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Monday, August 19, 2013

Another Crazy Week

Hola Familia,

This week was another crazy week. I am pretty sure that every week is a crazy week here in the mission. But this week was a pretty crazy week. 

It started with a super cool lesson we had. We received a reference from a recent convert and we went to his house to watch a movie about Joseph Smith. His friend came and warned us a head of time that he had a lot of questions for us and wanted answers. But he said that we should watch the movie first and then he would ask us questions. So we watched the movie and after we asked him if he had any questions for us. He sat there speechless for 5 min and then said no. We were shocked. He said he didn't have any questions because he realized that he was exactly like Joseph Smith and all he had to do was ask God. It was super crazy. The guy then said that he was going to church this Sunday and was going to start to read the Book of Mormon. We taught nothing and this guy felt the spirit super strong from this movie. But after this amazing lesson, he asked us if we wanted tacos. We had about 15 minutes to be in the house but I never turn down tacos. We jumped in his car with the member and we went to get tacos. I don't know how but we ended up in Heredia, my last area. It was super crazy. The crazy part is that we got home in time and with tacos. So that was a cool way to end that day. 

The craziest thing was yesterday. Yesterday we had H baptism. We went at 8 in the morning to fill up the font. It takes about 3 hours to fill up. Our ward here starts with priesthood and ends with sacrament meeting. So in the last hour, my companion comes in with a pale face and said that the font wasn't full. I was thinking that this wasn't possible. But I went to the font and there was maybe a foot of water. The plug had a hole in it and the water was coming out from the hole. So we had to close the hole and start filling up the font in 30 min for the baptism. So I took off my shoes and walked into the font to close up the hole. We closed the hole but we still needed water fast. So I went with my companion to start knocking doors of the neighbors to get buckets to start filling up the font. Nobody had a bucket but someone gave us a 2 liter pitcher. We went back to use the pitcher but it wasn't enough.  The worst part was that the members from the other ward started filling up glasses of water from font to drink, because we were using all the water in the church. We didn't know what to do but then we remembered that there was a baptism in another ward close by. So we called them and asked them if we could join their baptism. They said yes and so we had to send the whole ward to another church building to have the baptism. In the end, the baptism was a success and one of the craziest baptisms that I have had on my mission. The funny part to it all too was  this happened during sacrament meeting and the members thought that I was making refreshments for the baptism, because I had a pitcher in my hands. Funny. 

And after the baptism, we went to other missionaries house close by to eat and we had to heat up rice that was in a container. We didn't realize that it was in a plastic container so we burnt the bottom off the container. It was a mess and a great way to top off a crazy day. 

But this week was great. We have been working a lot with the members and we have been receiving a lot of references. We really aren't even knocking doors now. We are really only working with references. So that is helping us a lot. Plus the ward is starting to see that we are working hard and noticing that investigators are going to activities. We had an activity for Mother's Day this week and the majority of the people there weren't members. So that was really cool.

Also this week was Mother's Day here and nobody wanted to have us over. So we decided to go to Pricesmart in the morning and buy two big bags of candy. We bought small Ziploc bags and went and gave presents to all the Mother's in the ward and all the investigators. It was crazy because we visited a lot of people and we ended up sharing a small message about Mother;s with them too. So we ended up having a lot of lessons and received a lot of references. We turned a day with nothing into a really productive day. Plus we put a lot of smiles on Mother's faces.

We are working like crazy and we really don't have time to rest. We are always on our feet. So we are so exhausted that we look like the walking dead. But are loving what we are doing and having a lot of fun. 

I received the letter from Nana and I am going to send her a letter today in the mail. And yes I put the pictures on my desk. I haven't thought much about completing a year this week. Maybe it will hit me on Thursday. I'll let you know. But it sounds like things are the same at home. Summer is ending and school starts soon. Enjoy the last little bit of summer. You will have to send me Kendals schedule when she gets it. Super exciting going to high school. Crazy how time flies. But Kendal will love it. Well I love you guys and miss you guys a lot. Have a great week and don't do anything stupid. :)

Pura Vida,
Elder Keysor

H baptism day.

Our rice mess.