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Thursday, May 23, 2013

New Comp & a Baptism

Hola familia,

Well this week was a crazy week. It all started on wednesday morning when we got a phone call about changes. We got changed.  I stayed and my comp got sent off to a new area. So I now have a new companion. He is great. He is Elder Gandara. He is from Mexico and we have the same amount of time in the mission. He entered the MTC the same day but just entered the mission field earlier than me. But he is great. He is 18 years old and a goofball. So we have a lot of fun. That is the crazy part about this week.

But the great part is that we had our baptism last night. M got baptized last night and I was able to baptize her. It was a super cool experience. It started off rough because a member offered to fill up the font so we could work. Well we didn't hear back from the member about the font so we called and called. He fell asleep and let the font overflow. The problem was that the font door was closed and locked and he didn't have keys. He also didn't have keys to the cleaning closet either. So we had to run to the church to clean it and turn off the water. Well we turn off the water but we didn't have keys to the cleaning closet. We called a member, the only member who has keys, and he said that he locked the keys in the cleaning closet. We had to use scissors and cards to pick the lock. Well we picked the lock 30 minutes before the baptism and started to clean super fast. But all the members showed up to us cleaning and it was super embarassing. We had the whole ward helping us clean the floor before the baptism. So that was the funny part.

The best part was the baptism. After settling down, the baptism was great. M was super nervous and shaking uncontrolably. But super excited. It was a great service. We had about 40 members there. The water was ice cold as always. Super cold. But after M came out of the water, she told me that was super hot. This is a common response I hear from people. I think they really feel the spirit super strong. But what is always great is to see the change in happiness. She was always happy but after she was floating in the clouds. But after these events, I am always super happy too. Because I am able to help these people change their lives and help them have a better life. Baptisms are the best! They are always stressfull before but after it is only happiness. I am so grateful for the opportunity I have to help these people progress in Gods plan. It is super fun and I love it. After M came up to me and thanked me for everything I did to help her get to this day. She was crying but tears of joy. It was just a happy day and she had been waiting for this for a long time. Days like this I will never forget. Days like this make the missions worth it.

So that was what happened this week. Still struggling finding new investigators. Contacting in the street and knocking doors, doesn't really work here. But we have received a lot of references. That is where we find a lot of new people. So my comp and I have been trying to find ways to serve the people. The other day, we got invited by a 7 year old girl to go and jump on the trampoline with her. So we went. It was super fun. But the next day, the mom came to us and thanked us for just jumping with her daughter. She said just from that small act we left a spirit in the house. It is always cool to hear that we can really help people through the smallest things. We have received a couple referrals from that. But everything is going great here. Super hot. I heard we are in a draught so that makes things hard. There isn't a lot of water in the country. Oh well. Its part of the mission.

It sounds like everyone is doing great. Kendal is too young to graduate. I read your project. It was really good spanish. But I can't believe you went on vacation to all those places. Kylie is still Kylie and I am still better in soccer. I am gaining a lot of weight. It is because we eat a ton. The members are always feeding us. All they want to do is feed us. It is really nice. I want to go to Mexico. Study your spanish so you don't sound like a gringos. That is cool about Annette. Tell her congrats and ask her about the Domincan. I loved the dominican. Tell everyone Hi. I sent Nana a card today. She should get it soon. I love you guys and miss everyone a ton. Don't do anything stupid. Nos Vemos
Pura Vida,
Elder Keysor

The fotos are from the baptism of me and my comp and M ex boyfriends family. They have been there to support her through everything because her parents don't support her at all. So that was super cool.

M and the family that supported her through it.
Me, M and my new companion.
My old comp and the Zone Leaders.  Guys I live with.
The White House - Costa Rica Presidents offices.

Night sunset.