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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Future Missionaries

Hola Familia,

Well it was another great week here in Alajuela. This week we had the baptism of B. B is a great story. She was a referral that we received. She lived in California and had been listening to the sister missionaries. But the sisters stopped passing by and she moved here to Costa Rica. She was thinking about the sisters and ran into a member here and asked if the missionaries could stop by again. So we started teaching her and she began to remember everything and receive a testimony. The biggest problem was that she left 2 weeks ago to go visit family in Nicaragua. She came back thursday this week and we went to go visit her. We had her baptism planned for this weekend but she was gone and so we had to see if she still wanted to be baptized. She said yep but we still had to teach her the word of wisdom. The coolest thing was that she said she had a strong feeling in Nicaragua that she had to stop drinking coffee. She she stopped drinking coffee before we taught her about it. It was super crazy. So we had her baptism this weekend. We had the baptism after a fireside from a Seventy, Elder Cordon. After the fireside, Elder Cordon stayed for the baptism. It was super special because he talked in the baptismal service and it was super powerful. One of the best baptismal services that I have had on my mission. Plus there wasn't any font problems. So that was really cool.

So things have been going really good for us. We have been working a lot with the members and we have really gained the confidence of the members. This area is great and we have been working hard to help build future missionaries. That is something that I have been doing my whole mission. I have really wanted to help a lot of the youth become missionaries. And I have seen a lot of youth gain their testimonies and really have the desires to serve a mission. And I really saw this blessing last night. Last night, I came home to a phone call from D and K (from my first area, Ojo De Agua). When I got to my first area, they really didn't have the desires to serve a mission but we worked a lot with them. They joined us on visits and helped us a lot with our inviestigators. When I left Ojo De Agua, they were finishing up their mission papers. I hadn't heard anyhting from they until last night. They called me last night to tell me that they got their mission calls. K is going to Guatemala and D is going to Brazil. It was a really powerful experience to hear the happiness in their voices when they told me where they were going. That was another great experience on my mission. 

Many people focus on the baptisms as missionaries. They only think that we baptize people and we don't care about the other people. There are a lot of missionaries like that and it is sad. Because our purpose is invite people to come unto christ. I like to think of it as invite everyone to come unto christ. And so that is one of the goals I have had in my mission. I have had baptisms but I really love it when I can help a less active member come back to the church or help a struggling young man prepare to go on the mission. I don't care about the numbers and I have really learned that here in this area. My companion feels the same way. And so we just really try to help everyone we can and with that the numbers come. But the numbers don't make us happy. It's the people that really make us happy. And so to help the youth prepare for a mission, I would say the same but I would add that they should help the missionaries. To see that we, as missionaries are normal people- Every missionary has their problems and challenges but every missionary has the same desire of helping people come unto Christ. And if they can obtain that same desire by serving others, that is the key. We learn by two ways. We learn by studying and we learn by experiences. So if they want a testimony about serving a mission they have to experience it. I love what is says in Alma 32, that we just have to experiment with a little faith, just a desire to believe (something like that, I know it better in spanish). But yeah, the youth just need to go out and enjoy it. The mission really is the best two years. :)

So school starts tomorrow. That stinks. But it is fun. I remember the first day of high school. I actually got lost going to my first class. I ended up showing up late. That was embarassing. But after that everything was fine. Kendal is going to love it. Just enjoy it. Don't worry about doing anything stupid. Just be yourself and have fun. But I agree with Dad. Watch out for the boys. Seriously. Kendal is too young to worry about boys. But yeah, Kylie will be fine. Big girl on campus now.
Have a great week starting school. I love you guys a lot. Half way done!! One more year to go!! Don't worry it will go by super fast. But in the mean time, have a great week!! :)

Pura Vida,
Elder Keysor

The baptism of B.
My bed.  Like the blanket.