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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

An Amazing Week

Hola familia,

This week really was amazing. So as you know the last couple weeks had been hard for us. But we just kept moving forward. So this week it was super hot. I have been dying here. I can seriously feel the pounds falling off me. It is so hot!  But Tuesday was a great surprise. We left after lunch to walk really far (like always) and we taught a lesson with a new investigator we found. He is very good but works on Sundays so he can´t get to church. After the lesson, the sky got really dark. My comp said it was going to rain and I said "no" it is too hot and it isn't the rainy season. So we started walking, 15 min later it started to pour and seriously pour. We started running because we didn´t bring umbrellas. We ended up running to the church to find cover and we were hoping that it would slow down but it didn´t. So we ran to the house to get our umbrellas. We were soaked and when we left the house the rain stopped. It was the only rainy day this week. After that it has been hot as normal,  but the rain was refreshing. 

This week has been great. On Wednesday, we received a phone call from our District Leader saying that we had a reference. The reference was from the church offices in Salt Lake. We were shocked. This almost never happens. It is like "Charlie finding a Golden Ticket" in a Wonka Bar. We were shocked too because this reference was from a year ago. So we called the reference and she was really excited to hear from us. She had visited her sister, who is a member in Utah, last year and they went and visited all the historical sites in Utah. She really liked what she saw and gave her address to the missionaries. Right now her nephew just entered the mission in Brazil. We thought she is going to be a great investigator. We planned on visiting her on Saturday. Well,  Friday night we received a phone call from Utah. I answered it and it was the sister of the reference we received. She had told us that she is really excited that we are going to teach her sister the next day. She told us that she is the only member in her family and she has been waiting for this day all her life. It was a really amazing experience to talk to this lady on the phone and hear her crying tears of joy because we are doing something very special. I had the opportunity to talk to the whole family and they were really grateful for us to visit her the next day. They even said that their son in Brazil was really excited and hoped that we could help his aunt. It was an amazing experience that I will never forget. I really began to understand how important this work is. I always knew that it was important,  but I got to see it from another perspective. But what made it special was that I was able to relate it to our family.  I could understand how this sister felt because I could picture her as mom finding out that someone in her family is going to receive the missionaries.  When I put it in the perspective of our family, I felt the spirit so strong and really had the desires to help this family.

So the following day we went to visit the reference. We ended up walking 4 hours to find the house because it is really far in our area. It was a journey that really was worth it. We got to the house and she was ready to listen to us. We got to know her a little bit and started to teach her.  It was an amazing experience.  In the end of the lesson I had the strong impression to invite her to be baptized the 3rd of march. So I did it and it was the most powerful moment of the lesson. She accepted the date and said that she accepted it because her sister from Utah is going to be visiting this weekend and it would be a great surprise for her. I had no idea that the sister was coming that day but it really was a sign that the spirit was talking to us and this lady really had been prepared to accept us. Like it says in Alma, that there are angels preparing people to listen to the word of God, we just have to find them. This lady really was prepared, it was amazing. But really what made it the greatest experience of my mission, is that I was able to picture this lady as my family and how great it would be to have the missionaries teach someone in our family.  This is something that I will never forget.

Well the walk back was crazy. We had walked the farthest that we have ever walked to find this reference. 13 miles thanks to my new pedometer that Dad sent me. We had to return playing "frogger" with cars on the highway. It was really fun because we were on a "spiritual high" from the lesson we just had and what amazed me was that we weren't tired at all. Almost always we are tired from walking 5 miles but this day we walked the most ever and we weren't even tired. And while we were walking I though of the scripture in Isaiah 40:31, that says the people that put their faith in the Lord, will have the strength that they need. This day was a huge testimony builder and a day that really changed the way that I look at missionary work. Plus, it also was a sign that things are changing for us. We kept moving forward when times got rough and now we are starting to see the results of our hard work. 

I got my packages this week. I love them. I like the miniature games. I love you guys so much. There are times when I wish you guys could see what I am doing. Like I always say, the mission is the greatest decision of my life and it is great to hear that there are a lot of missionaries preparing to serve in our stake. This is amazing because the mission is amazing. It really is the best 2 years of your life and I want to encourage all the people who are thinking about serving to go. Just do it! You will never regret it. It will be tough, but the good moments will last forever. That is my invitation for everyone. Serve a mission. It really is the greatest thing someone can do. 

It sounds like things are going great at home. I miss you guys a ton and love you guys with all my heart. Nos Vemos.

Pura Vida,
Elder Keysor

PS some photos we went to the stadium last week with Daniel a member who is getting ready to serve and Elder P-- says thanks for the packages too :)

During rain storm

At soccer stadium with my missionary companion

Rain storm - we are soaked.

With member

Getting ready to cross the road - "Frogger style"