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Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Hola familia,

So it has stopped raining. It hasn't rained since last week. And it has been super hot again. But it has been freezing cold at nights. I have had to pull out the long pants and sweaters at night.  It is super cold but it is really refreshing too. So that is the weather update from Heredia. 

It has been a bit of a rough couple of weeks. We have been struggling finding new people. We have had days when the appointments have fallen and have been left finding other things to do. It has been rough. But it has been really good for us. I like how you guys wrote a little about faith. Because that has been a huge part of these last couple of weeks. We have had our faith tested. It has been rough but we have kept moving forward. We have been praying a lot and we have seen the blessings from our prayers. It has been a great test for us and we have handled it well. We have still struggled but we have stayed postive. And that is the key. I think baseball has taught me a lot about failure. And this week has been all about that. We have been rejected and made fun of, but we kept walking with a smile on our faces. And we have seen the blessings from that. We have found a few people that are great. The members have been really helpful and have been trying to get references for us. So despite the rough patches, it has been great. We just had to put a lot of trust in the Lord and he will show us the way. So that is where we are right now. Working hard and putting our trust in the Lord. 

Mom thanks for the testimony for M. I will give it to her. She has been progressing really well. This week we had a lesson with her and she was super happy. She has been super happy since she decided to get baptized. She told us that she told her parents that she was getting baptized. We were shocked and a little scared. She said that her family was talking about going on vacation the 18th and 19th of May, but M told them that she couldn´t go. Her parents asked why and if it was something with the church. They don't respect the church at all. M answered that it was something in the church and that on the 19th she is getting baptized. Her parents were furious and pulled out the bible to say that she couldn't get baptized twice and that the Mormons don't believe in Jesus. She responded that she was going to get baptized by someone who has the authroity of god and that the Mormons do believe in Christ. She asked her parents what is the name of the church. They didn't answer and she said that it is the Church of Jesus Christ. She then shared her testimony and her parents were left speechless. When she told us this, we were shocked and super happy for her. She really has a testimony of this gospel and won't let anything stop her from following what she knows to be right. It was super powerful. 

We finally found someone to cook for us and wash our clothes. The best part is that the members want to feed us a ton. To the point that some have invited us to eat breakfast with them during the weeks. It is crazy but everyone cooks so good here. Everything is super delicious. It's the best. 

Today we made a baseball bat out of a used paper towel rolls and a 2 liter soda bottle and a baseball out of duct tape. We are going to go play later. We were playing in the house but it got dangerous. Today we are going to play baseball and some members want to play some basketball too.  It will be a fun day. 

Can't believe Kendal is starting high school. She has to take the bus like me here. We are always walking or on the bus. It is super fun. Kylie, I can't see your videos.  They don't work here for some reason. But I can just picture Kylie like a monkey doing flips. Dad, that sounds like a good lesson in seminary. I am so glad I don't have to wake up for that any more. You guys should watch the video the church did about John Tanner. It is super good. We don't celebrate cinco de Mayo here. It is an american holiday. It really isn't even mexican. But dont worry, I will throw a small party. And I don't know if we can Skype yet. I would assume so but I don't know yet. 

Thanks so much for everything. I love you guys and miss you guys a ton. 

Nos vemos.

I noticed that you guys said there are sisters there now. Are you receiving a lot of sisters?   We are here.

We received pictures from some of the members this week. The first one is from a 10 year old girl that has cancer and the second one is from a 7 year old girl that says we are the best elders in the world. She is always making us stuff.

A little bit more of the area and a head street sign (buzz lightyear).
Our house - not much but home.

Our secret closet full of missionary goodies.

Get the umbrellas out

Hola Familia,

Well to start off, the winter season is starting here. Which means rain, a ton of rain. I had to buy another umbrella because they just get destroyed here. We walked in knee deep rain today. I felt like I was swimming but it was so much fun. Until we got out of the water and were completely soaked. So the rain is coming and it is coming hard. We have been splashed by cars driving by us. It is super fun. It just makes us laugh.

This week was an interesting week. It wasn't as good as last week but it was really good. Not every week is going to be perfect, we just have to keep moving forward. This week was super powerful because of a new investigator we have. Her name is M. She is 19 years old and is the ex-girlfriend of a guy that just left on his mission. She really likes the atmosphere in the church but is fascinated with the temples. She came to church last week and said she would like to know more. She has already read half of the Book of Mormon. So she is super prepared. We went and taught her this week and it was very powerful. We watched a movie about the temples and asked her if she would like to enter the temple. She said yes and we said she needs to get baptized to enter the temple. 

We invited her to be baptized and she said yes but didn't know when because of her parents. This part was crazy. Her parents are super catholic and when they heard that she was listening to the missionaries, they started crying. Crying because they felt like their daughter is betraying them. She wants to do what is right and she wants to find God but she doesn't want to go against her parents. Her parents have never been emotional and now they are crying and trying to find ways to get their daughter back. 

M was crying when she told us this and it was crazy because I thought of you, Mom. When she was telling us this, I could picture Mom in her shoes. I heard this same thing happened to mom when she made the decision to baptized. It was super powerful because I was able to tell her that everything was going to be alright. I felt the spirit super strong when I told her about mom's experience with making this decision. It was crazy because I was crying with her because I knew that it would be alright that she could be baptized and that it would be a blessing for her in her life and the lives of her parents. She just needs to put her trust in the Lord. Well we had this lesson and she agreed to pray to know what to do. 

But the best part of this story happens on Sunday. Yesterday at church, she showed up alone with the biggest smile of her face. She was glowing and after church she came up to us and said that she wants to get baptized May 19th. It was crazy. So now we have our first baptism planned in this new area. She understands that from this time forward, it won't be easy. It will just get harder. So I was wondering if Mom could right her testimony and some advice or something. I will translate it and give it to her. I feel like it would be good for her to get support from someone who went through the same things. Thanks Mom. 

So that is about all that happened this week, rain and M. But it was a great week. My comp and I are great. We talk to much english but the problem is that in this area, everyone speaks English. I have had a ton of lessons in English. It is crazy. Here everyone works in call centers and businesses where english is necessary. So that is hard. Plus we live 4 gringos in an apartment. We have beds now and everything. So don't worry mom. 

Oh yeah, I used a machete this week :). We went and did service for a member and went to clean up their yard. So I got to use a lawn mower and a machete to clean the hedges. It was so much fun. When I get back, I will do the same at home. It is a lot of fun. But the family was so happy that on Sunday, the husband was crying and hugging us. He didn't know we did it. He came home from work and we had cleaned up the whole house. So that was super fun. I love helping the people here in anyway I can. 

Today is 8 months in the mission. I have learned a lot. I have learned things spiritually and I have also learned a language. But I think the biggest thing, is that I have gained an eternal perspective of things. Looking back, I didn't think about things eternally. And I hope from now on, I will think about things more. I have been thinking a lot about what I want to do in life and I really don't know. I don't know if I want to study sports medicine anymore. I am really confused. But I have time to figure that out later. The biggest thing I have learned so far, is eternal perspective. 

Sounds like the fam is doing great. Kendal still being Kendal. Keep studying hard and staying away from boys. Kylie es loca. That was some crazy hair. Mom, I love you and thank you for always worrying about me. Dad, it is hard to work out in the mornings here. But I need to do it. We are in this together. Love all you guys and miss you guys. I will also try to send photos. Nos Vemos

Pura Vida,
Elder Keysor

Also I saw that Bryce Harper has weird hair again. There was a guy watching baseball the other day. And the Jonas Brothers are back. What is going on in the world?

You can see at ton of Costa Rica because we are in the mountains. You can even see San Jose.
They have weird masks all over this area. 
They are famous for having crazy mask parties here.
This are my comps. Elder A in the middle and Elder C.
Elder A left for Mexico this week so it is just the two gringos.
 We were doing yoga last week with our ward mission leader. It hurt. 
 View from the top of the mountain.
Sunset last night. Super beautiful. 
A fruit here. They call it Mucos which means "boogers" in english.
It is super slimy and sweet.  I'm sorry I ate boogers :)

Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Hola familia,
Well, the new area is amazing. I am in Heredia but not really in the city part. I am in the mountains above the city. It is super beautiful because you can see all of Costa Rica from the tops of the mountains. I have pictures but I didn't bring the adapter to upload them. So you will have to wait another week. Sorry. But this area is super cool. It isn´t really hot and right now, it is raining super hard. The rainy season is beginning. But it is super fun.
The people here are super nice. We go and contact houses and the people invite us to eat. Every single house. They may not want to listen to our message but they always want to feed us. Yesterday, we were hiking in the mountains, and this guy honked at us when he passed by. Farther up the mountain, we saw him at his house and he told us to come over. He asked what our names are and then said in English "You guys walk way to much. Do you want something to eat?" So we sat there talking to him and he came out with coconuts and cut open the tops with a machete. We got to drink the coconut milk and eat the coconut inside. It was really good. We got talking to him and he lived in the states for 10 years and had mormon friends. So we talked to him and then he said that we should write down his number to come by and visit him. He also said that whenever we wanted food, that we could stop by at his house. It was super cool. Everyone here wants to help us. 

The other day we got lost (we get lost everyday, this area is huge and super confusing) looking for some less actives. Well this young man saw that we were lost and asked if he could help us. So he helped us and then we got started talking. He doesn't believe in religion because after Jesus died, everyone changed the doctrine. It was super amazing because he already knew a lot about the church. We have so many contacts like these, it is ridiculous. God just keeps throwing these people in front of us. We ended up contacting Moses one day. We ran into a guy dressed as Moses telling people to repent. He claimed to be a prophet and started talking to us. He believed in the Book of Mormon and everything. He said he would come to church but never showed up. It was a interesting contact.

We eat a ton here. We don't have a cook so we eat at a different members house everyday. Plus we eat at every house that we visit. I feel like a pregnant women at the end of every day. I have started running in the mornings. It was hard to start and still is hard because it is like San Francisco here. Just a ton of streets that go up. If I didn't start working out, I don't think I would make it up the hills. It is crazy how much we eat here. We got this super interesting reference the other day. This guy started living with a couple members so we went to go teach him. He was born in Costa Rica, but he parents didn't want him anymore so they sent him to live with his grandparents in the USA.  He lived in San Jose, CA for 14 years and then moved back here to find his parents. He found them but they still don't want anything with him so he has moved on with his life. So we started talking to him and he really likes what our message is. He came to church the other day and is really progressing. He really has the desire to change. He is a great guy about 28 years old who just messed up a little bit. But he is super nice and really wants to have a better life. And the best part is that he is a SF Giants fan. But right now, he is our best investigator.

Things are great. It sounds like things are great at home. Kylie better share her new baseballs. Kendal keep up the good work in school. Mom study up on Harry Potter. Dad keep running. We both are on the running challenge now. I miss you guys a lot and hope everything is going well at home. Thank you so much for everything that you have done for me. I can really see the blessings from your prayers every single day. Muchas gracias. les amo mucho.
Pura Vida,
Elder Keysor

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

My new area! 4-8-13

Hola Familia,

Well, like you already know, I had changes. It was really sad but I felt like it was time for a change. The members were sad too. I said goodbye to a couple people, not everyone. I wanted to finish my time in that area on a high note. So we worked hard until it was time to sleep. I felt it was more important to work because this is the Lords time not mine. But I did say goodbye to some members. The word spread fast, and we got a lot of phone calls at night from members saying goodbye. So it was a good way to leave. 

My new area is great. I am now in Heredia. I am in the same zone and really just the next city over from where I was. So it isn't a big change. But what is cool is that I am opening up a new area. The missionaries here before split the area, so we have the new part. And it is great. We are really close to the city and the stadium in Heredia, but our area is in the mountains. So we have to hike the mountains to get to our area. It is a very wealthy area. There are a mix of different classes of people but the majority do really well. The members are amazing. We have been focusing on meeting the members. They are super nice and always feeding us. And feeding us a ton. I feel like I have gained five pounds in just 3 days being in my new area. The members always want to help us a ton too. They have taken us around to get to know the area and have offered to go on divisions with us to help us out. Things are going to be great here. We just have to get things going. We have zero investigators on this side. The other elders before only worked on the south side and there was a lot of success. So we have the challenge of strengthening the northern side now. And it is really cold here. Well at night. There is a lot of wind in the mountains so it cools off. It is a nice change from sweating everyday.

My new companion is Elder C. He is from San Diego, CA. He has 14 months in the mission and is great. He has a great work ethic and I feel like we are going to work great together. We also have another companion with us. Elder A. He is from Costa Rica. We are training Elder A until he can get his visa to go serve his mission in Mexico. So he is starting his mission here with us. So we are a trio. It is great and a lot of fun. What was cool was that President came up to us during our changes meeting and said that he put Elder C and I in Heredia because we are two big guns and he wants to see some fireworks. So that was a little pump up talk to get us going. What is tough is that we live with two other Elders in our house. We live with the zone leaders, Elder R and Elder M. So there are 5 in a new house that has absolutely nothing. We have been sleeping on the floor for the past couple days. Today a couple members gave us inflatable mattresses to sleep on. We have nothing. President said that should change soon so we will see what happens. It is tough because there are so many new missionaries, that there are a lot of new houses and new areas. So the mission is running around crazy to find things for missionaries. But it is super fun. Things like this really make the mission fun.

Conference was great. We got to watch it in the church building. But all the gringo missionaries got to watch it cramped in a small room off of the internet in english. But it was great. The talks were really good. I didn't hear Uncle Kevin's name. The list of names was so long that I really didn't pay attention. But that is super cool for him. I really loved the Priesthood session out of all of them. That talk from the 70 about ministering was super good and one of my favorites. I also loved all of Utchdorfs talks and of course Holland. He always speaks so directly. It was a great conference and always super special on the mission. It was a great weekend because of conference and I can't wait to study the talks more later. It is always good to review the talks.

It is super cool that you guys went to see BYU play Santa Clara. It sounds like they really are playing well. It wasn´t surprising to hear that Kendal didn´t want to go to the game. Things haven't changed. Tell the girls to study hard for their tests. Kendal work hard in Spanish. I think it is Alma 26:27. I have it marked in my scriptures. But it is really good it talks about pushing forward in hard times. Spanish is tough but it will be a great blessing in the future. Trust me.

Well I miss you guys. I will have to send pics next week. The internet here is really slow. But I miss you guys and Love you guys a ton.

Pura Vida,
Elder Keysor

Getting Transferred... 4-3-13

Hola familia,

Well sorry that the letter this week is late. With changes this week, they changed P day to today. It was last minute so that is why I didn´t say anything. I know mom was dying because I didn´t send a letter on Monday but don't worry everything is amazing. The bad part is that I have changes. I found out this morning that I'm getting transferred and I am fine with it. I heard the news and felt really calm. I feel like it is my time to move on. So yeah that is the big news. I have been packing today and tomorrow I start in my new area.  We´ll see what we do. 

But this week was crazy. I don't know what it is but we are always walking and people come up to us and ask us questions about the church. It is cool. The people have been coming to us. It is great for us because we have found a lot of new people from it. But this past week was a little slow for us. With the Semana Santa everything shuts down. It was like Utah on Sunday but all week long. Nothing was open and nobody was outside. Partly because they were at the beach and it was super super hot. So it was a slow week for us. But we did a lot of service for people in the ward. The best thing we did is go and hand out food to homeless people with the young women. They invited us to join them so we went one morning to hand out food in the city. It was really cool because there are a lot of people that don't have food and we were able to hand out something small to drink and eat. These people were super happy and it was funny because they told all their homeless friends to come and get food too. These people that had nothing were more worried about their friends than themselves. It was super crazy to see. 

What was really cool was to see these young women turn into missionaries. They walked around and gave food but also preached too. These ward is really working on helping people go on missions and it is really cool to see the youth begin to do that. When I got here the members didn't help that much. They loved to feed us but never did the missionary work. But now it is crazy to see the members begin to share the gospel. It is amazing to see the progress in only a couple months. At church the bishop had a box full of book of mormon. And he invited every member to take one and share it with someone that isn´t a member. It was really powerful to see the members go and take a book out of the box. This ward is great and they are now starting to work together with the missionaries. It is super fun. 

Something super cool this week. We called the bishop to see when we could visit him and he said to come to his house that night for a bondfire. So we went and we got there and 3 other members showed up. These 3 members are good friends of mine, so that was super fun to have them there. We didn't do a campfire. Instead the bishop challenged all of us to play in foosball. So we had a foosball tournament. The ticos are addicted to soccer, whether it is outside or inside. It was super crazy and a fun experience to spend time with these people. 

I haven't had any "Kendal" moments this week. But it sounds like Kylie won this week. She should go to the doctor to get that cracked fixed. :) And Kendal wrote in Spanish. She just needs to do the whole letter in spanish now.

That is about all that we have done this week. Things have been slow with the holidays but should pick back up. I really love this area and it is sad that I am leaving. But I know that this area will grow and the members are the key. The people here are great and have been really kind and helpful for me with the start of my mission. I am really grateful for the opportunity to be here and am really excited to start working in my new area too. 

I am super jealous that you guys went to Arizona and went to spring training. It looked super fun and I can't believe that Robert hit 100 that is crazy. He will be great. It is funny that you guys ran into Coach Law too. It looks like he is doing great with the White Sox. I was craving Some Burros the other day. Super Jealous. And Kylie needs to share her autographs with me. 

I saw some cool graffiti the other day. There is a ton here and it said " No cuentan los días, haga que los días cuentan".  I thought it was super cool as it relates a lot to missionary work. It is kinda like my motto right now. 


"don't count the days, make the days count"

Next week I will give details about my new area and send photos too. But I love you guys and miss you guys a ton. Nos Vemos. 

Pura Vida,
Elder Keysor

No BULL!!! 3-25-13

Hola familia,

So I am going to start off with my dumb Elder Keysor moment for this week. The other day we were walking on the highway coming back from N house. We were walking and there were a couple bulls in front of us. They were eating grass and were really calm. So we kept walking really calmly and everything was fine. We walked about another 20 yards and we heard a lady screaming. There had been two ladies walking behind us and they got scared by the bulls. So one jumped the small fence dividing the dirt path that we were on and the highway. But the other lady started screaming and was running towards us. Well this scared one of the bulls and the bull took off running after her. We saw this lady and the bull coming towards us so we started running too because it was a big bull. We were sprinting and all the cars that passed us were honking and screaming at us and really just laughing at us. After running like 20 yards with this bull chasing us my comp stopped and jumped the fence to get onto the highway. Well it was a better idea than running so I did the same. We stood on the highway watching this lady run past us and the bull behind her. She saw us then jumped over the fence too. The bulls passed on and slowed down and went away. So that is my dumb Elder Keysor moment for the week. Being chased by a bull on the highway. :)

This week has been great for us. We have been working really hard the last couple weeks to gain a good relationship with the members. We already had a good relationship but we wanted them to help us more in the missionary work. So we didn´t teach a ton of lessons this week, instead we went to mutual and all the activities this week. Which included a lot of soccer. But near the end of the week, we saw the benefits of this. We received a lot of references and a lot of the members came to us and asked how they could help us. So that was really cool to see the members want to participate in the missionary work. 

We don't have a ton of investigators but the ones we have are really good. We have been working really hard on the way we teach. President Wilkinson showed us a way that we should teach that is really effective. And the focus is on three things. What the investigator needs to know, feel, and do. If we focus on these three things we are going to have better lessons that are not memorized. So that has been our focus not only in our companionship but also in our district. I have been trying to study and help our district focus more on the feeling part. If the investigator feels the desire or the need to change, they are going to listen and do the invitations we leave them. So that has been a huge part of what we have been working on here. It has been really good too because we have had really powerful lessons with our investigators that focus on their needs. 

The ticos have been pretty mad lately with what happened in the game against the USA. It was funny because we were walking and when the national team plays, it is a ghost town. So we would walk and see the game and at first we thought we were watching hockey. But it didn't make sense that they were watching hockey in Costa Rica. But it is funny because everyone here wants to send complaints saying that it wasn't fair to play in that weather. And really it wasn't. 

My comp received a basketball in a package from his familiy, so we have been playing a lot of basketball to workout. That and soccer. Kylie watch out. So I lose weight from that and from just stepping outside. This week has been so hot. I don´t know how they do it. They say it is like 80 degrees but it feels like 140 degrees. I think tomorrow I am going to try and cook an egg outside. 

Not much has happened since I sent you guys a letter on wednesday. But it sounds like things are going well for you guys. Tell the whole family Hi for me. I miss them. Tell Kendal to say Hi for me but in Spanish. :) Hopefully you guys can see Robert play. That would be really cool. That is cool that the Nords are going to be there with my comps family. My comp thought that was funny. 

But this may be my last full week in this area. I don't know what is going to happen but changes are the following week. So I am going to enjoy every second this week. That is my goal and if I leave, hopefully I will leave it better than when I got here. 

Love you guys a ton and miss everyone. Nos Vemos.

Pura Vida

Elder Keysor

It is really HOT here! 3-20-13

Hola familia,

How is everything going? I totally forgot that it was St Patricks Day. They don't celebrate it here so I didn´t even think about it. But this week has been super super super super super hot. Everyday is getting worse and worse. The worse part is that everyone keeps telling me that it is going to get worse next week. I am not ready for this. I seriously can feel the pounds falling off me each day. It is so hot. Last night was mutual, and yes we still play soccer. It is fun. The members love playing with us and every once in a while they bring friends that we can teach. Yesterday was one of those days when we received references from playing soccer. But it was so hot last night that my clothes were stuck to my skin afterwards. I believe that I would rather be in Arizona. Arizona seems so cold in comparison to here. 

Well yeah it is hot but this week was great for us. We had the confirmation of N on Sunday. After she was confirmed a member of the church and received the Holy Ghost, she started to cry. It was so powerful that she didn't stop smiling the whole 3 hours of church. It was super cool to see the spirit acting in her. We also have been working a lot with her daughter. Her daughter came to her baptism and also felt the spirit super strong. So this week we went to visit her. She had a lot of questions but all her questions were ways to change the topic. She drinks a lot of coffee and she said not being able too was a dumb commandment. So I asked her "Do you believe in the 10 commandments?" she said yes and then I asked why and she said because Moses received revelation from God. Then I justified that Joseph Smith was a prophet just like Moses and she was speechless. Things started to click for her. We left her with the challenge to read and pray. We also invited her to be baptized and she said no but it was only out of fear. She knows she needs to get baptized. So we are working with her on that. That was a super powerful lesson that we had this week. 

This week we were walking and I had the feeling that we shoud visit some investigators. These investigators, J and K, are not married and have a daughter. J is 26 yrs old and K is 17. They wanted to get baptized but have to wait till K is 18 because the parents won't sign the papers for the marriage. So we went to vist and K was there crying. She had told us that J and her were not getting along and they are now separated.  It was a good thing that we went to visit her because we were able to help her during this rough time. We went to go visit her the next day at the house of her parents. She moved back with her parents and was a ton happier. She had all these new goals. Study, get a job and get baptized. When she said that, we invited her to get baptized and she said yes. So we are planning a baptism for the end of this month. She is so happy now and things are really going well with her.

So this week has been great. These are just some small examples of what is going on with us. We also went to the temple today. The temple is so much fun. I always feel so calm and peaceful after going through the temple. So that was a fun experience today.

I miss you guys a lot. I am jealous that you guys get to go to Some Burros. I have been craving it this week. Kendal should try out track and cross country and also do chorus. She likes to sing. Why not? But she should really think about it. She will be fine in high school. She is a big girl now mom. Dont worry about her. I watched her I am a mormon video. You don't have to worry about her. She has good standards and knows what is right. She is a great young women and a great daughter of our Heavenly Father. 

Kylie on the other hand is crazy. Just kidding. But really stop taking weird pictures with bunnies in Safeway. :) But I loved the picture. Work hard in school kylie and watch out. I am going to come back and be better than you in soccer. So you better start practicing. 

My bishop here told me that the world baseball classic was in San Francisco. I hope you guys went to it. That's super cool. Also this friday, Costa Rica is playing the USA in soccer. You guys should watch it. Everyone is talking smack here and we can't even watch the game. 

I love you guys a ton and miss you guys. Be safe and don't do anything dumb. Thank you for everything you have done for me. Love you guys. 

Pura Vida,
Elder Keysor

Baptism of N.

N and her sister and daughter.

Ran into my MTC comp at Temple.