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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Six Baptisms

Hola Familia,

This was one of the craziest weeks of my mission. We started off the week with the news that my comp was going to be training a new missionary. Neither one of us would have changes. So my comp is training and I am still his comp. We are working in a trio right now. So that makes things a little difficult. Plus one of the zone leaders has been sick so I have been working in the area of the zone leaders all week long. I really don't know what happened during the week with my area. I am a little frustrated about that but the best news came this weekend. We ended up having 6 baptisms this weekend!!!

The first two were on Saturday night. They were A and his mom P. A had been investigating the church for 6 months and was just waiting for his mom to give him permission to be baptized. The mom said no. So we decided to work a lot with his mom P. She received her answer fast but she had the fear of being baptized so fast. We worked hard with her and on Thursday she decided to get baptized this Saturday. We had the baptism of A and his mom. It was an amazing experience. Everyone was so happy. P was so happy that we were able to help her get over her fear. So that was Saturday. 

On Sunday we had 4 baptisms. We had the baptisms of F, R, A, and M. F was a reference that we received from another ward. She quickly got baptized and is already working to help get her whole family to the church. Yesterday she brought her grandkids to church and it looks like she is going to bring them next week too. R, A, and M are references that we received from a recent convert. They are amazing. I talked a little about R last week. His baptism was super powerful. He was crying so hard after his baptism. He really felt the spirit super strong. A knew the church was true after the first lesson. He told his family he was getting baptized and there was no stopping him. The best story was M. She really liked the church but had never received her answer. She was really struggling with the decision to be baptized. She didn't want to get left out of the group, so she decided to join everyone in the baptism. After the baptism, she came to me crying and said that in this moment she received her answer and knew without a doubt that the church was true. It was a powerful experience to see all these people change their lives. 

After the baptisms we had a lot of members come and thank us for all the hard work that we have been doing here in this area. It was really nice to see that the members are noticing all the work that we are doing here in this area. A sister here told me that we were the most powerful missionaries that she has seen in a while. I had been thinking a lot about what she said and really we haven't done anything. Every baptism that I have had here was a reference from a member. We haven't knocked a single door. The members here are the ones that are sharing the gospel and we are the ones that just invite them to baptism. It is really cool to see how we are working here and see all the success that we are having. It is actually really fun.

I am doing great. A little exhausted. This week was a crazy one. I am still working hard and having fun. It seems like things are going good at home. Kylie is running for president and that doesn't surprise me. Kendal needs to just relax with the spanish. It is really hard to speak spanish when you are stressed out. Plus she needs to stay away from the boys. It sounds like mom is keeping dad busy. That's good. So things seem good at home. 

Well I love you guys and miss you guys a lot. Crazy to think that I already have 13 months done!! Time flies bye!! Have a great week and don't do anything stupid.

Pura Vida,
Elder Keysor

A is with his mom, P.
F is the lady and A is the tallest one with the beard. 
R is the short one with the red hair and M is the girl. 
M is the friend that baptized them and brought them to church.

Our newest comp - Elder G. 
We went to the Temple.

Touching Lives

Hola Familia,

Another crazy week here in Costa Rica. It has been pouring a ton here and the streets are turning into rivers. The buses here look like jet skis with the waves they are making in the streets. It makes walking in the streets really fun. Besides the amount of water it was a really fun week. 

This week we had the baptism of R. R is super good. He was a reference we received from a member. He quickly received his answer and was ready to get baptized. So everything was perfect for his baptism until friday night. Friday night we called him and found out that he was staying with his mom in San Jose because he was super sick and had gone to the hospital. His mom was taking care of him and it didn't look like he was able to be baptized this weekend. We kept praying and trying to find a way for him to attend church and have his baptism after the meetings on Sunday. We called Sunday morning and he wanted to go to church but he was still sick in San Jose and didn't know if he could make it to church. He really wanted to go. We decided to call up one of our investigators, R to help us out. R came pick us up in his car and took us to San Jose to pick up R and bring him to church. We got him to church and he was beginning to feel a little better. He got nervous about the water being really cold and him being sick. He got baptized and in that moment he said that he felt 100 times better. So that was a really cool experience. It was a great baptism yesterday. 

Next week will be another great week for us. We have 4 baptisms lined up and they are all references. We only work with references here and it makes our job a lot easier. One of the baptisms next week is R, who helped us out with R. R is 25 yrs old and was a reference from a recent convert. He was always making fun of his friend for being mormon and so one day his friend invited him to get to know us. We met R and that night we had him watch a movie about Joseph Smith and the Restoration. R was quiet throughout the whole movie and at the end, we asked him if he had any questions. He had a shocked look on his face and then said no but he was exactly like Joseph Smith and said that he needed to pray to know where is the true church. So in this moment R started to listen to us. He still makes jokes about the church but he really respects it and now wants to be a part of it. He told us in the beginning that he would die being catholic but it was amazing because yesterday he went to visit people with us. In one of the lessons he said that when he wasn't mormon, it was difficult to find time for God. He is already telling everyone that he is a mormon. He also took us to go visit his family and it was an amazing lesson. He bore his testimony and said that he wants to change things in the family and help them be more united. And so he is taking the first step by being baptized in the mormon church and wants his whole family to be at his side. He bore his testimony so strong that his family asked him at what time he was going to get baptized and said that they would go to support him. It was amazing to see how his family, who are super catholic, were touched by his testimony and are going to support him in his baptism. So next week is going to be a really cool week for us.

So right now things are great. I am having a lot of fun and there are a lot of cool experiences everyday. I have been writing in my journal everyday. I haven't missed a day so don't worry mom. I love how in my mission, I have seen so many people change their lives because of the gospel. There is no greater feeling to see someone enter the water and make a covenant with God. That is why the mission is so much fun. Plus when I can help other people experience the same feeling. Like last week, when I went to go to the goodbye lunch of K and D from my first area. That was really fun to see people from my first area and see how the gospel has changed their lives. And now with people like R, who is willing to pick us up wherever we are and take us where we need to go. It is amazing to see how the gospel can bring so much happiness and really change lives.

It seems like everything is going well at home. Everyone is happy and having fun. Don't worry about messing up in Spanish class Kendal. You are talking to a ton of gringos in spanish. Nobody there is a native speaker. So don't worry about it. Kylie keep practicing soccer. Have you been watching Costa Rica play? They are playing really good right now. Everyone is going crazy here because they qualified for the world cup in Brazil next year. Dad make sure to get all the house projects done as fast as you can. Mom don't worry about Kendal in high school. She will be fine. Just look at me, I survived high school. 

I love you guys and have a great week. Don't do anything stupid. 

Pura Vida,
Elder Keysor 

Our District at the Temple.

United States Lost

Hola Familia,

Another successful week this week. We have been working hard as always and we are still seeing a lot of blessings for our hard work. This week we focused a lot on helping the people that have a baptism date. We are planning to have about 3 baptisms this month but it is very possible that we have up to 8. So we have been working hard to get everyone ready for their baptismal dates. We even brought a lot of them to the temple to show them the temple and help them feel the spirit. It is always a powerful lesson at the temple. We went with one guy named R. He is a reference from a member and is catholic. But he loves our church and wants to serve God. So he wants to get baptized but he is struggling to decide when. When we went to the temple, he felt the spirit so strong that he accepted to get baptized this month. It was super powerful. So now we have to help him continue to feel the spirit before his baptism. So things have been going great and we are still helping a lot of people come to church. We are starting to fill up the church that not everyone fits. It is pretty crazy. This week the bishop had to asked the members to squish together to fit everyone. It is super cool to see our hard work pay off. 

We had a really cool experience with a recent convert this week.  He is super great and the gospel has really changed his life. Last week he received the priesthood and this week he blessed the sacrament. He had the opportunity to baptize someone yesterday too. He came to me before the baptism and was super nervous. I calmed him down and helped him practice. Before he went to enter the water, he prayed to help himself calm down and perform the baptism. The baptism was perfect and he left the water crying with joy. This guy felt the spirit super strong and that night we went to go visit them and he was still smiling and had this glow about him. It was amazing to see the change in this man. It is amazing how God can work with people. It really is amazing to see how the gospel can change peoples lives. These types of experiences really make the mission worth it. 

Well as you saw the US lost to Costa Rica. And I haven't heard the end of it. The ticos love messing with me. I guess I deserve it because I was talking a lot of trash before. But it is fun, even though the US played horribly. But things are going great here. It is really hot and rainy. So that makes every day fun. The other day we were eating with some investigators. We were eating sandwiches with meat spread. It is like baloney in a bag. You cut a hole in the bag and spread it on the bread. My hole was small and there was a lot of meat in the bag, so when my comp went to spread it, it sprayed out like a hose and landed all over me and my backpack. I was covered in meat spread. I cleaned it up the best I could but throughout the day all the dogs in the street wanted to eat my legs. So that was an interesting day. 

It seems like everyone is doing good at home. Kendal is going to seminary. FUN :) Kylie is still beating up the boys and playing a lot of soccer. Mom is making dad work in the house. I am so glad I am not there. Make sure that Dad does every thing needs to be done in the house before I get back. :)

I love you guys and have a great week. Don't do anything stupid. Nos Vemos

Pura Vida

Elder Keysor

Our Baptism of R. 

Wednesday, September 4, 2013


Hola Familia,

So this was a very interesting week. We started off the week rough. Really rough. We starting going through the motions and acting like robots. But luckly we noticed it early in and made a couple changes. And then things picked back up and we finished this week really well. Super well. We having been averaging about 35 lessons a week, about 6 per day and about 5 people in church. But this week we started off rough but we still ended with 30 lessons and 14 people in church. It was so crazy. We had so many people that we didn't even fit in the church. When I got here we were averaging about 90-100 attendance in church. We are having regularly 130 people in church. We have brought back a lot of less active members and a lot of new people. The ward has been shocked and super happy with our work here. Plus we are planning to have about 3 baptisms this month and it is possible more. So things are really going well and we are working like crazy here. It is a lot of fun. The assistants have been asking me what we are doing to have so many people in church. And we honestly don't know. We are working hard, helping everyone we can, and they end up coming to church. So we are happy and President is really happy with our work. So yeah, you can say that things are going great here. 

It is weird because I haven't knocked doors in almost a month. We are receiving a lot of references and so we have been working a lot with that. And it ends up being a little better and more productive than knocking doors. Also things are going well in the district. I had a meeting this week with the President and all the district leaders in the mission. And President was really impressed with the work that the district is doing. We have really changed things here in Alajuela. It is good.

This Sunday was a great fast Sunday. It was great because a lot of the less active members we brought back to church, gave their testimonies. It is great to see these people after suffering and then hear their strong testimonies. It was super cool. One of the best testimony meetings in my mission. 

Bt it sounds like things are going well at home. School started up again. It was very interesting to see the picture of the football game. Because I haven't seen a football field in forever. They only have soccer fields here. But it looks like Kendal likes high school. It is weird to think that Kendal is in high school now. It makes me feel really old. And mom too. And Kylie in 5th grade. It sounds like her new teacher is a perfect fit. And Kylie is still beating up on the boys. So things really haven't changed much there. 

Well I love you guys and hope you guys have a great labor day. Have a great week and don't do anything stupid. :)

Pura Vida,
Elder Keysor

Plus I learned how to make pinto yesterday. A member taught us how. It is super good. You guys should try to make it at home. It is rice with beans and eggs and bread with natilla (basically sour cream). They eat it here for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. So good and with coffee, well for the mormons chocolate milk. MMMMMMM :)

Future Missionaries

Hola Familia,

Well it was another great week here in Alajuela. This week we had the baptism of B. B is a great story. She was a referral that we received. She lived in California and had been listening to the sister missionaries. But the sisters stopped passing by and she moved here to Costa Rica. She was thinking about the sisters and ran into a member here and asked if the missionaries could stop by again. So we started teaching her and she began to remember everything and receive a testimony. The biggest problem was that she left 2 weeks ago to go visit family in Nicaragua. She came back thursday this week and we went to go visit her. We had her baptism planned for this weekend but she was gone and so we had to see if she still wanted to be baptized. She said yep but we still had to teach her the word of wisdom. The coolest thing was that she said she had a strong feeling in Nicaragua that she had to stop drinking coffee. She she stopped drinking coffee before we taught her about it. It was super crazy. So we had her baptism this weekend. We had the baptism after a fireside from a Seventy, Elder Cordon. After the fireside, Elder Cordon stayed for the baptism. It was super special because he talked in the baptismal service and it was super powerful. One of the best baptismal services that I have had on my mission. Plus there wasn't any font problems. So that was really cool.

So things have been going really good for us. We have been working a lot with the members and we have really gained the confidence of the members. This area is great and we have been working hard to help build future missionaries. That is something that I have been doing my whole mission. I have really wanted to help a lot of the youth become missionaries. And I have seen a lot of youth gain their testimonies and really have the desires to serve a mission. And I really saw this blessing last night. Last night, I came home to a phone call from D and K (from my first area, Ojo De Agua). When I got to my first area, they really didn't have the desires to serve a mission but we worked a lot with them. They joined us on visits and helped us a lot with our inviestigators. When I left Ojo De Agua, they were finishing up their mission papers. I hadn't heard anyhting from they until last night. They called me last night to tell me that they got their mission calls. K is going to Guatemala and D is going to Brazil. It was a really powerful experience to hear the happiness in their voices when they told me where they were going. That was another great experience on my mission. 

Many people focus on the baptisms as missionaries. They only think that we baptize people and we don't care about the other people. There are a lot of missionaries like that and it is sad. Because our purpose is invite people to come unto christ. I like to think of it as invite everyone to come unto christ. And so that is one of the goals I have had in my mission. I have had baptisms but I really love it when I can help a less active member come back to the church or help a struggling young man prepare to go on the mission. I don't care about the numbers and I have really learned that here in this area. My companion feels the same way. And so we just really try to help everyone we can and with that the numbers come. But the numbers don't make us happy. It's the people that really make us happy. And so to help the youth prepare for a mission, I would say the same but I would add that they should help the missionaries. To see that we, as missionaries are normal people- Every missionary has their problems and challenges but every missionary has the same desire of helping people come unto Christ. And if they can obtain that same desire by serving others, that is the key. We learn by two ways. We learn by studying and we learn by experiences. So if they want a testimony about serving a mission they have to experience it. I love what is says in Alma 32, that we just have to experiment with a little faith, just a desire to believe (something like that, I know it better in spanish). But yeah, the youth just need to go out and enjoy it. The mission really is the best two years. :)

So school starts tomorrow. That stinks. But it is fun. I remember the first day of high school. I actually got lost going to my first class. I ended up showing up late. That was embarassing. But after that everything was fine. Kendal is going to love it. Just enjoy it. Don't worry about doing anything stupid. Just be yourself and have fun. But I agree with Dad. Watch out for the boys. Seriously. Kendal is too young to worry about boys. But yeah, Kylie will be fine. Big girl on campus now.
Have a great week starting school. I love you guys a lot. Half way done!! One more year to go!! Don't worry it will go by super fast. But in the mean time, have a great week!! :)

Pura Vida,
Elder Keysor

The baptism of B.
My bed.  Like the blanket.