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Monday, July 8, 2013

New area

Hola familia,

This week has been a fun one for us. It has been super hot here too. So it really felt like the Fourth of July. We didn't do much for the Fourth of July. We woke up in the morning and put on the mormon tabernacle choir singing the star spangled banner. We made american flag pancakes and it was fun. It has been a good week for us. We worked really hard and found a lot of people.

The best part was that we had a baptism this Sunday. E and M got baptized. The other missionaries had already been teaching them when I got here. E always knew that the church was true but her husband didn't. Her husband didn't want anything to do with the church. Nothing. But little by little he began to accept it. When I got here, he had only been to church once and didn't want to get baptized. So we left E with the homework of teaching her husband and getting him to pray. She pushed him to pray and one day in their family prayer, M felt someone touching his shoulders.  He felt such a feeling of peace and happiness.  In this moment M received his answer. The following Sunday, he came up to us and asked if he could get baptized with his wife the next Sunday. And of course we said yes!! So we had a baptism this week and it was a great one. M and E showed up to church late because they didn't have money for the bus. But they entered with the biggest smiles I have ever seen. It was a huge change from the first time I had met M. He was so happy and excited for his baptism. The cool part was that one of my comps first converts had the opportunity to baptism them. His name is M and he wants to be a missionary too. So he has been helping us a lot and he had the honor of baptizing them. It was an amazing experience. Everyone was super happy and excited to see these people make this decision. We could really see the change that the gospel has had in M life. So that is the biggest news for this week.

I really like this area and my comp is great. We really work well together and I am having a lot of fun working here. The members in this area are great too. We are working hard to have the members work with us and help the less active members. So we are running around like crazy people. We are helping a lot of people and these people aren't just anybody. They are our brothers and sisters. So it makes it worth it. The days seem to be flying by.

I have started working out again. The other gringo in the house, Elder L, loves to run. So we leave at 5:30 am in the morning to go run the hills and get a good work out. I am starting to lose some weight. The other day we did frog hops up a mountain. That killed and I can still feel it. But it is a good pain. Like the quote, "Pain is temporary, quitting is forever".

So things are great here. Sounds like things are going good at home. Everyone is crazy here for Despicable Me 2. They are giving away toys at McDonalds and all the kids have them here. So you're getting ready for camp. Have fun with that. I think Dad will be doing that his whole life. I love you guys and miss you guys a lot. My mission is flying by but I am going to enjoy every moment of it.

Bueno, tengan un buen dia, y nos vemos

¡Pura Vida!

Elder Keysor

PS - I can't upload a lot of pic to dropbox because the internet is slow. But I uploaded a few. Also my comp loves the walking dead too, so he already ruined the end of it for me. :(  Tell Kylie that we are going to have a lot of movie nights to watch all those movies that I am missing.

My new comp cooking.
E and M baptism.