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Monday, August 12, 2013

7/15 - Grand Eres Tu (How Great Thou Art)

Hola familia,

This was a really good week for us. We have been working hard to find new people and have more lessons during the week. We had been averaging about 20 lessons a week. But this week we really pushed ourselves and we finished the week with 33 lessons. It was crazy. It was such a good week for us. We ended up dropping a lot of investigators, but we have found a lot of new people too. So things are going great.

We have been working a lot to use the members and receive referrals. Like I said we dropped a lot of investigators. We decided that we need more help from the members. We went to some of the members and taught them about how we can share our love for our neighbors. The lessons went well.  After the lessons, we planned with every member to have a family home evening with them in their homes. The members had to invite their friends and we will bring some investigators too. So far we have had one family home evening this week and it was great. We received a new family to teach and the members really wanted to help these people. The members are starting to help us a lot. So things are really beginning to change here and it is becoming really fun. The best part is that we still have 4 more family home evenings this week. So we are super excited to see what happens this week.

Yesterday was a rough day. After church I broke my umbrella and it began to pour. I got soaked. Then every lesson we had fell through. A drunk stopped us in the street and followed us for 15 minutes and wouldn't leave us alone. We really had a bad day. But we ended up finding a man playing his trumpet. My comp went to contact him. He was a really nice guy who knew a lot about the church and had listened to the missionaries for years. So we talked to him and then we asked him if he could play us a song. He played us the song "Grand eres tu" or 'How great thou art" in spanish. The song really hit us. I was really touched and I realized that I have nothing to worry about. God is great and loving. He is our Heavenly Father and is always looking out for us. He wants to help us. I learned that even though I had a rough day, God is always with me to help lift me back up. It was a great pick me up and it really changed the rest of the day. We were more positive and we finished the day strong. It was a great lesson that I learned yesterday.

It sounds like things are great at home. Getting ready for camp. Kendal is going to feel how it is for me to walk around with a backpack all day. It will be a lot of fun. Kylie is going to get spoiled while you guys are gone - Lucky. It seems like everyone is doing great, enjoying summer vacation. I am proud of Dad for being disciplined in his workouts. I am working out everyday now. I had interviews with president this week. He told me to keep running everyday so that I can be ready to play when I get back. He also told me that he wants to go to one of my games after my mission. But the problem is that he is a Utes fan. I told him not to worry about that. President is here to help me with my conversion in the gospel and I am here to help President's conversion to a BYU fan. He laughed hard and said that he would be the hardest investigator that I will have on my mission. So I took that as a challenge.

Things are great here and sounds like things are great at home.  Like the ticos say todo bien.  All is good. I love you guys and miss you guys a lot. Have a great week at camp. and don't do anything stupid.

Pura Vida,
Elder Keysor