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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Busy in Purral

Hola Familia,

It was a very exhausting week. We really pushed yourselves. I went on a lot of divisions to get to know the zone and help them push themselves to meet their goals. We have 20 missionaries in our zone. So we have a lot of responsibility. We have the best missionaries and I know we'll all do great. It was a really productive week. The zone improved a lot and things are just going up from here. By us really pushing ourselves and we ended up finding 22 new people and 18 of them were from referrals from members. We also got a lot of people preparing for baptism in the next couple of weeks.  Just another great week in the mission.  

We had interviews with the President this week too.  It was good because he told me what he expected of me in my new area. I am really excited to be here. It is going to be a little tougher, but a lot of fun too. After the interviews with the President, we had a zone conference. It was my first zone conference as a zone leader. I think it went well and afterwards everyone was really excited and pumped up to get working. We talked about how to find solutions for our problems and the importance of doing things now and not later. It was really good. So everyone started to pick things up this week. 

I am doing great. The members are feeding us well here. Last night we visited a member and she ended up giving us half of her pantry. We walked home with our backpacks full of food. It was really nice of her, because we needed to go shopping for food. So the members are great here and willing to help us a lot. That is how we have received a lot of referrals this week too. So I really like this new area. It is a little bit different from my other areas. The people are a lot more humble.

It sounds like everyone is doing great at home. Kendal and homecoming. That is scary. Kylie and soccer. I am still better than her. We have been playing a lot here. So I am getting really good. It sounds like everything is good at home. I really don't have much to write, but know I am having a lot of fun and working like crazy. Sorry I havent taken any pictures. I am trying to take more pictures, but it is hard. I will try. We are in the process of finding a cook, so wish me luck.

Have a great week. I love you guys a lot. Have fun and don't do anything stupid.

Pura Vida,
Elder Keysor

P-Day Fun

Me and My new comp Elder R.