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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

United States Lost

Hola Familia,

Another successful week this week. We have been working hard as always and we are still seeing a lot of blessings for our hard work. This week we focused a lot on helping the people that have a baptism date. We are planning to have about 3 baptisms this month but it is very possible that we have up to 8. So we have been working hard to get everyone ready for their baptismal dates. We even brought a lot of them to the temple to show them the temple and help them feel the spirit. It is always a powerful lesson at the temple. We went with one guy named R. He is a reference from a member and is catholic. But he loves our church and wants to serve God. So he wants to get baptized but he is struggling to decide when. When we went to the temple, he felt the spirit so strong that he accepted to get baptized this month. It was super powerful. So now we have to help him continue to feel the spirit before his baptism. So things have been going great and we are still helping a lot of people come to church. We are starting to fill up the church that not everyone fits. It is pretty crazy. This week the bishop had to asked the members to squish together to fit everyone. It is super cool to see our hard work pay off. 

We had a really cool experience with a recent convert this week.  He is super great and the gospel has really changed his life. Last week he received the priesthood and this week he blessed the sacrament. He had the opportunity to baptize someone yesterday too. He came to me before the baptism and was super nervous. I calmed him down and helped him practice. Before he went to enter the water, he prayed to help himself calm down and perform the baptism. The baptism was perfect and he left the water crying with joy. This guy felt the spirit super strong and that night we went to go visit them and he was still smiling and had this glow about him. It was amazing to see the change in this man. It is amazing how God can work with people. It really is amazing to see how the gospel can change peoples lives. These types of experiences really make the mission worth it. 

Well as you saw the US lost to Costa Rica. And I haven't heard the end of it. The ticos love messing with me. I guess I deserve it because I was talking a lot of trash before. But it is fun, even though the US played horribly. But things are going great here. It is really hot and rainy. So that makes every day fun. The other day we were eating with some investigators. We were eating sandwiches with meat spread. It is like baloney in a bag. You cut a hole in the bag and spread it on the bread. My hole was small and there was a lot of meat in the bag, so when my comp went to spread it, it sprayed out like a hose and landed all over me and my backpack. I was covered in meat spread. I cleaned it up the best I could but throughout the day all the dogs in the street wanted to eat my legs. So that was an interesting day. 

It seems like everyone is doing good at home. Kendal is going to seminary. FUN :) Kylie is still beating up the boys and playing a lot of soccer. Mom is making dad work in the house. I am so glad I am not there. Make sure that Dad does every thing needs to be done in the house before I get back. :)

I love you guys and have a great week. Don't do anything stupid. Nos Vemos

Pura Vida

Elder Keysor

Our Baptism of R.