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Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Hola familia,

So it has stopped raining. It hasn't rained since last week. And it has been super hot again. But it has been freezing cold at nights. I have had to pull out the long pants and sweaters at night.  It is super cold but it is really refreshing too. So that is the weather update from Heredia. 

It has been a bit of a rough couple of weeks. We have been struggling finding new people. We have had days when the appointments have fallen and have been left finding other things to do. It has been rough. But it has been really good for us. I like how you guys wrote a little about faith. Because that has been a huge part of these last couple of weeks. We have had our faith tested. It has been rough but we have kept moving forward. We have been praying a lot and we have seen the blessings from our prayers. It has been a great test for us and we have handled it well. We have still struggled but we have stayed postive. And that is the key. I think baseball has taught me a lot about failure. And this week has been all about that. We have been rejected and made fun of, but we kept walking with a smile on our faces. And we have seen the blessings from that. We have found a few people that are great. The members have been really helpful and have been trying to get references for us. So despite the rough patches, it has been great. We just had to put a lot of trust in the Lord and he will show us the way. So that is where we are right now. Working hard and putting our trust in the Lord. 

Mom thanks for the testimony for M. I will give it to her. She has been progressing really well. This week we had a lesson with her and she was super happy. She has been super happy since she decided to get baptized. She told us that she told her parents that she was getting baptized. We were shocked and a little scared. She said that her family was talking about going on vacation the 18th and 19th of May, but M told them that she couldn´t go. Her parents asked why and if it was something with the church. They don't respect the church at all. M answered that it was something in the church and that on the 19th she is getting baptized. Her parents were furious and pulled out the bible to say that she couldn't get baptized twice and that the Mormons don't believe in Jesus. She responded that she was going to get baptized by someone who has the authroity of god and that the Mormons do believe in Christ. She asked her parents what is the name of the church. They didn't answer and she said that it is the Church of Jesus Christ. She then shared her testimony and her parents were left speechless. When she told us this, we were shocked and super happy for her. She really has a testimony of this gospel and won't let anything stop her from following what she knows to be right. It was super powerful. 

We finally found someone to cook for us and wash our clothes. The best part is that the members want to feed us a ton. To the point that some have invited us to eat breakfast with them during the weeks. It is crazy but everyone cooks so good here. Everything is super delicious. It's the best. 

Today we made a baseball bat out of a used paper towel rolls and a 2 liter soda bottle and a baseball out of duct tape. We are going to go play later. We were playing in the house but it got dangerous. Today we are going to play baseball and some members want to play some basketball too.  It will be a fun day. 

Can't believe Kendal is starting high school. She has to take the bus like me here. We are always walking or on the bus. It is super fun. Kylie, I can't see your videos.  They don't work here for some reason. But I can just picture Kylie like a monkey doing flips. Dad, that sounds like a good lesson in seminary. I am so glad I don't have to wake up for that any more. You guys should watch the video the church did about John Tanner. It is super good. We don't celebrate cinco de Mayo here. It is an american holiday. It really isn't even mexican. But dont worry, I will throw a small party. And I don't know if we can Skype yet. I would assume so but I don't know yet. 

Thanks so much for everything. I love you guys and miss you guys a ton. 

Nos vemos.

I noticed that you guys said there are sisters there now. Are you receiving a lot of sisters?   We are here.

We received pictures from some of the members this week. The first one is from a 10 year old girl that has cancer and the second one is from a 7 year old girl that says we are the best elders in the world. She is always making us stuff.

A little bit more of the area and a head street sign (buzz lightyear).
Our house - not much but home.

Our secret closet full of missionary goodies.