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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Obama in CR

Hola familia,
This week went by really fast. Super fast. Every week in the mission goes by super fast. The days are long but the weeks fly by. This week was another rough week. We are still going strong and eating a ton. I found a scale the other day and I am back to my normal weight 185. They feed us so much here and it is all so good. I love all of it. The best are the fruits. Bananas and pineapples are my favorite. I know it is surprising. I didn't like fruit before my mission and now I eat it everyday. They feed us so much here that our bathroom is broken. We have to try and fixed it today. It is leaking water. I guess it wasn't made to withstand 4 gringos. Oh, and mom we don't have a cleaning lady. We have to clean our house. We just have a cook to cook lunches and someone to wash our clothes. So we don't have to worry about people robbing our house.
This week was interesting. I had interviews with President. It was a 3 month checkup. Just to see how we are doing and see if we have any questions. It was good. He has high hopes for me and really thinks highly of me. So it helps me to work harder. After my interview, I went on divisions and went to another area. It was crazy because there was this guy that called us over when we were walking. He was in his car and said that he was a member from Florida that was here working. He seemed really depressed and asked if we could give him a blessing in his car. So we gave him a blessing in his car. It was really weird, but the guy seemed to really need one. The divisions were fun but the next morning there was a ton of confusion and I ended up on a bus to do divisions with the assistants. So I ended up in San Jose two days before President Obama comes to Costa Rica. San Jose was a mess with police and parades everywhere. I was running through parades to find the bus. It was super fun. And then I went with one of the assistants back to my area that afternoon. Crazy but fun.  
The biggest news here is that President Obama came to Costa Rica and he shut down all of Costa Rica. They wanted to cut down traffic in the city, so they announced that nobody was going to work on Friday when Obama came. So everyone went to the beach. It really hurt us this week, also because they had labor day the day before. So this week has been super crazy and everyone was celebrating the arrival of Obama.
Good Job Kendal!! Keep up the good work. Siga adelante y estudie mucho :)
Kylie you are too young to see that movie. Everyone here told me it was ok too. They said it was cool but it wasn't Iron Man and good job on making soccer and gymnastics.
Mom have fun with your new calling. I think you are destined to stay in Young Womens your whole life. And you should go with the missionaries. There is a reason why they are asking you to go. I have been doing push ups and exercises here because with the weather it is hard to run.
I love you guys. We can Skype this Sunday. It will be in the night time around 7 pm here. My comp's family can't do it until later at night so we will do it then. I don't know where yet but we can Skype again and it can only be 30 to 45 min. So think of good questions. And I will use my account like last time. Can't wait to see your faces on Sunday.
Love you and talk to you guys soon.
Pura Vida,
Elder Keysor