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Monday, January 21, 2013

New Comp and I am a Trainer

Hola familia,

Well the sad news is that my comp Elder S-- left to be zone leader in a place near San Jose. So things are really different right now. Not just because he left, but because I AM TRAINING!!!!!!!!! Yep,  I got a phone call on the Tuesday before the changes meeting from the mission president. He asked how I was doing? - "Good"... How is your Spanish? - "I feel comfortable with it"... Can you manage an area? -  "Yep"... Then he said "I have prayed and you are going to be training a new missionary, you have a meeting tomorrow morning in the office."  - I was shocked!! I still can´t believe it. I have only been here in Costa Rica 3 months this week.  What makes it crazy is that I just finished my training last Friday.  In the meeting, President used me as an example of where the new arrivals should strive to be when they are done with their training.  I felt honored and humbled.  I feel good because President has confidence in me. It is a really cool feeling. I have been blessed these last few months with a great companion, the language, and the area.  I don't know everything and I am still learning, but I'll do all I can. 

So my new comp. His name is Elder P--. He is from Cancun, Mexico. So now I pretty much have to speak Spanish the whole time. But that is good, right? He knows some English which helps me understand Spanish. He was a tour guide for LDS tours in Mexico and plays football, not soccer. He is 18 and has a scholarship to play football at the University of Texas. Yep,  the Longhorns! He loves to cook Mexican food (oh yeah!) , so he is cooking enchiladas today for P-Day.  He is great.  At first, he was a little quiet but now he is really comfortable and ready to work. We both push each other so it is really good. I don´t have a picture yet. I need to cut my hair first because if not,  Mom will make a big deal about my hair. So I will have one next week for you guys.

We were planning to have 6 baptisms this week, but they feel through. But we should have them this coming week, so we have a lot of work to do. We have been trying to get baptism dates from investigators, but have been getting rejected. I actually don't mind getting rejected, because I hear some of the best answers. I  laughed at one the other day, the family said that they believed the Book of Mormon to be the word of God but when I invited them to be baptized, they said "No" because they don't want to change their beliefs. I said,  "We can work with that..."But after they explained why, they said in Spanish of course, "thank you so much for the invitation to be baptized" it was so funny and so weird. I have never been thanked before while at the same time being rejected. So yeah, I don't mind getting rejected but I like it better when people accept.

It sounds like everyone is doing great. That is so great Chelsea got her mission call - she will be great. I will have to tell Elder R--. The other day, he came to do interviews and then after we ate together - typical missonary thing. He is super cool and super funny. But yeah, sounds like things are great. I miss everyone a lot and love everyone so much. Hopefully next week I will have some cool stories to tell. Well, nos vemos.

Pura Vida,
Elder Keysor