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Monday, July 8, 2013

New area

Hola familia,

This week has been a fun one for us. It has been super hot here too. So it really felt like the Fourth of July. We didn't do much for the Fourth of July. We woke up in the morning and put on the mormon tabernacle choir singing the star spangled banner. We made american flag pancakes and it was fun. It has been a good week for us. We worked really hard and found a lot of people.

The best part was that we had a baptism this Sunday. E and M got baptized. The other missionaries had already been teaching them when I got here. E always knew that the church was true but her husband didn't. Her husband didn't want anything to do with the church. Nothing. But little by little he began to accept it. When I got here, he had only been to church once and didn't want to get baptized. So we left E with the homework of teaching her husband and getting him to pray. She pushed him to pray and one day in their family prayer, M felt someone touching his shoulders.  He felt such a feeling of peace and happiness.  In this moment M received his answer. The following Sunday, he came up to us and asked if he could get baptized with his wife the next Sunday. And of course we said yes!! So we had a baptism this week and it was a great one. M and E showed up to church late because they didn't have money for the bus. But they entered with the biggest smiles I have ever seen. It was a huge change from the first time I had met M. He was so happy and excited for his baptism. The cool part was that one of my comps first converts had the opportunity to baptism them. His name is M and he wants to be a missionary too. So he has been helping us a lot and he had the honor of baptizing them. It was an amazing experience. Everyone was super happy and excited to see these people make this decision. We could really see the change that the gospel has had in M life. So that is the biggest news for this week.

I really like this area and my comp is great. We really work well together and I am having a lot of fun working here. The members in this area are great too. We are working hard to have the members work with us and help the less active members. So we are running around like crazy people. We are helping a lot of people and these people aren't just anybody. They are our brothers and sisters. So it makes it worth it. The days seem to be flying by.

I have started working out again. The other gringo in the house, Elder L, loves to run. So we leave at 5:30 am in the morning to go run the hills and get a good work out. I am starting to lose some weight. The other day we did frog hops up a mountain. That killed and I can still feel it. But it is a good pain. Like the quote, "Pain is temporary, quitting is forever".

So things are great here. Sounds like things are going good at home. Everyone is crazy here for Despicable Me 2. They are giving away toys at McDonalds and all the kids have them here. So you're getting ready for camp. Have fun with that. I think Dad will be doing that his whole life. I love you guys and miss you guys a lot. My mission is flying by but I am going to enjoy every moment of it.

Bueno, tengan un buen dia, y nos vemos

¡Pura Vida!

Elder Keysor

PS - I can't upload a lot of pic to dropbox because the internet is slow. But I uploaded a few. Also my comp loves the walking dead too, so he already ruined the end of it for me. :(  Tell Kylie that we are going to have a lot of movie nights to watch all those movies that I am missing.

My new comp cooking.
E and M baptism.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Elder Keysor is Elder Cage in Costa Rica

Hola familia,

This week has been crazy. Why? Because I had changes. My time is up in Heredia and now I am in La Tropicana. I found out that I had changes Wednesday morning. I was able to say goodbye to the members and finish up my work there. Thurdsay morning I was on a bus to my new area. I wasn't surprised about the change, but it is always sad leaving an area. God has other plans for me and I am really loving my new area.

My new area is La Tropicana. It is in Alajuela. Yep, I am back in Alajuela. I am 30 min by bus from my area in Heredia and 15 min by bus from my first area. So I really haven't seen much of Costa Rica still. I have been in the same bubble for all of my mission. My area isn't new to me at all. But the area is great and there are a lot of people willing to accept our message. It is crazy because we knock a door here and pretty much everyone lets us enter. It is super cool. My new comp is great. His name is Elder B from Colombia. He is super cool. He is 23 yrs old and has 4 months in the mission. He is a great guy and loves working hard. We have been working hard and have see a lot of miracles in the 4 days that we have had together. I am super excited to see what God has in store for us. The only bad thing about this area is the house. It is gross and is always full of cockroaches. And there wasn't hot water. There was just a tube sticking out of the wall for a shower. It is ice cold water. It was miserable to shower. We changed that today because we bought a ducha. It makes the water hot. So now we have hot water. We are also finding ways to make the house a little bit better. Besides that the area is great and the members are great too.

They are already calling me Elder Cage. They think that I look like Nicholas Cage and are already taking pictures with me. It is like paparazzi. Crazy Ticos. It is pretty funny and I am used to it now. There was a line of people wanting to take a picture with me after church on Sunday. My first Sunday in church and they already figured out that I am Nicholas Cage. Super funny.

Well that is the news here. It sounds like things went well in Mexico. You guys realy weren't in Mexico though. Especially if you were in a resort. It looked like it was fun. The coke is the same here. There isn't diet coke just light coke and everyone thinks you are weird for drinking it. So nobody drinks it. I can't believe you didn't speak spanish there. And Dad and his Portuguesse. That would have been funny to see. We will have to go when I get back.

I love you guys a ton and miss you guys a ton. I finished the Book of Mormon again.  Every time I read it I feel grateful to be raised in this church. I love this mission and I have learned a lot and have met a lot of people. But the most important thing is that I feel closer to our Heavenly Father. I am super grateful that I decided to serve a mission. It has been the best decision of my life. I love you guys and miss you guys a ton. Have a great week and don't do anything stupid. nos vemos

Pura Vida,
Elder Keysor
My new place and New Comp

Elder Cage photo sections after church.  :)

Doing Service

Hola familia,

Well I just sent a letter not too long ago. So not much has changed here. This last week was super crazy for us. It hasn't rained for a while and we did feel the earthquake. But the thing is that we have earthquakes everyday, so I am used to them now. This week was crazy because we did a ton of service. We first went to help a member fix her wall. Her wall had been destroyed in the big storm we had a couple weeks ago. So we went to help fix that. While we were there we found a nest of snakes. So we started killing them with the machetes we had. It was crazy!! After we helped a family move houses. They moved from the bottom of the mountain to the very top. It was a long trip up with the stuff. Next we went to help clean up the backyard in a members house. We had to mow the lawn and edge the lawn also. It was just like back at home. While we were working the member thought it would be fun to spray us with water. So we ended up having a water fight and we got soaked. It was so much fun! I felt like a little kid again. Then we also had an activity with the ward. We played soccer. It was a lot of fun. We had investigators and members playing soccer Saturday morning. Everyone always wants to play soccer. That pretty much sums up this week. 

We have a few people progressing right now. We have a family where the mom is a member but left the church. But now wants to return and wants her kids to join her. So we are working hard with her 4 kids to get them to church. They really want to get baptized but they need to come to church first. That is our problem. They haven't came to church yet. They are really great and are the ones that are progressing the most now.

We have been working a lot with less active members. And we have started to see progress with them too. One less active member is 17 years old. We have been visiting him for about a little more than a month now. He has progressed a ton. When we first visited him, he was taking a ton of drugs and got kicked out of school for drugs. But little by little he began to believe more in God. He began reading the Bible, and then finally the Book of Mormon. When we went by last week, he had the biggest glow about him because he started sharing the gospel with his friends. He now wants to know more so that he can share more with his friends. It was a huge surprise. So that is just an example of how things have been here in Heredia. 

We watched the broadcast yesterday about the mission work. It was super good. Every member should watch it. It really explained how the members and the missionaries work together to help bring people to Christ. It was a huge surprise for us to hear the changes to internet and the chapels. That's sounds like a good idea. I don't know when we will see that here because we still don't have cell phones. So I may not see that during my time in the mission. But who knows. Or like the Ticos say si dios quiere. But something shocking was that they said that missionaries shouldn't knock doors. It should all be references. That would be super cool. That is something that we have been trying to do here in Costa Rica. But it is going to take a long time. 

It sounds like everyone is doing great. It looked like it was crazy in Grandmas house, and it looked super fun. Can't believe you guys are going to Mexico. None of you guys speak Español. So we will see how this goes. I love you guys and thank you so much for all the prayers and support. I am doing great here and loving it. 10 months in the mission. Crazy how time flies. I miss you guys a lot and pray for you guys everyday. I love you guys with all my heart and I am so grateful to be born in the church of Jesus Christ. Thank you for this opportunity to be a missionary and help people find this happiness and peace and the love that God has for everyone of his children. I love you guys and have fun. But don't do anything stupid! :)

Pura Vida,
Elder Keysor

Tough Weeks Paying Off...

Hola familia,

First off sorry that this letter is super late. They changed our P day to today and didn't tell us until last minute as usual, so I couldn't give you guys a heads up. They changed P day because we went to the temple today. So they changed it for a good reason. 

Well the temple was great as usual. It is still weird doing it in spanish. But it is pretty cool too. I always feel so peaceful and happy in the temple. It is great because I can just relax and relieve the stress from the hard work. I would say it was a good P day. 

This last week was really good for us. We got soaked by rain, but that is becoming a regular thing. It just pours and pours and pours. Super fun. We had a great week.  We really pushed ourselves to teach more people this week and it really worked. We ended up having 22 lessons this week when we usually average about 13 lessons a week. We really pushed ourselves. We worked in sectors and visited everyone we could. When we didn't have anyone to visit, we went knocking doors trying to enter houses. Because of our hard work we ended up finding a lot of new people to teach. I would say that we had a really productive week. We really needed it after struggling for the last couple weeks. We are starting to see our hard work pay off.  We pushed ourselves and we didn't put any limits on ourselves. We just went out there and worked. That was the key. So things are getting better. 

We have also been trying to do more activities in the ward. We are going to start playing soccer every week in the mornings. A lot of people are excited to start playing soccer.

It looked like a busy week for you guys at home. The girls are finally finished with school. Can't believe that Kendal will be in high school and Kylie a 5th grader. Graduation looked like the same as mine. But luckily not as hot. Dad looks great. Good job. You have lost a ton of weight. You really are looking a lot healthier. It must have been nice to have Nana and Tata with you guys. It seems like you have to start telling Nana not to do anything stupid. She is starting to take after Kendal and I. It also sounds like next week will be fun in So Cal. Tell everyone Hola. 

Bueno, I really don't have that much to write today. It was an exhausting but really good week for us. Thank you for all your prayers. I can really see that blessings from those prayers everyday. Thank you too for all the support. And of course thank you for the packages. I loved everything. 

I love you guys and miss you guys a lot. Tengan una semana buenisima. nos vemos. 

Pura vida,

Elder Keysor

Crazy, Wild Storm

Hola familia,

This week has been a crazy week for us. The rain came and it came hard. On Thursday, we had our district meeting in the church ( I forgot to tell you guys but I am district leader again). I have been for like 4 weeks now. During our district meeting it began to pour, but super hard. So hard that it began to hail. It was a hailstorm with a ton of wind. And Elder Keysor being the smart elder he is decided to start playing in the hail and have a snowball fight with the other elders. So we had a snowball fight for a while and then went back to the meeting. After the meeting, the rain stopped but the Bishop showed up to see how the church was after the rain. It was fine, there was some water that entered but nothing really big. Well, we left the church and everything was shut down. The streets were closed, the police and news cameras were outside and the whole town was outside running around. The storm destroyed a ton of houses. There was roofs and parts of houses scattered in the streets. Cars had broken windows. It was a mess. It looked like a scene from the movie "War of the Worlds". We didn't realize how strong the storm was. We quickly went to help people and members whose houses were destroyed. We went to put roofs back on. It was crazy. We heard in the news that 70 houses lost their roofs and one person was killed in this storm. We cancelled every lesson we had and went helping everyone we could that day. It was a real mess. The worst part was that when we were helping people, it began to rain again and super strong that an umbrella was useless. We were running through the streets in water up to our waists going from house to house. There was so much water the the streets became rivers. It was crazy. We got soaked that day. But it hasn't rained since that day. It was a devastating storm for a lot of people. 

The next crazy part is that Sunday we had Stake Conference. In this stake conference, they divided the stake into two new stakes. Now Heredia is its own stake. So the members are super excited about that. It was really cool to be a part of the division of the stake.

The work has been good for us lately. We have been entering a lot of houses. A lot of people have been letting us in and listening to us. But the challenge we have now is helping these people progress. So little by little we are getting better. Our hard work is starting to pay off. We found a guy who has a tree house. He really wants to listen to us but the cool thing is that we have to climb a tree to enter his house. The work has been good. We still have a lot to do so it is keeping us busy. 

It sounds like things are going good at home. Malakoff sounds like the same and the boys still want Kylie on their team. Kendal HAPPY GRADUATION. Crazy that she is already so old. I remember middle school graduation with my broken arm and it was super hot. That was fun. HAPPY FATHERS DAY. Hope Dad had a Good Fathers Day. Too bad we can't call for Fathers Day too. Mom, don't worry. I am trying not to do anything stupid. But I ran into a stop sign the other day. I sometimes forget to pay attention. I received the packages. Thank you so much for the clothes. I already ate all the swedish fish. Thank you so much. I also received Nanas letter. Digales que todo esta bien y que voy a escribir a carta muy pronto. y les amo mucho y les extrano mucho. I also received an marriage invitaion for Mark Larsen. I'm sorry but I can't go and I think they already got married. 

Also cool news, Elder P is the new zone leader here in Heredia. So he is now living in the same house as us. That is going to be a lot of fun. 

bueno nos vemos y les amo mucho. 

Pura Vida,

Elder Keysor

Our hailstorm - snowball fight.

Crazy rainstorms.
Elder P and I.   

Plugging along...

Hola familia,
This week went by super fast.  Just like every week.  But this week ended up being good for us. It started out rough. This week we just went knocking on doors. At first, it didnt work at all. But towards the end of the week we started entering houses and started teaching a few of them. We hit a huge road block on Wednesday. One of the other Elders in our ward got really sick, so sick that he went to the hospital. They ended up having to take out his appendix because it was about to burst, so we are short a missionary and the other missionary has the top work in his area. The problem is that we are a trio now working in two areas. We have to share time in both areas until we can get a member to go on divisions with us. So that has really slowed us down and we will be doing this for about 2 weeks.
On Saturday we had the stake activity (be a missionary for a day). It was great. We had to be at the stake center at 7 am in the morning to help teach classes. We had to teach classes on preach my gospel just like in the MTC. So we did a mini MTC for the youth and then ate lunch. After lunch we went on divisions with the youth. It was great. We had about 28 missionaries paired up with the youth. Some people had 3 or 4 companions but it was cool to be paired up with the youth. We then all went to go and contact people in the streets in my area. They chose my area because they wanted to help us find new people. So from 3 to 5 at night, we were walking around knocking doors and talking to everyone. It was super fun. Afterwards, we all met up at the church building for a closing ceremony and a short testimony meeting. It was a super powerful meeting. A lot of youth decided to serve a mission after this activity. It was a powerful experience for a lot of the youth. It was super fun and I am glad that I got to be a part of it. What was super cool, is that we received a lot of numbers and directions from this activity. So that really helped us a lot and this week we have to go find them. We started doing that yesterday and it really has been good for us. So things are becoming better. Little by little.
It is still raining. They say it should be like this until November. So that should be fun. I am still gaining weight. I weighed myself this week at 190. I have been trying to do some exercise. But we just eat a ton here. The members are always feeding us. Everywhere we go.
Sounds like things are going good for you guys. Finishing up school. Crazy that Kendal is going to graduate. She went to an A's game too. That doesn't sound like Kendal at all. Congrats on the gold medal. We can say that we have a gold medalist in the house now. Kylie is going to love Malakoff. I assume that she has already left with Dad so they probably won't see my letter. But I remember when dad came with me to Malakoff. Just like it was yesterday. And look at me now, 9 months in the mission. Wow time flies. Mom the packages are in the mission office. A few Elders told me that they were there. The problem is that I can't go and get them. We are now not allowed to visit the office to receive our mail. People had abused that privilege. So we have to wait until the zone leaders go to the office, the first Friday of every month. They then bring us our mail. So don't worry the 2 boxes are there. I will receive them this week and tell you what is in them to make sure everything is there. My companion and I are a little frustrated because he has a couple packages too and he can't get them either. But what can you do.
Bueno, it will be nice to have Nana and Tata in the house next week. I sent them a letter a couple weeks ago. Hopefully they have gotten it. I miss you guys and love you guys a ton. I will have photos for you guys next week. But don't worry, things are a lot better now. It was a good learning process and now it is time to work. So yep, you learn a lot in the mission. 
Pues nos vemos. :)
Pura Vida,

Elder Keysor or Elder Cage (everyone says I look like Nicholas Cage. EVERYONE)

Our phone.
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