. SO it makes it very difficult to work. We are usually in one area one day or we are always on splits with the members. We really got to work on our time management this week. It is a challenge that we have and once we get things going we are going to be working great. But I think the biggest challenge is working with sisters. It isn't that they are bad because they are amazing. They just wear you out. They always have some small problems and I have to fix them. This week I didn't sleep for two nights because of small problems. I had to drop my companion off at 5 in the morning in San Jose to do some immigration paperwork. So we had to leave super early and that night we just wanted to sleep but we got a phone call from some sisters saying that they wanted blessings and a blessing on the house. They had been hearing noises in the night and were really scared in their house. So we got there around 9 and the house was really old and creepy. So we gave them a blessing and blessed the house. We went home and and tried to sleep. But they kept calling us saying that they were hearing stuff still and by their voices I could tell that they were really scared. So I had to first help calm them down and then try to find a way to get them out of their house all around 12 at night. Well I found a place for them to sleep for the night and we told them that the next day we would get them a new house. I finished all that problem and slept for an hour. Woke up and then went looking for a new house for the sisters. We found a house that day and helped them move. I thought we were done with our problems for the day and I got a phone call from another sister saying that her companion doesn't want to work. So I had to then take care of that problem. By the end of the day you could imagine, I was dead and everyday since then has been small little problems to take care of. We have a new motto here in the zone to help us with these problems, ''Happy Zone, Happy Sister'' That is our focus and we are hoping that it will help us. This is definitely a learning experience for me right now but I am learning a lot.  A lot. 

So that is the crazy part of this week. But it got crazier yesterday because it was a party outside. My companion, Elder T, thought is was for the Super Bowl. But it was for the elections of the new President of Costa Rica. Seriously, it was a party all day long. Everyone had to go vote yesterday and yesterday at night they announced the winner. But during the day, people were all over the streets screaming, honking their horns, waving their flags, and fighting in the streets. It was ridiculous. It was so funny. People would just drive around and honk their horns. They even put their grandpa in the bed of the truck to wave the flag as they went flying down the street. It was honestly one of the funniest things I have seen in this country. But the craziest thing is that to win the election you have to win 40% of the votes, if not it goes to a second round. Well guess what, we are going into the the second round!! So the parties are going to continue. 

Well things are doing great here. I am really happy. I am excited to work again and everyday is an adventure. I feel like we are woking so hard right now. We could obviously work a little smarter. But it was great to see a ton of our investigators show up to church on Sunday. Plus we have a ton of possible baptisms for this month. We got to turn things on and get going. We are going to try and get 2 baptisms this week. We have 2 people that are progressing really well. They are super excited about the church. The only problem is that it is hard for us to find them during the week because of their work. We are going to work hard and if they don't get baptized this week, it will be next week for sure. So things are great right now. Everything is PURA VIDA! 

It is great to hear that everything is going great at home. Kendal good job on your finals. That's great. Kylie good luck on soccer tryouts. Dad that is an amazing story. Put your trust in God and everything will work out in the end. I sent a letter to Nana & Tata a couple weeks ago. They should be getting it soon. 

I love you guys and miss you guys a lot. Have a great week!!

Pura Vida!
Elder Keysor

Elder Cook Visit

Hola Familia,

This was a very crazy week today. Crazy because there was a ton of big changes going on here. First off, I have a new companion. Well actually I have two new companions. They are Elder P and Elder T. They were actually in the same ward as me but they closed down their area because there weren't a lot of missionaries coming in. So they will be with me now. Elder P is from Mexico and he has 7 months in the mission and he will be the new zone leader with me. Elder T is from Utah and he is the one with the scholarship to play football at Stanford. He is starting his mission and has 4 months. I am really excited to work with them. We have the challenge of working in two areas right now. My area and the area of my companions. We are going to work in their area until new missionaries come into it. We have a lot of work to do here but I am actually really happy about it. Changes are always interesting because it is like a new start. I really needed that. A new start. So I am really excited to get things going with my new companions and I really feel like we can get things going. 

The other big news was that the apostle, Elder Cook, came and talked to us on Friday. It was really good. He gave a great message about the importance of love in the missionary work. It was a great reminder and he gave some great tips to help us love the work. It was a great message and a really powerful one too. The cool thing was that the meeting we had with Elder Cook was in the Tropicana, my old area in Alajuela. It was so cool going back to Alajuela because afterwards the members had a meeting with Elder Cook and I saw a ton of my converts and members of my old area. It was great seeing them and seeing that they are staying strong in the church. One of my converts is preparing to go on a mission, another is the 2nd counsler in the Elders quorum, and another a teacher in the primary. It was really cool to see. A lot of them want me to come back to visit them before I finish the mission. 

On Sunday, we had the baptism of K. It was great. He had been ready all week and it was a great baptism. All the members were happy to see K get baptized. He ran around the whole church telling everyone that he just got baptized. It was so funny and it was impossible to keep him contained. The best part is that K mom wants to get baptized but she can't attend church because of her work. We have a lot of work to get done with this family. So baptizing him really is going to help us get going. In the zone we really pushed ourselves. We hoped for 15 but fell a little short. We ended with 12. It was great because I learned a lot and have some great ideas for the zone. The only challenge is that the majority of the zone had changes. The zone has 19 missionaries now. 10 of them are Sisters and 9 are Elders. President has so many Sisters in his mission and so he decides to send them to Elder Keysor. It is going to be really interesting working with a ton of Sisters. I can't really push Sisters like I can with Elders. But it will be interesting. 

Well it sounds like everything is going well at home. Sounds like Kendal did a get job on her finals. Good Job. And Kylie finally gets a small break from soccer. It really sounds like things are going great. 

Well have a great week. I love you guys and have fun. 

Pura Vida,
Elder Keysor

Baptism of K. 

Young Faith

Hola Familia,

It was a crazy week. It started out a little rough but it it finished great. Monday wasn't P-Day because we went to the temple on Wednesday. On Monday, one of the assistants came to join us for a few days to see how things were going and see if we could fix some things. It that helped a lot. Monday night was one of the roughest lessons of my mission. We had to go and tell D and J that they couldn't get baptized. I felt horrible horrible horrible in this lesson. Everyone was sad but they agreed to work hard to get married and baptized in the future. It was a really rough lesson but we had to do it. After the lesson we were back thinking about what we were going to do to have a baptism this month. We decided that we were going to help every area in our zone to have a baptism this month. So that was our goal. 

On Tuesday, we had interviews with President. It was good having interviews with him. He really helped me a lot. He asked how he could help us and I explained the situation and how we were really struggling to find baptisms. He asked "Well how many do you think you can have as a zone?" I told him at least 12 but we obviously want more. He responded, "Elder, I want to see 15. You know what to do." That really pushed me and it was a great reminder that President trusts me a lot. So that really got me going and to top it off, we went to the temple on Wednesday and that helped a ton. I felt so peaceful afterwards. I realized that I need to just let everything go and just work. If I work hard everything is going to fall into place. That is what I did. I just let everything go and got to work. And with that mentality, it really changed the week. We got to work trying to help everyone we could. We really started to see the miracles coming. 

The best was on Friday, we went to visit C, the kid we baptized, and he asked if he could go and do visits with us. His brother had sent him a missionary tag and so he wants to walk around like a missionary. We said sure and we went and visited some kids that went to church on Sunday. We got to the lesson and the first thing that happened was this kid named K asked his mom if he could get baptized. Right then, C told him to get baptized and bore his testimony about his baptism. My companion and I were shocked. A 9 year old missionary was inviting a 10 year old to be baptized. K accpeted and we asked his mom and his dad if he had permission to get baptized. His parents said sure and they were willing to take him to church every Sunday. A 9 year old missionary saved our month. We are now going to have a baptism this Sunday. And sunday at church, K was looking at the baptismal font with his Aunt, who also is 10 years old, and he invited her to get baptized with him on Sunday and she said yes! So now we are hoping to have 2 baptisms on Sunday. But that isn't it. After receiving the numbers yesterday for the zone, we are going to have a minimum  of 6 baptisms but we could have as much as 14. So we could end up with 12 or up to 20 as a zone. We are really excited for this upcoming week. We got a lot of work to do. 

So really my mind has changed completely. I am a lot happier. It really helped talking to President and going to the temple this week. It helped me remember why I am here and what is my purpose as a missionary. So things are a lot better right now and it is going to be a great week because Elder Cook of the 12 apostles is coming on Friday to speak to all the missionaries. It will be an awesome week. 

It sounds like things are going well at home. Kendal study hard and pray. Just work hard to understand all the material and you will be fine. Kylie stop being gross.  Dad I will send you another letter with experiences. I have a ton because the majority of my baptisms are from less active members. Mom I really like that quote you sent me from Elder Oaks. Thanks a lot. 

Well I love you guys and miss you guys a lot. Have a great week and don't do anything stupid!!

Pura Vida,
Elder Keysor

Carl's Jr. Time