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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

My Mission & Sports

Hola Familia,

It was another rough week. We had a lot of people that were progressing really well, but for some reason we haven't been able to find them or they couldn't receive us. It is probably because we are in the Christmas season and everyone is leaving to visit family. We decided to work a lot with the less active members this week. It was good because we ended up getting a lot of references and we were able to help a lot of less active members. Right now, you can say that we are pretty much opening up a new area. It is tough but if we want success, we got to do it. So right now we are just giving it our all everyday. It is exhausting. Not exhausting, like we don't want to keep working but we get home and just want to crash. So it is tough work but who said the mission would be easy. We are in the work of salvation. We are helping people receive their salvation and salvation isn't easy. Jesus had to sacrifice himself for our salvation. So it shouldn't be easy for us either. But I think the thing that has helped me the most in my mission is playing sports. Because you have to work hard in sports to get what you want. You have to understand how to deal with failure. So every little thing that I learned in all the years of playing sports is paying off here in the mission. It is funny because I remember in my first interview with President Wilkinson, he told me that some of the best missionaries are athletes because they understand the little things that a lot of missionaries don't get. And now I can understand what the President meant. So right now things are tough, but that doesn't mean I am going to give up. Everyday I wake up and push myself to accomplish our goals and more. 

So that is how things are going here right now. Besides that I am really happy and the zone is doing great. President is really happy with our work here. He is always telling us that we are one of the best zones in the mission. He trusts us a ton and knows that we are going to push ourselves to accomplish our goals. We are looking right now how to put a new ward in the zone. So President has big plans for our zone and he knows that we can handle it. 

I am doing great personally too. I am exhausted at night but besides that I am really happy. When I read that story of Howie and saw the photos, that just made my day. That was some of the best news I have heard in a while. I am so happy for him. It is great to see how the missionary work is changing lives all over the world. So that was great to see.

It is cool to see that you guys are getting ready for Christmas. Everyone has been ready here for 2 weeks. They really love Christmas here. Plus it is Tamale time. So I really like Christmas here too. It is really cool to see another culture during Christmas time. 

So that's what going on here. I miss you guys and it is going to be tough to be away from home for Christmas. But just remember that it is the last Christmas away from home. I love you guys and have a great week. 

Pura Vida,
Elder Keysor
Christmas and Tamale Time - Yum