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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Plugging along...

Hola familia,
This week went by super fast.  Just like every week.  But this week ended up being good for us. It started out rough. This week we just went knocking on doors. At first, it didnt work at all. But towards the end of the week we started entering houses and started teaching a few of them. We hit a huge road block on Wednesday. One of the other Elders in our ward got really sick, so sick that he went to the hospital. They ended up having to take out his appendix because it was about to burst, so we are short a missionary and the other missionary has the top work in his area. The problem is that we are a trio now working in two areas. We have to share time in both areas until we can get a member to go on divisions with us. So that has really slowed us down and we will be doing this for about 2 weeks.
On Saturday we had the stake activity (be a missionary for a day). It was great. We had to be at the stake center at 7 am in the morning to help teach classes. We had to teach classes on preach my gospel just like in the MTC. So we did a mini MTC for the youth and then ate lunch. After lunch we went on divisions with the youth. It was great. We had about 28 missionaries paired up with the youth. Some people had 3 or 4 companions but it was cool to be paired up with the youth. We then all went to go and contact people in the streets in my area. They chose my area because they wanted to help us find new people. So from 3 to 5 at night, we were walking around knocking doors and talking to everyone. It was super fun. Afterwards, we all met up at the church building for a closing ceremony and a short testimony meeting. It was a super powerful meeting. A lot of youth decided to serve a mission after this activity. It was a powerful experience for a lot of the youth. It was super fun and I am glad that I got to be a part of it. What was super cool, is that we received a lot of numbers and directions from this activity. So that really helped us a lot and this week we have to go find them. We started doing that yesterday and it really has been good for us. So things are becoming better. Little by little.
It is still raining. They say it should be like this until November. So that should be fun. I am still gaining weight. I weighed myself this week at 190. I have been trying to do some exercise. But we just eat a ton here. The members are always feeding us. Everywhere we go.
Sounds like things are going good for you guys. Finishing up school. Crazy that Kendal is going to graduate. She went to an A's game too. That doesn't sound like Kendal at all. Congrats on the gold medal. We can say that we have a gold medalist in the house now. Kylie is going to love Malakoff. I assume that she has already left with Dad so they probably won't see my letter. But I remember when dad came with me to Malakoff. Just like it was yesterday. And look at me now, 9 months in the mission. Wow time flies. Mom the packages are in the mission office. A few Elders told me that they were there. The problem is that I can't go and get them. We are now not allowed to visit the office to receive our mail. People had abused that privilege. So we have to wait until the zone leaders go to the office, the first Friday of every month. They then bring us our mail. So don't worry the 2 boxes are there. I will receive them this week and tell you what is in them to make sure everything is there. My companion and I are a little frustrated because he has a couple packages too and he can't get them either. But what can you do.
Bueno, it will be nice to have Nana and Tata in the house next week. I sent them a letter a couple weeks ago. Hopefully they have gotten it. I miss you guys and love you guys a ton. I will have photos for you guys next week. But don't worry, things are a lot better now. It was a good learning process and now it is time to work. So yep, you learn a lot in the mission. 
Pues nos vemos. :)
Pura Vida,

Elder Keysor or Elder Cage (everyone says I look like Nicholas Cage. EVERYONE)

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