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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Crazy, Wild Storm

Hola familia,

This week has been a crazy week for us. The rain came and it came hard. On Thursday, we had our district meeting in the church ( I forgot to tell you guys but I am district leader again). I have been for like 4 weeks now. During our district meeting it began to pour, but super hard. So hard that it began to hail. It was a hailstorm with a ton of wind. And Elder Keysor being the smart elder he is decided to start playing in the hail and have a snowball fight with the other elders. So we had a snowball fight for a while and then went back to the meeting. After the meeting, the rain stopped but the Bishop showed up to see how the church was after the rain. It was fine, there was some water that entered but nothing really big. Well, we left the church and everything was shut down. The streets were closed, the police and news cameras were outside and the whole town was outside running around. The storm destroyed a ton of houses. There was roofs and parts of houses scattered in the streets. Cars had broken windows. It was a mess. It looked like a scene from the movie "War of the Worlds". We didn't realize how strong the storm was. We quickly went to help people and members whose houses were destroyed. We went to put roofs back on. It was crazy. We heard in the news that 70 houses lost their roofs and one person was killed in this storm. We cancelled every lesson we had and went helping everyone we could that day. It was a real mess. The worst part was that when we were helping people, it began to rain again and super strong that an umbrella was useless. We were running through the streets in water up to our waists going from house to house. There was so much water the the streets became rivers. It was crazy. We got soaked that day. But it hasn't rained since that day. It was a devastating storm for a lot of people. 

The next crazy part is that Sunday we had Stake Conference. In this stake conference, they divided the stake into two new stakes. Now Heredia is its own stake. So the members are super excited about that. It was really cool to be a part of the division of the stake.

The work has been good for us lately. We have been entering a lot of houses. A lot of people have been letting us in and listening to us. But the challenge we have now is helping these people progress. So little by little we are getting better. Our hard work is starting to pay off. We found a guy who has a tree house. He really wants to listen to us but the cool thing is that we have to climb a tree to enter his house. The work has been good. We still have a lot to do so it is keeping us busy. 

It sounds like things are going good at home. Malakoff sounds like the same and the boys still want Kylie on their team. Kendal HAPPY GRADUATION. Crazy that she is already so old. I remember middle school graduation with my broken arm and it was super hot. That was fun. HAPPY FATHERS DAY. Hope Dad had a Good Fathers Day. Too bad we can't call for Fathers Day too. Mom, don't worry. I am trying not to do anything stupid. But I ran into a stop sign the other day. I sometimes forget to pay attention. I received the packages. Thank you so much for the clothes. I already ate all the swedish fish. Thank you so much. I also received Nanas letter. Digales que todo esta bien y que voy a escribir a carta muy pronto. y les amo mucho y les extrano mucho. I also received an marriage invitaion for Mark Larsen. I'm sorry but I can't go and I think they already got married. 

Also cool news, Elder P is the new zone leader here in Heredia. So he is now living in the same house as us. That is going to be a lot of fun. 

bueno nos vemos y les amo mucho. 

Pura Vida,

Elder Keysor

Our hailstorm - snowball fight.

Crazy rainstorms.
Elder P and I.