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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Keep on Working

Hola Familia,

It was a very interesting week. A rough one. We had things planned out for a good week but it didn't turn out as planned. We had a baptism planned for this weekend. Everything was planned and it looked good. She went to church and was really excited to get baptized. We went to visit her on Tuesday and she wasn't there but her daughters told us that she had finally found a job and will now be working everyday of the week from 7 to 9 at night. That was huge blow and we were shocked. We called her and she had totally forgotten about her baptism and had very little desire of being baptized now. We started looking for other investigators that were progressing and were really close to getting baptized.  Still hoping to have a baptism this week. We went to visit a teenager that has been progressing a ton. She has given up coffee and has been reading the book of mormon everyday. The only challenge we had was just ask the mom for permission to baptize her. We went to visit her this week and as of right now, we haven't found her. We have called and stopped by multiple times and nothing. So that was rough. We decided that we would help the other areas in our zone so that we could finish the month strong and everything went well until we went to one area. They had 10 baptisms planned out this week and in the end 8 of them fell. We went to help them and it was really sad. We had to call the sisters in this area to help them keep there spirits up. It was a rough week and I don't know how we endure it all. It was a great experience for us and we ended up learning a lot of things that are going to helps us avoid these problems in the future. 

But after all these bad things happened it all ended up good. We kept working hard here in our area and we ended up finishing with a lot of new investigators. We had a ton of new people show up at church and they were willing to listen to us. So we ended up finishing the week well. And in the zone even better. We had 8 fall in one area but we ended up having 12 baptisms in the zone. We had more baptisms in our zone than any other zone in the mission. We ended up with 18 baptisms for the month and our goal this month was 17. We ended up meeting our goal and there was only one other zone that met their goal. President was really happy with us and sent us a message thanking us for our hard work. So that was really cool.  Even with having a lot of people fall in this month, we now have a lot of people that are really close to getting baptized for this next month. So it was a tough week but it brought us a lot of blessings.  

So things are really good right now. Everyone here is getting ready for Christmas and we have been to invited to 2 Thanksgiving dinners. This Thursday, we are going to Pizza Hut with some recent converts to celebrate Thanksgiving. It is all you can eat at Pizza Hut. This Saturday, we got invited to have Thanksgiving dinner with some members and we are supposed to have a secret santa that day too. It is going to be a fun week. Even though I am in another country that doesn't celebrate Thanksgiving, I am still going to celebrate it.  I am really excited. 

It sounds like everyone is doing great at home. That is a really cool project that Dad is working on. And everyone is on vacations. That's nice. Be sure to tell everyone Hi for me. I miss Nana and Tata and everyone there in Arizona. Everyone is starting to cook up tamales here. They aren't the same as Nanas. The other day I found chorizo, just like the chorizo that Nana makes. It was so good and now I have to try it with eggs. But make sure to say Hi to everyone. Hope you guys have a great week and know that I love you guys a lot. 

Pura Vida,

Elder Keysor
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