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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

My new area! 4-8-13

Hola Familia,

Well, like you already know, I had changes. It was really sad but I felt like it was time for a change. The members were sad too. I said goodbye to a couple people, not everyone. I wanted to finish my time in that area on a high note. So we worked hard until it was time to sleep. I felt it was more important to work because this is the Lords time not mine. But I did say goodbye to some members. The word spread fast, and we got a lot of phone calls at night from members saying goodbye. So it was a good way to leave. 

My new area is great. I am now in Heredia. I am in the same zone and really just the next city over from where I was. So it isn't a big change. But what is cool is that I am opening up a new area. The missionaries here before split the area, so we have the new part. And it is great. We are really close to the city and the stadium in Heredia, but our area is in the mountains. So we have to hike the mountains to get to our area. It is a very wealthy area. There are a mix of different classes of people but the majority do really well. The members are amazing. We have been focusing on meeting the members. They are super nice and always feeding us. And feeding us a ton. I feel like I have gained five pounds in just 3 days being in my new area. The members always want to help us a ton too. They have taken us around to get to know the area and have offered to go on divisions with us to help us out. Things are going to be great here. We just have to get things going. We have zero investigators on this side. The other elders before only worked on the south side and there was a lot of success. So we have the challenge of strengthening the northern side now. And it is really cold here. Well at night. There is a lot of wind in the mountains so it cools off. It is a nice change from sweating everyday.

My new companion is Elder C. He is from San Diego, CA. He has 14 months in the mission and is great. He has a great work ethic and I feel like we are going to work great together. We also have another companion with us. Elder A. He is from Costa Rica. We are training Elder A until he can get his visa to go serve his mission in Mexico. So he is starting his mission here with us. So we are a trio. It is great and a lot of fun. What was cool was that President came up to us during our changes meeting and said that he put Elder C and I in Heredia because we are two big guns and he wants to see some fireworks. So that was a little pump up talk to get us going. What is tough is that we live with two other Elders in our house. We live with the zone leaders, Elder R and Elder M. So there are 5 in a new house that has absolutely nothing. We have been sleeping on the floor for the past couple days. Today a couple members gave us inflatable mattresses to sleep on. We have nothing. President said that should change soon so we will see what happens. It is tough because there are so many new missionaries, that there are a lot of new houses and new areas. So the mission is running around crazy to find things for missionaries. But it is super fun. Things like this really make the mission fun.

Conference was great. We got to watch it in the church building. But all the gringo missionaries got to watch it cramped in a small room off of the internet in english. But it was great. The talks were really good. I didn't hear Uncle Kevin's name. The list of names was so long that I really didn't pay attention. But that is super cool for him. I really loved the Priesthood session out of all of them. That talk from the 70 about ministering was super good and one of my favorites. I also loved all of Utchdorfs talks and of course Holland. He always speaks so directly. It was a great conference and always super special on the mission. It was a great weekend because of conference and I can't wait to study the talks more later. It is always good to review the talks.

It is super cool that you guys went to see BYU play Santa Clara. It sounds like they really are playing well. It wasn´t surprising to hear that Kendal didn´t want to go to the game. Things haven't changed. Tell the girls to study hard for their tests. Kendal work hard in Spanish. I think it is Alma 26:27. I have it marked in my scriptures. But it is really good it talks about pushing forward in hard times. Spanish is tough but it will be a great blessing in the future. Trust me.

Well I miss you guys. I will have to send pics next week. The internet here is really slow. But I miss you guys and Love you guys a ton.

Pura Vida,
Elder Keysor