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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

A Busy Week

Hola familia,

This week has been insane. We had to do so much stuff and it was just insane. This week we had been planning on having a baptism for the family of U--. U-- is a great guy and was completely ready to be baptized and so were 3 of his 6 kids. The other 3 kids are too young to be baptized. But the mom wasn´t ready. We have been trying to find her all week to help her be ready but she was never in the house. She has begun to question things and it makes it hard for U-- to see his wife think like that. So this week has been trying to get them ready. We have been running around everywhere to get them ready. We even had to borrow baptism clothes from the temple because we didn´t have clothes for the little kids. But we got the kids and U-- ready to be baptized this Saturday. We are going to continue to teach the mom and hopefully over time she can get baptized. 

So we had the baptism Saturday. Elder S-- was coming down to see the baptism and lunch Saturday and we got a phone call from the assistants. They asked us when the baptism was, we told them when and then they said that the mission president was going to be at our baptism. And this scared me a ton. It was my first baptism that I had to put together and also nobody from the bishopric was going to be able to attend. And to top it off President was coming. So we freaked out and started cleaning the church getting everything ready. We ran to every house of members to invite them to the baptism. It was crazy. I was so stressed out. 

We started the baptism at 6 and it was a baptism to remember. We had good attendance. But the best part was when the kids went to get baptized. Elder P-- baptized U-- and then Elder S-- went to baptize the two girls. The kids were so scared. They had fear of the water. They wouldn´t go under the water. It was so funny but I couldn´t laugh because they were totally terrified. After 10 min of working with them, they finally went in the water. I got the opportunity to baptise the son. He was so scared too. But I told him it would be fast and afterwards he got out of the water and said "Que rico" it made me laugh. But after the baptisms, the kids didn´t want to get out of the water. It was a really great baptism.

The funny part was that President never showed up. I freaked out for nothing. I called the APs after and asked what happened to president and they said he should have been there. But whatever, it was a crazy day.

And also another investigator, M--. She is a friend of J-- and really wants to get baptized but she is 16 and needs the permission of her mom. Well the mom doesn´t want her to get baptized. It was really tough to listen to the mom tell us why not because she pretty much called us idiots for believing in a the church. After her explanation why, my companion and I just tesified about what we believe to be true. It turned out being really good experience. The mom still won´t allow her daughter to be baptized but it was a good experience. 

So that is a glimpse of the crazy week we had. It was really exhausting. But it was fun too. I learned a lot and it has really helped me to "just keep swimming". Training to great. I have learned so much and it has forced me to speak up. It really has helped me to understand missoinary work better. 

It seems like everyone is doing good at home. Hopefully grandpa gets better. 

But yep things are good as always. I miss everyone and love you guys a lot. Nos Vemos

Pura Vida
Elder Keysor

Elder Keysor and his mission companion cooking at their house

A member took them to dinner

With Sister Missionaries and their cook's family