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Monday, August 12, 2013


Hola Familia,

This week has been crazy. I have basically been in San Jose all week long. My comp has been trying to get his visa paper work done. So we have had to be in San Jose a lot this week. We had to leave one night at 9 to be in San Jose the following morning. It was exhausting and it was surprising that we were still able to work a ton. We are still working hard and we have been finding a lot of new people. So things are going great.

We did have a lot of challenges this week too. This week we were supposed to have the baptism of J. Well that didn't happen. Things have gotten worse with her family. We basically reactived her whole family in their churches and everyday someone else comes to tell her that the Book of Mormon is false and a lot of other bad things. So J is really confused and doesn't know if she wants to get baptized now. We also weren't able to meet with her this week because she didn't have permission to talk to us. We really hit a road block with her. We decided to fast this week and figure out what we should do. It was cool because once we started the fast, we had the idea of calling her mom to see how the mom is doing. So we talked to the mom and it was good because we are starting to strenghten her confidence in us. Later that day, J sister was in one of the lessons we had. We are teaching one of her friends so she was in the house during the lesson. We are hoping that these two things can help the family of J. So that was some cool blessings we received.

Also this week, I was really stressed out about this baptism, but I received some cool revelation in my studies this week. I was reading in Jacob 5 and I was thinking about what more we could have done for J. There is a part in Jacob 5 that has a similar question. The question is what more could I have done for my tree? Because I don't want to lose this tree and the Lord of the vineyard says leave it alone and we will see what happens. So that answer brought a calming spirit to me. I realized that I needed to let things play out. I realized that God doesn't want to lose his children and they will always have chances to come back. I just need to relax right now and go with the flow. So that was really cool and it has helped me to stay focused on working hard.

We have been receiving a lot of references from the members lately and we don't know how. They just keep telling us about people or investigators are always in the houses of the members. So that has been really cool. Things are really starting to get moving here. We have a baptism planned for next week. His name is H. His family is less active and he has been waiting for 4 years to get baptized. One day we went to find a less active family and we found him. But when we entered H home, he had the biggest smile ever and said that he was thinking about the missionaries that day. We entered thinking that he was already a member and he began to tell us a story about his life. He told us that he wasn't a member and that his life has been rough lately. His friend, the stake president, has been telling him that he needs to get baptized to get his life in order. But he never listened to him, until he was talking to a pastor from a christian church, who told him that two young men will come to his house and help him put his life in order. The next day, we showed up at his house. When he finished his story, he had the biggest smile on his face and said Elders, I want to get baptized. Ok, that was a huge surprise. So we have been working to get him baptized this Sunday and in a year sealed to his family. So we are super excited for him.

So as you can tell, we have been receiving a lot of blessings here. And it is interesting because everyday we just go out and try to help everyone we can. And the blessings come. Not only spiritual blessings, but we have received a lot of food too. A ton. So much that we haven't bought food in weeks and the other Elders we live with are happy because we bring them food every night. It is pretty funny. So you can say that things are going great for us.

It sounds like summer is fun. I have noticed that you guys are traveling a lot. I figured because I am not there it is a lot cheaper to travel without me. But it looks like everything is going great. Kylie is tearing it up in soccer and Kendal is goofing around with Sam and making a lot of money babysitting. But summer is almost over, and school starts up again. Kendal you are going to enjoy high school. It is so much fun. Just enjoy it and live it up. It may be tough but have fun. The toughest part about high school may be waking up for seminary every morning. But you will love it. And we don't have to worry about Kylie in school. Kylie just don't beat up on the boys.

I miss you guys a lot. I have been finding some cool stuff that I want to send home here soon. Hopefully before Christmas. But I need to know what size everyone is in shirts because everyone is losing weight at home. I love you guys and miss ya. Have a fun week!!

Pura Vida,
Elder Keysor

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