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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

New Area & New Responsibilities

Hola Familia,

It was a very interesting week this week. We had a great start of the week. I was still in divisions and we started to receive a ton of references and things were really great. Then on Tuesday night, I got a phone call from the President. President called to tell me that I had changes and I had to be in my new area the next morning. That was really tough to hear. I really liked Tropicana and it has been one of my best areas.  I guess the President has a new plans for me. President only calls when the changes are something special. So the big news is that I am now a zone leader in the zone of Toyopan. I took Elder S spot as zone leader. He had 9 months here. 

My new area is Purral. It is by guadalupe in San Jose. So still in the city. It is a great area and the members here are great.  They love the missionaries. It is going to be a fun area. The biggest problem is that it is really cold. Really cold. I am freezing here. I will get use to it and I don't have a cook here. So I have to learn how to cook. Besides that it is a great area. My new comp is Elder R. He is from El Salvador and is really cool. I knew him before because he was in my zone in Heredia.

I don't feel any different being a zone leader. Just more responsibility. It was cool because on Friday we had a meeting with all the zone leaders and the President. We have this meeting every first Friday of the month. We go over things that are happening in the zone and in the mission. It was a great meeting and I really learned a lot about being a zone leader. During the meeting we got a message from a district leader in our zone that one of the baptisms fell for this weekend. And during the meeting, I had a strong impression that I needed to go and talk with the baptism that fell. After the meeting, we went on divisions and I went with the district leader to go the area of the sisters to see why the baptism fell. On the bus, I said a small prayer to help me figure out what to do. We got to the lesson and it was great. I don't remember what I said, but I remember that the spirit was powerful and afterwards the investigator agreed that he needed to get baptized the next day. It was crazy. So that was a really cool experience. I was able to help someone who was doubting baptism.

I did watch conference. It was really good. It is always different as missionaries to see conference. I think it has a more powerful impact. It was funny to see Uncle Kevin there. I really liked his talk. I really liked all the talks. Now I just have to study them when the magazine comes out.

Things are great here. I am really happy and really liking my new area. It sounds like things are good at home. I hope that Kylie had a great birthday. I really liked her shirt and whatever type of bracelet is fine Kylie. I never really understood dressing up for homecoming. But I guess Kendal likes those type of things and of course she loves seminary. I am going to start up again on the workouts too Dad. Don't worry Mom, I am starting to take more pictures. I am already carrying my camera with me everywhere. I will try to take more pictures promise.

Well I love you guys and miss you guys a lot. Have a great week. 

Pura Vida,
Elder Keysor
New Area and Neighborhood. 

My cooking skills.