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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Christmas Time

Hola Familia,

Things are going great this week. We are still struggling a little bit in our area. But I have a feeling that things will change here soon. We are really focused in on our purpose and everyday we are pushing to accomplish our goals. So things are going great and like I said, things will change here soon. 

This week was crazy because it was full of meetings and activities. We had the ward Christmas Party. We invited everyone to the Christmas Party. Everyone. It was crazy because we had more than 200 people there. The church was packed. It was amazing. The members were shocked and were joking around saying the missionaries can't invite people to activities because we invite everyone. We bearly had enough rice and beans and we actually ran out of cake. It was really funny. During the Christmas Party, the primary did a reinactment of the nativity. We ended up singing carols in the choir. Yep, I sang in the choir. It was a first. It was a fun Christmas Party. Everyone was happy and we ended up receiving a ton of references. It was a good day. 

We also had our monthly meeting with the President. All the zone leaders meet up to give a report of how the month went and our plans for the next month. We were one of the two zones that completed their goals for the last month. It was really cool. We have been working hard and it is good to see our hard work pay off. We also had to tell President our goals for the next months. President has changed things so we now have weekly goals instead of monthly goals. I like it a lot better. We had to put a goal of how many baptisms we were going to have every week and how many less active members we were going to bring to church every week. We put a goal of 5 baptisms every week and bring 30 less actives as a zone. Everyone one shocked. Even president was a little shocked. Because everyone else was saying 2 or 3 baptisms and about 4 less actives. I told him the we were going to do it. And this week we had 52 less actives in church and we are waiting to have 5 baptisms the following week. So that was really fun. President has a lot of cofidence in me. I was talking to him the other day and he really just thanked me for all the hard work that I have been doing. It is really cool to know that President trusts in me. It makes my job a lot easier because I know that president supports my decisions. Even if they are a little crazy. 

Today we had the mission Christmas lunch. It was really good we went to sing carols in an old persons home. It was a really special experience to help make the Christmases of these people special. It really made their day and mine. We had a great lunch and President gave a great Christmas message. He talked about the importance of remembering Christ in everything that we do. It was really good. So that is what we did for P-day today. 

I got my packages and I opened the one with the star on it. So don't worry about my packages. We are all getting ready for Christmas. We can Skype and it looks like we are going to do it Christmas morning. We just don't know at what time yet. It looks like things are good at home. That trip to Costa rica sounds fun. I miss you guys a lot and it is almost time to see you guys. It is amazing to see how fast the time goes. Have a great week and I love you guys a ton. 

Pura Vida,
Elder Keysor

Ward Christmas Party 

Christmas Caroling at the Old Folks Home.
Christmas Packages
Moms tree she sent.
The Christmas Shirt Mom sent me - The Santa Look!

My Mission & Sports

Hola Familia,

It was another rough week. We had a lot of people that were progressing really well, but for some reason we haven't been able to find them or they couldn't receive us. It is probably because we are in the Christmas season and everyone is leaving to visit family. We decided to work a lot with the less active members this week. It was good because we ended up getting a lot of references and we were able to help a lot of less active members. Right now, you can say that we are pretty much opening up a new area. It is tough but if we want success, we got to do it. So right now we are just giving it our all everyday. It is exhausting. Not exhausting, like we don't want to keep working but we get home and just want to crash. So it is tough work but who said the mission would be easy. We are in the work of salvation. We are helping people receive their salvation and salvation isn't easy. Jesus had to sacrifice himself for our salvation. So it shouldn't be easy for us either. But I think the thing that has helped me the most in my mission is playing sports. Because you have to work hard in sports to get what you want. You have to understand how to deal with failure. So every little thing that I learned in all the years of playing sports is paying off here in the mission. It is funny because I remember in my first interview with President Wilkinson, he told me that some of the best missionaries are athletes because they understand the little things that a lot of missionaries don't get. And now I can understand what the President meant. So right now things are tough, but that doesn't mean I am going to give up. Everyday I wake up and push myself to accomplish our goals and more. 

So that is how things are going here right now. Besides that I am really happy and the zone is doing great. President is really happy with our work here. He is always telling us that we are one of the best zones in the mission. He trusts us a ton and knows that we are going to push ourselves to accomplish our goals. We are looking right now how to put a new ward in the zone. So President has big plans for our zone and he knows that we can handle it. 

I am doing great personally too. I am exhausted at night but besides that I am really happy. When I read that story of Howie and saw the photos, that just made my day. That was some of the best news I have heard in a while. I am so happy for him. It is great to see how the missionary work is changing lives all over the world. So that was great to see.

It is cool to see that you guys are getting ready for Christmas. Everyone has been ready here for 2 weeks. They really love Christmas here. Plus it is Tamale time. So I really like Christmas here too. It is really cool to see another culture during Christmas time. 

So that's what going on here. I miss you guys and it is going to be tough to be away from home for Christmas. But just remember that it is the last Christmas away from home. I love you guys and have a great week. 

Pura Vida,
Elder Keysor
Christmas and Tamale Time - Yum

Black Friday

Hola Familia,

This was a very busy week. We worked really hard and actually had a really good week. We changed some things from the last week. These changes really helped us during the week. We are recieving a lot of referrals and finding a lot of new people. Every monday we have been playing soccer during P-Day and we have about 25 kids show up from all over the place. We have been going around contacting a lot of them and a lot of them have been receiving us. So that has been good. It was a good week for us but it ended a little rough for us. We challenged a lot of people to get baptized and a lot of them accepted. When it came time to go to church, nobody showed up. We went searching for people and nobody was home or they didn't want to wake up. So that was a little rough but little by little things are changing here. Things are changing not only in our area but the zone too. The zone has really picked things up and we are really pushing the limits of the mission. So every week it is really cool to receive the numbers and see how the week went for the zone. 

But that was the bad news. Well not even bad news. Just the rough part of this week. But this week was really really crazy and a lot of fun. It all started Thursday. So Thursday, we had plans to go to Pizza Hut with members because it was all you can eat. Well, we got there and the all you can eat promotion ended last week. But we didn't care and went to eat anyway. It was fun. It wasn't like Thanksgiving dinner but it was a relaxing way to celebrate Thanksgiving. It was a lot of fun. The Friday was one of the craziest days of my life. A few recent converts that are struggling in their business asked us to go and bless their business. We said that was fine so we put it in our agenda to go Friday to bless their business in San Jose. Well we didn't think about it but Friday was Black Friday in San Jose. I honestly hate Black Friday. We got there and it was a zoo. It was crazy. I am pretty sure the whole population of Costa Rica was in San Jose that day. It really tested our patience. But we got there and we blessed their business and tried to get home as fast as possible because we didn't want to be in San Jose. We were leaving and there was a huge group of people screaming and throwing poppers at the police. It was a huge traffic jam and the police had shut a lot of the stores with people inside it and people wanted to enter. Supposedly someone had beaten up someone in a store. So they closed up a lot of stores and people got really angry with the police and of course the missionaries were stuck in the middle of it. We just had to push our way out of it and I am pretty sure we got caught on TV. There were a ton of news cameras everywhere. So that was a interesting day. Saturday was a really good day. Saturday night we got invited to a Thanksgiving dinner. It was a real Thanksgiving dinner. We had turkey, mashed potatoes with gravy and cornbread. It was sooooooooooo goooooooood. It was the best turkey and the best cornbread that I have had in a long time. So it was a really good Thanksgiving dinner. Plus we had a secret santa. I ended getting a cool pen from Costa Rica. So that basically was our week. 

It looked like you guys had a fun week in Arizona. I wish I was there because it is freezing here. It has gotten really really really cold. Plus I want Someburros. Still craving mexican food here. Everyone here is seeing the new hunger games movie too. They are all getting ready for Christmas too. A member bought us a small christmas tree. So now we have a christmass tree in the house, so we are ready for christmas too. And then New Years. The time is flying by fast. Really fast. But it is a lot fun. I love you guys a lot and miss ya. Have a great week.

Pura Vida,

Elder Keysor
Black Friday in San Jose - Craziness.
Pizza Hut Thanksgiving
Our Traditional Thanksgiving

His tree a member gave them.

Secret Santa Party

Keep on Working

Hola Familia,

It was a very interesting week. A rough one. We had things planned out for a good week but it didn't turn out as planned. We had a baptism planned for this weekend. Everything was planned and it looked good. She went to church and was really excited to get baptized. We went to visit her on Tuesday and she wasn't there but her daughters told us that she had finally found a job and will now be working everyday of the week from 7 to 9 at night. That was huge blow and we were shocked. We called her and she had totally forgotten about her baptism and had very little desire of being baptized now. We started looking for other investigators that were progressing and were really close to getting baptized.  Still hoping to have a baptism this week. We went to visit a teenager that has been progressing a ton. She has given up coffee and has been reading the book of mormon everyday. The only challenge we had was just ask the mom for permission to baptize her. We went to visit her this week and as of right now, we haven't found her. We have called and stopped by multiple times and nothing. So that was rough. We decided that we would help the other areas in our zone so that we could finish the month strong and everything went well until we went to one area. They had 10 baptisms planned out this week and in the end 8 of them fell. We went to help them and it was really sad. We had to call the sisters in this area to help them keep there spirits up. It was a rough week and I don't know how we endure it all. It was a great experience for us and we ended up learning a lot of things that are going to helps us avoid these problems in the future. 

But after all these bad things happened it all ended up good. We kept working hard here in our area and we ended up finishing with a lot of new investigators. We had a ton of new people show up at church and they were willing to listen to us. So we ended up finishing the week well. And in the zone even better. We had 8 fall in one area but we ended up having 12 baptisms in the zone. We had more baptisms in our zone than any other zone in the mission. We ended up with 18 baptisms for the month and our goal this month was 17. We ended up meeting our goal and there was only one other zone that met their goal. President was really happy with us and sent us a message thanking us for our hard work. So that was really cool.  Even with having a lot of people fall in this month, we now have a lot of people that are really close to getting baptized for this next month. So it was a tough week but it brought us a lot of blessings.  

So things are really good right now. Everyone here is getting ready for Christmas and we have been to invited to 2 Thanksgiving dinners. This Thursday, we are going to Pizza Hut with some recent converts to celebrate Thanksgiving. It is all you can eat at Pizza Hut. This Saturday, we got invited to have Thanksgiving dinner with some members and we are supposed to have a secret santa that day too. It is going to be a fun week. Even though I am in another country that doesn't celebrate Thanksgiving, I am still going to celebrate it.  I am really excited. 

It sounds like everyone is doing great at home. That is a really cool project that Dad is working on. And everyone is on vacations. That's nice. Be sure to tell everyone Hi for me. I miss Nana and Tata and everyone there in Arizona. Everyone is starting to cook up tamales here. They aren't the same as Nanas. The other day I found chorizo, just like the chorizo that Nana makes. It was so good and now I have to try it with eggs. But make sure to say Hi to everyone. Hope you guys have a great week and know that I love you guys a lot. 

Pura Vida,

Elder Keysor
Cool Church Building in Town