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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Finding People to Teach

Hola familia,

So this week has been really hard. Since we had the baptism of U-- and his family, we pretty much have only a few investigators. I can pretty much count all of them on one hand. We have been working hard to find new people and strengthen the ones that we have. We have been knocking on a lot of doors. My comp and I try to make games out of it because nobody likes to knock doors. It has been fun and we really have met a lot of people. We pretty much try to talk to everyone we see. We also have been trying to get references from the members and we have really been working on strengthening the families first, and this has been a great experience. We only go to the area with the restuarant once a week because it is really far and there is only one member family there. This last week we went to share something with this family and with their son because he isn't active. When we first went, the son was there and we shared some things with him. It was really great because he was able to understand the scriptures and he began to act out the scriptures or at least his interpretation of them. He was really impacted by the spirit. The second time we went he wasn't there but the mom was and she was really happy that we were trying to work with her son. It has been really hard for her to see her son fall away but she has a lot of faith that he will come back. I don´t know why, but I really enjoy helping the member families. I think it is because I like to see their testimonies strengthen everyday. I also have been helping the future missionaries as well. They come with us some days and we practice the things to help them prepare for their mission. Everyday someone new says they want to serve.  It is really is cool to see people want to serve the Lord. 

We have had a tough week with our investigators too. One of our investigators is super close to baptism. He believes everything but can´t reconize that he has received his answer. It is so hard because we can see it and his girlfriend can see it. But he can´t. So this week we are going to help him recognize his answer and hopefully after this we will have a baptism. The zone leaders came with us to teach him and said he is ready that we just need to show him his answer. So that is what we are working on. Means we have to study a lot more. 

This week has been really hot. The hottest that it has been since I have been here. I can seriously feel myself sweating off pounds. This week and the last couple weeks have really been testimony builders. I know that I don´t share my testimony with you guys that much.  But every week there is something that helps grow my testimony. These last couple weeks have been tough.  We are opening up a new area.  Every night before I go to bed, I try to focus on on the good stuff that happens during the week and forget about the bad stuff.  Really the best thing for me right now is putting my confidence in the Lord. There are times when I have no idea what I am doing but the Lord does and he knows what I need to do. So lately I have been thinking and praying a lot to receive the knowledge that I need. And I really have received a lot. This is the Lords work and it is his time not mine. There are a lot of scriptures that have helped me through these last couple of weeks. But the most powerful scripture is in D&C 24: 8 (I think, it is 8 or 9). But it pretty much says "Be patient in your afflictions, because you will have a lot, but I will also be with you" And I know this to be true. Every time that I read this, I feel a burden lifted off my shoulders and the energy to keep moving forward. In the little time I have here, I really have a testimony of this work and the Book of Mormon. It really is the word of God. Through this book, everyone can come closer to Christ and really feel his love for everyone of his children. I have seen this gospel change lives and my life too. There is power in this gospel and it is the gospel of Jesus Christ restored through Joseph Smith. The mission is the greatest decision I have made in my life. I only have been here a few months but they have been the hardest but the best months of my life. I can´t wait to see what is in store for me during the rest of my mission. 

Besides that, the language is becoming a piece of cake. I can speak it well now.  Don´t understand every word, but I am comfortable speaking. It really isn´t a problem for me right now. It is really funny because my mind is in Spanish. I can´t speak English anymore. I can´t remember words and it is actually easier to speak in Spanish now. Every night when I call the district leader, we start in English but we end up speaking Spanish because it is a lot easier. My head hurts when I speak English. 

I don´t know if I am losing any more weight or not. I just eat whatever is put in front of me. My comp makes fun of me because I eat like the ticos now. Everyday for breakfast, I buy a baguete and natilla. It is the typical tico breakfast. He thinks I am weird for that but it is normal for me. 

So that is my week. Not much to say, hopefully I will have more stories in the upcoming weeks.  I love the mission and always will. I love you guys and miss you guys a ton. Nos vemos.

Pura Vida,
Elder Keysor