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Wednesday, September 4, 2013


Hola Familia,

So this was a very interesting week. We started off the week rough. Really rough. We starting going through the motions and acting like robots. But luckly we noticed it early in and made a couple changes. And then things picked back up and we finished this week really well. Super well. We having been averaging about 35 lessons a week, about 6 per day and about 5 people in church. But this week we started off rough but we still ended with 30 lessons and 14 people in church. It was so crazy. We had so many people that we didn't even fit in the church. When I got here we were averaging about 90-100 attendance in church. We are having regularly 130 people in church. We have brought back a lot of less active members and a lot of new people. The ward has been shocked and super happy with our work here. Plus we are planning to have about 3 baptisms this month and it is possible more. So things are really going well and we are working like crazy here. It is a lot of fun. The assistants have been asking me what we are doing to have so many people in church. And we honestly don't know. We are working hard, helping everyone we can, and they end up coming to church. So we are happy and President is really happy with our work. So yeah, you can say that things are going great here. 

It is weird because I haven't knocked doors in almost a month. We are receiving a lot of references and so we have been working a lot with that. And it ends up being a little better and more productive than knocking doors. Also things are going well in the district. I had a meeting this week with the President and all the district leaders in the mission. And President was really impressed with the work that the district is doing. We have really changed things here in Alajuela. It is good.

This Sunday was a great fast Sunday. It was great because a lot of the less active members we brought back to church, gave their testimonies. It is great to see these people after suffering and then hear their strong testimonies. It was super cool. One of the best testimony meetings in my mission. 

Bt it sounds like things are going well at home. School started up again. It was very interesting to see the picture of the football game. Because I haven't seen a football field in forever. They only have soccer fields here. But it looks like Kendal likes high school. It is weird to think that Kendal is in high school now. It makes me feel really old. And mom too. And Kylie in 5th grade. It sounds like her new teacher is a perfect fit. And Kylie is still beating up on the boys. So things really haven't changed much there. 

Well I love you guys and hope you guys have a great labor day. Have a great week and don't do anything stupid. :)

Pura Vida,
Elder Keysor

Plus I learned how to make pinto yesterday. A member taught us how. It is super good. You guys should try to make it at home. It is rice with beans and eggs and bread with natilla (basically sour cream). They eat it here for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. So good and with coffee, well for the mormons chocolate milk. MMMMMMM :)