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Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Hola Familia,

It was another good week here in Alajuela. We focused this week on helping everyone we could. This week we went and chopped the lawn of members (with machetes of course, I'm a pro now). We also went and helped people with their cars and cooked dinner for some of the members. Yesterday night we went to help a future missionary start his papers. While we were helping them, we got really hungry and it was Sunday so we couldn't buy anything. We ran home grabbed our pancake mix and I ended up making pancakes for everyone while we were helping with the papers. I make some really good pancakes. We got to help a new family that we found move houses too this week. We have been helping fold clothes and moving people all week. We also have been helping people with english because their tests are coming up soon. I am really improving my english skills. So this week was full of service and my body is starting to feel it. It is a lot of fun being able to help someone everyday.
We have been working a lot on helping the recent converts too. The ward is really shocked with what we are doing here. All the members are starting to work hard to help the new members in their transition. Our new members class is so full, that we need a new room. It is super cool. So really things are going well here.

One big problem this week, was I haven't been in my area much. I have been on divisions all week long. I have been working in the area of the zone leaders. It has been tough to leave my area for a week, but it is nice to be working on the other side of the ward. I am really getting to know everyone here in the ward and serve everyone. It looks like I may have changes here soon. But whatever, we will see what happens.
It has been raining a ton here. Everyday it rains. It is pouring right now and we left our umbrellas in the house. At least we are close to the church, so we ran to the church and took big black garbage bags and put them over oursleves, like ponchos. We have been walking around today with garbage bags as ponchos.

It sounds like it was a fun week for everyone at home. Everyone is staying busy at home. HAPPY BIRTHDAY KYLIE!!!!! The big 11. I know it is a little early, but if I wait a week it would be late. I was trying to send a birthday package home. I have a few things that I want to send home but it is really expensive, so I am going to wait until christmas. Which is just around the corner. Pricesmart already has all the christmas stuff out. Have a great birthday Kylie!!! It sounds like Kendal is staying busy with school. That's great. I hated biology too. But really Ice Cream Club?  What is that? Dad keep working out. I need to start up again. Aaron sent me a work out plan to do. Plus I am trying to stop drinking Coca Cola. I have become an addict here. It is so much better here than in the states. I am starting to stop drinking that and only drink water. And yes mom, I am still using my retainers. Same old mom always worrying. :)

I miss you guys. But the time is flying here. I am having a lot of fun here in Costa Rica. It is so much fun being here and being able to help so many different people. Les amo mucho. Nos Vemos

Pura Vida,
Elder Keysor