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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Cleaning house

Hola Familia,

Well another week flew by. Seriously the days are super long here but the weeks fly by. It is crazy. It was a different week for us this week. We had to clean out our investigators list. Nobody was progressing and didn't really care to listen to us. So we dropped a lot of people. After, we were only left with 2 investigators. So we are starting off at zero again. It has been really frustrating and hard to work with nothing. But we are focusing a lot on reactivating less active members. This area is full of them so we went searching for them. We walked about 15 miles a day to find these people and out of like 120 we found 4. So that was fun. But they accepted us and began to listen to us.  We have been working a lot with them and hoping that they will regain the excitement they once had with the church and with this excitement, they could help us in our missionary work. We are still looking for new people to teach but it is tough. We have been trying to work a lot with the members because the best investigators come from references. So that has been another focus of ours. Sunday was interesting because we knew that we didn't have any investigators coming to church but when we got to the church building, a lot of the less active members were there. It was nice to know that even though we couldn't get anyone new to church, we at least brought people to church. So that about sums up our week. A little rough. 

On the bright side, M had her confirmation. She is officially a member of the church of Jesus Christ. So that was exciting. It is always super exciting to help someone progress from the beginning, you get to help them through the whole acceptance process. It is super fun. The cool thing is that she already had her interview with the bishop to enter the temple this week. She already has it planned to visit the temple Thursday with the ward. So that was the best part of this week. 

It is still raining. Everyday. It usually starts around lunch time and continues throughout the day. The biggest news in Heredia, is that Heredia won the championship on Saturday. So Saturday night was a party. The game started at 8 so nobody wanted to listen to us. It is really hard to work on game days. We were able to hear the game all night long. Just by the reactions in the streets, we knew what was going on in the game. The game went into penalty kicks and Heredia won. Heredia went crazy. We could see everyone running to downtown Heredia after the game, fireworks, screaming, honking, and singing all night long. It was really crazy. Heredia has been partying since Saturday night and who knows when it will stop. So that is the big news here and well the volcano eruption, but that was so far from me. It didn't affect us much. 

The stake here is doing a really cool activity for the youth. I think it would be a little tough to do back home but it would be cool. It is an activity to help in the missionary work. The youth are called to be missionaries for a day. This Saturday the youth from the stake go in the morning to the stake center for a mini MTC and then are divided and paired with a fulll time missionary to go out and contact in the street and really be a missionary for a day. It seems pretty cool. In church they called up the youth one by one to give them their calling. The kids are going to be able to experience missionary work for a day. It would be tough at home because there aren't that many missionaries and a ton of youth.

Sounds like everyone is doing great. Of course Kylie got picked to answer questions in the game. Keep up the good work in soccer. Kendal, you are almost done with middle school finish strong. I have been trying to do more exercise. I haven't gained too much weight but I could use the exercise. Mom don't worry I haven't done anything stupid lately. I am trying not to pull any Kendal moments. I miss you guys a lot. I haven't gotten my packages yet but maybe this week. I love you guys. Be good and don't do anything stupid. 

Pura Vida,
Elder Keysor

PS - I heard a cool quote the other day. I don't know who said it but it is good. "Imperfect action is better than perfect inaction" so that is my quote for the week.

This is my week with rain - massive down pours.