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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Wow - Already 6 months and 4 months in Costa Rica -

Hola familia,
This week went by really fast. It is crazy how fast the times goes here. I didn't realize it,  but this week I completed 6 months in the mission, 4 months here in Costa Rica. Crazy. but it has been great. We had a good week, not as great as last week, but there were still good things. There are always good things to focus on each week. We weren´t able to teach our reference because she was sick,  but we are going to teach her a lot this week and hopefully we can still have the baptism this Sunday.

Yesterday we went to teach an investigator that we have been teaching for a while and we are just waiting for his answer now. We asked him to think about everything good that has happened to him during his time investigating. The spirit was so strong and he really thought hard about his experiences. But he wanted to receive something stronger to convince him. So we shared Alma 30:43-44. It kinda made him think. At this point the spirit was so strong and everyone felt it including his girlfriend. So we challenged him to baptism and we asked him to pray with us right then for an answer. We felt like it was the right thing to do but the funny thing was that after the prayed the spirit left. We don't know why but it left. After this lesson, we were thinking and we felt like this was still the right lesson to teach him but this still isn't his time, maybe another week. We feel that this this lesson was just to help him progress. We will see what happens.

This week we had changes. My comp and I are still together, but what happened is that I got called to District Leader. I am now District Leader over the the two areas in my ward and the missionaries in Belen. The district now is mostly sister missionaries. Only me and my comp are Elders the other 4 are Sisters. So this will be interesting.  I am going to learn a lot from this new position.

Things are going great with Spanish. My problem isn't Spanish anymore. My problem is English. I really can't speak English. We are teaching English classes and I am supposed to teach, but it is so hard for me and can be funny and frustrating sometimes. But I know that it is a good sign that I really am submerged in Spanish.

Well, I hope everything is going well at home. Kendal keep fighting in Spanish. It is hard but pray and study hard. But really be patient. It will come with time. Don't get angry, just keep moving forward. Kylie do more homework - ha ha

I love you guys a lot.  I have seen miracles through this gospel. Anything is possible with this gospel. Dad I would love to see the video you made. I have been working hard here to push people to serve missions. It has been great. We now have 9 people preparing to serve missions. It is really something special.

Well,  I love you guys and miss you guys a lot. Hope everything is going great for you guys.
Pura vida,
Elder Keysor

We went to see waterfall for P-Day

Same waterfall

Visit to waterfall on P-Day with sisters and ward members

Me and ward mission leader

Missionary activity

Outside on P-Day - me, comp and ward members

The ward mission leader, my comp and me

Me by the waterfall