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Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Hola familia,
Well, the new area is amazing. I am in Heredia but not really in the city part. I am in the mountains above the city. It is super beautiful because you can see all of Costa Rica from the tops of the mountains. I have pictures but I didn't bring the adapter to upload them. So you will have to wait another week. Sorry. But this area is super cool. It isn´t really hot and right now, it is raining super hard. The rainy season is beginning. But it is super fun.
The people here are super nice. We go and contact houses and the people invite us to eat. Every single house. They may not want to listen to our message but they always want to feed us. Yesterday, we were hiking in the mountains, and this guy honked at us when he passed by. Farther up the mountain, we saw him at his house and he told us to come over. He asked what our names are and then said in English "You guys walk way to much. Do you want something to eat?" So we sat there talking to him and he came out with coconuts and cut open the tops with a machete. We got to drink the coconut milk and eat the coconut inside. It was really good. We got talking to him and he lived in the states for 10 years and had mormon friends. So we talked to him and then he said that we should write down his number to come by and visit him. He also said that whenever we wanted food, that we could stop by at his house. It was super cool. Everyone here wants to help us. 

The other day we got lost (we get lost everyday, this area is huge and super confusing) looking for some less actives. Well this young man saw that we were lost and asked if he could help us. So he helped us and then we got started talking. He doesn't believe in religion because after Jesus died, everyone changed the doctrine. It was super amazing because he already knew a lot about the church. We have so many contacts like these, it is ridiculous. God just keeps throwing these people in front of us. We ended up contacting Moses one day. We ran into a guy dressed as Moses telling people to repent. He claimed to be a prophet and started talking to us. He believed in the Book of Mormon and everything. He said he would come to church but never showed up. It was a interesting contact.

We eat a ton here. We don't have a cook so we eat at a different members house everyday. Plus we eat at every house that we visit. I feel like a pregnant women at the end of every day. I have started running in the mornings. It was hard to start and still is hard because it is like San Francisco here. Just a ton of streets that go up. If I didn't start working out, I don't think I would make it up the hills. It is crazy how much we eat here. We got this super interesting reference the other day. This guy started living with a couple members so we went to go teach him. He was born in Costa Rica, but he parents didn't want him anymore so they sent him to live with his grandparents in the USA.  He lived in San Jose, CA for 14 years and then moved back here to find his parents. He found them but they still don't want anything with him so he has moved on with his life. So we started talking to him and he really likes what our message is. He came to church the other day and is really progressing. He really has the desire to change. He is a great guy about 28 years old who just messed up a little bit. But he is super nice and really wants to have a better life. And the best part is that he is a SF Giants fan. But right now, he is our best investigator.

Things are great. It sounds like things are great at home. Kylie better share her new baseballs. Kendal keep up the good work in school. Mom study up on Harry Potter. Dad keep running. We both are on the running challenge now. I miss you guys a lot and hope everything is going well at home. Thank you so much for everything that you have done for me. I can really see the blessings from your prayers every single day. Muchas gracias. les amo mucho.
Pura Vida,
Elder Keysor