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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Getting Transferred... 4-3-13

Hola familia,

Well sorry that the letter this week is late. With changes this week, they changed P day to today. It was last minute so that is why I didn´t say anything. I know mom was dying because I didn´t send a letter on Monday but don't worry everything is amazing. The bad part is that I have changes. I found out this morning that I'm getting transferred and I am fine with it. I heard the news and felt really calm. I feel like it is my time to move on. So yeah that is the big news. I have been packing today and tomorrow I start in my new area.  We´ll see what we do. 

But this week was crazy. I don't know what it is but we are always walking and people come up to us and ask us questions about the church. It is cool. The people have been coming to us. It is great for us because we have found a lot of new people from it. But this past week was a little slow for us. With the Semana Santa everything shuts down. It was like Utah on Sunday but all week long. Nothing was open and nobody was outside. Partly because they were at the beach and it was super super hot. So it was a slow week for us. But we did a lot of service for people in the ward. The best thing we did is go and hand out food to homeless people with the young women. They invited us to join them so we went one morning to hand out food in the city. It was really cool because there are a lot of people that don't have food and we were able to hand out something small to drink and eat. These people were super happy and it was funny because they told all their homeless friends to come and get food too. These people that had nothing were more worried about their friends than themselves. It was super crazy to see. 

What was really cool was to see these young women turn into missionaries. They walked around and gave food but also preached too. These ward is really working on helping people go on missions and it is really cool to see the youth begin to do that. When I got here the members didn't help that much. They loved to feed us but never did the missionary work. But now it is crazy to see the members begin to share the gospel. It is amazing to see the progress in only a couple months. At church the bishop had a box full of book of mormon. And he invited every member to take one and share it with someone that isn´t a member. It was really powerful to see the members go and take a book out of the box. This ward is great and they are now starting to work together with the missionaries. It is super fun. 

Something super cool this week. We called the bishop to see when we could visit him and he said to come to his house that night for a bondfire. So we went and we got there and 3 other members showed up. These 3 members are good friends of mine, so that was super fun to have them there. We didn't do a campfire. Instead the bishop challenged all of us to play in foosball. So we had a foosball tournament. The ticos are addicted to soccer, whether it is outside or inside. It was super crazy and a fun experience to spend time with these people. 

I haven't had any "Kendal" moments this week. But it sounds like Kylie won this week. She should go to the doctor to get that cracked fixed. :) And Kendal wrote in Spanish. She just needs to do the whole letter in spanish now.

That is about all that we have done this week. Things have been slow with the holidays but should pick back up. I really love this area and it is sad that I am leaving. But I know that this area will grow and the members are the key. The people here are great and have been really kind and helpful for me with the start of my mission. I am really grateful for the opportunity to be here and am really excited to start working in my new area too. 

I am super jealous that you guys went to Arizona and went to spring training. It looked super fun and I can't believe that Robert hit 100 that is crazy. He will be great. It is funny that you guys ran into Coach Law too. It looks like he is doing great with the White Sox. I was craving Some Burros the other day. Super Jealous. And Kylie needs to share her autographs with me. 

I saw some cool graffiti the other day. There is a ton here and it said " No cuentan los días, haga que los días cuentan".  I thought it was super cool as it relates a lot to missionary work. It is kinda like my motto right now. 


"don't count the days, make the days count"

Next week I will give details about my new area and send photos too. But I love you guys and miss you guys a ton. Nos Vemos. 

Pura Vida,
Elder Keysor