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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

No BULL!!! 3-25-13

Hola familia,

So I am going to start off with my dumb Elder Keysor moment for this week. The other day we were walking on the highway coming back from N house. We were walking and there were a couple bulls in front of us. They were eating grass and were really calm. So we kept walking really calmly and everything was fine. We walked about another 20 yards and we heard a lady screaming. There had been two ladies walking behind us and they got scared by the bulls. So one jumped the small fence dividing the dirt path that we were on and the highway. But the other lady started screaming and was running towards us. Well this scared one of the bulls and the bull took off running after her. We saw this lady and the bull coming towards us so we started running too because it was a big bull. We were sprinting and all the cars that passed us were honking and screaming at us and really just laughing at us. After running like 20 yards with this bull chasing us my comp stopped and jumped the fence to get onto the highway. Well it was a better idea than running so I did the same. We stood on the highway watching this lady run past us and the bull behind her. She saw us then jumped over the fence too. The bulls passed on and slowed down and went away. So that is my dumb Elder Keysor moment for the week. Being chased by a bull on the highway. :)

This week has been great for us. We have been working really hard the last couple weeks to gain a good relationship with the members. We already had a good relationship but we wanted them to help us more in the missionary work. So we didn´t teach a ton of lessons this week, instead we went to mutual and all the activities this week. Which included a lot of soccer. But near the end of the week, we saw the benefits of this. We received a lot of references and a lot of the members came to us and asked how they could help us. So that was really cool to see the members want to participate in the missionary work. 

We don't have a ton of investigators but the ones we have are really good. We have been working really hard on the way we teach. President Wilkinson showed us a way that we should teach that is really effective. And the focus is on three things. What the investigator needs to know, feel, and do. If we focus on these three things we are going to have better lessons that are not memorized. So that has been our focus not only in our companionship but also in our district. I have been trying to study and help our district focus more on the feeling part. If the investigator feels the desire or the need to change, they are going to listen and do the invitations we leave them. So that has been a huge part of what we have been working on here. It has been really good too because we have had really powerful lessons with our investigators that focus on their needs. 

The ticos have been pretty mad lately with what happened in the game against the USA. It was funny because we were walking and when the national team plays, it is a ghost town. So we would walk and see the game and at first we thought we were watching hockey. But it didn't make sense that they were watching hockey in Costa Rica. But it is funny because everyone here wants to send complaints saying that it wasn't fair to play in that weather. And really it wasn't. 

My comp received a basketball in a package from his familiy, so we have been playing a lot of basketball to workout. That and soccer. Kylie watch out. So I lose weight from that and from just stepping outside. This week has been so hot. I don´t know how they do it. They say it is like 80 degrees but it feels like 140 degrees. I think tomorrow I am going to try and cook an egg outside. 

Not much has happened since I sent you guys a letter on wednesday. But it sounds like things are going well for you guys. Tell the whole family Hi for me. I miss them. Tell Kendal to say Hi for me but in Spanish. :) Hopefully you guys can see Robert play. That would be really cool. That is cool that the Nords are going to be there with my comps family. My comp thought that was funny. 

But this may be my last full week in this area. I don't know what is going to happen but changes are the following week. So I am going to enjoy every second this week. That is my goal and if I leave, hopefully I will leave it better than when I got here. 

Love you guys a ton and miss everyone. Nos Vemos.

Pura Vida

Elder Keysor