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Monday, January 21, 2013

New Comp and I am a Trainer

Hola familia,

Well the sad news is that my comp Elder S-- left to be zone leader in a place near San Jose. So things are really different right now. Not just because he left, but because I AM TRAINING!!!!!!!!! Yep,  I got a phone call on the Tuesday before the changes meeting from the mission president. He asked how I was doing? - "Good"... How is your Spanish? - "I feel comfortable with it"... Can you manage an area? -  "Yep"... Then he said "I have prayed and you are going to be training a new missionary, you have a meeting tomorrow morning in the office."  - I was shocked!! I still can´t believe it. I have only been here in Costa Rica 3 months this week.  What makes it crazy is that I just finished my training last Friday.  In the meeting, President used me as an example of where the new arrivals should strive to be when they are done with their training.  I felt honored and humbled.  I feel good because President has confidence in me. It is a really cool feeling. I have been blessed these last few months with a great companion, the language, and the area.  I don't know everything and I am still learning, but I'll do all I can. 

So my new comp. His name is Elder P--. He is from Cancun, Mexico. So now I pretty much have to speak Spanish the whole time. But that is good, right? He knows some English which helps me understand Spanish. He was a tour guide for LDS tours in Mexico and plays football, not soccer. He is 18 and has a scholarship to play football at the University of Texas. Yep,  the Longhorns! He loves to cook Mexican food (oh yeah!) , so he is cooking enchiladas today for P-Day.  He is great.  At first, he was a little quiet but now he is really comfortable and ready to work. We both push each other so it is really good. I don´t have a picture yet. I need to cut my hair first because if not,  Mom will make a big deal about my hair. So I will have one next week for you guys.

We were planning to have 6 baptisms this week, but they feel through. But we should have them this coming week, so we have a lot of work to do. We have been trying to get baptism dates from investigators, but have been getting rejected. I actually don't mind getting rejected, because I hear some of the best answers. I  laughed at one the other day, the family said that they believed the Book of Mormon to be the word of God but when I invited them to be baptized, they said "No" because they don't want to change their beliefs. I said,  "We can work with that..."But after they explained why, they said in Spanish of course, "thank you so much for the invitation to be baptized" it was so funny and so weird. I have never been thanked before while at the same time being rejected. So yeah, I don't mind getting rejected but I like it better when people accept.

It sounds like everyone is doing great. That is so great Chelsea got her mission call - she will be great. I will have to tell Elder R--. The other day, he came to do interviews and then after we ate together - typical missonary thing. He is super cool and super funny. But yeah, sounds like things are great. I miss everyone a lot and love everyone so much. Hopefully next week I will have some cool stories to tell. Well, nos vemos.

Pura Vida,
Elder Keysor

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A Crazy Week

Hola familia,

This week has been great. It was mainly due to the fact that we got to listen to an Apostle. That was on Saturday. We had to wake up at 4:30 am to get to San Jose by 7:30. We got there and then took a mission picture of everyone and then took another one with Elder Christoffersen. They are going to send us the picture and I will forward it to you. After, we got to shake hands with him. It was pretty cool. He asked us our name and where we are from. It was a really cool experience to shake hands with an apostle. Afterwards he talked to us. It was a little different because he just did a question and answer time. He spoke for a little over an hour and only answered 4 questions. He answered the questions really deeply. It was really neat to hear an apostle's opinion. He basically told us that we have the same role as the apostles. It was really great to think that we pretty much have the same role as them. That was a really good day. 

Friday was also a crazy day. We had gone on divisions the day before, so my comp Elder S-- and Elder R-- met up with me and his comp in the morning. But Elder R-- needed help with a marriage he was supposed to have that night. The problem was that he had an interview with President and he couldn´t get the paperwork. So we said we could help him get the paperwork. So we went to Alajuela to get the paperwork and were there pretty much all day. We did so much and the other Elders returned around 5 to get the paperwork and have the marriage. Then we went home to our area. But during the day we ate a ton. We went to McDonalds twice and KFC ( yes, they have those in the city). It wasn´t smart because when we returned everyone wanted to feed us. We ate so much that I felt like I was the blueberry girl from Willy Wonka. I felt so sick. I only could eat one meal the next day. It was really bad. Some days nobody wants to feed us, then some days everyone wants to feed us. It is really hard.

Wednesday was a crazy day too. We had a marriage. We got U-- and R-- married finally. They have 6 kids and the oldest is 12. They are a handful. They love the church are planning to get baptized this weekend. These marriages are so hard. We planned for the marriage but in the morning U--s´ passport expired so we had to get him a new one. Then we had to find someone to pick them up because they live so far from the church. We planned for the wedding at 5:30 and nobody showed up until 7. It was so stressful. By the end of the day it was a great ceremony and now they can be ready to be baptized. It was cool because U-- told me after that this was great, but he can´t wait to be sealed to his family a year from now in the temple. It is really neat to see your investigators understand things. When we first met U--, he compared baptism to Micheal Jordan. It was crazy. I don´t remember how but he explained it, but now he understands things and really wants to be part of this church. It is a huge change for him. Plus he is going around and sharing the things he has learned with everyone. It is really cool. The other day he went and taught a lesson with the sister missionaries in another area. All he wants to do his share the gospel. It is super cool!

This week will continue the crazy theme. We are working to get 6 people baptized this week. U-- and his wife with 3 of their 6 kids, and M-- ( a friend of J--´s - who we baptized a month ago). It will be great if all goes well. So we have a lot of work in front of us. It is also possible that Elder S-- leaves on Wednesday, so things are going to be crazy this week. 

But things are great as always, and everything is super fun. It is good to see that you guys got my package. The kids here always wear those "Choose the Right" bracelets. I miss you guys a lot and love you guys a ton. And don´t worry Mom,  I am fine. Love you guys and talk to you next week!!

Pura Vida,
Elder Keysor

Falling off the Bus

Hola familia,

This week has been pretty good. On Wednesday I had an interview with President. It was a check-up interview. He said that with all the new missionaries coming that he is looking for us new missionaries to be prepared. 

We are preparing to help a family get married this Wednesday. We have been teaching a couple families and they are all progressing really well. It is times like this that make the mission fun. At church this week we had 125 people at church. It was a lot for us. Plus we had 9 investigators at church. President has been really impressed with the amount of people we are getting to church. He keeps asking us what we are doing. And we really don't have a secret. I guess we are teaching the right people. We also have been playing a lot of soccer lately which has been really fun. The ticos are saying that I am getting a lot better. 

Yesterday was an interesting day for me. My comp had to go do an interview so I was on divisions with a missionary from El Salvador. It was so embarassing because I fell off the bus. I went to get off and I slipped and fell all the way to the street. The worst part was that it was a full bus and everyone started laughing at me. All my latino comp did was make jokes at me. It was so embarassing. So my arm is all sctrached up and bruised. But dont worry it is my left arm. So that is my dumb Elder Keysor story for the week.

I read a great scripture the other day that I shared with a member. It is in 1 Ne 2:1. It pretty much says that we will be blessed we tried to share the gospel whether or not the person wants to accept it. So that is cool to think that as long as we put in the effort we are going to receive the blessings.

I said that I have had some challenges. They seemed like challenges at the time, but now looking back on them, they are really dumb things that I worried about. So don´t worry mom. I am fine. If you put your confidence in the Lord, he will provide a way to overcome anything. Plus he isn´t going to put a challenge in front of you that you can´t overcome. So that is something that I try to remember everyday on the mission. 

So I just realized that I never mentioned how New Years went. It was insane!!! This place was a party all night long. We had to be in the house like normal, 9 pm. But the parties had already started. And they were loud. Outside our house were people dancing and music all night long. I surprising feel asleep fine until midnight came around. Then things went crazy. People were screaming and shooting off fireworks. The big fireworks that shoot into the sky right outside of our house.  It was insane!! I was so tired that I wanted to fall asleep but I couldn´t because it was so loud. Then I remembered that you guys sent me earplugs. So I put those in and slept like a baby. It was great.  It was a crazy night on the mission. It topped Christmas Eve for sure.

I am so jealous that Brian and Brad came over the other night. I would love some tacos. I haven´t been able to find a good taco here. Partly because tacos here are taquitos. It is really frustrating. It is great to hear that everyone is doing well. It is crazy to think that everyone is progressing in life while I am in beautiful Costa Rica for 2 years. I wouldn´t have it any other way. I absolutley love it here. The mission is great. There are so many things that happen that make it so much fun everyday. And I have only been here for a couple months. 

It sounds like everyone is doing great and getting back to school - that stinks. I honestly don´t remember Hearst Castle. I think I was too young. But it looks cool in the pictures. I miss you guys and pray for you every night. I hope the girls work hard in school. I passed the Intel plant today and made me think of Dad. That place is huge!! I will try to take a picture but it is hard on a bus. The buses are like the Indiana Jones ride at Disneyland. It is crazy and standing up is hard. Plus the seats are so close. It wasnt made for gringos, but I love it. 

I miss you guys a lot and les amo un monton. Nos Vemos

Pura Vida,
Elder Keysor

And I just remembered that this Saturday Elder Christofferson is coming to speak to all the missionaries here in Costa Rica. Pretty cool!

And I just remembered another dumb Elder Keysor moment. We are walking back to the house after a long day and we had walked a ton. My legs were tired and had a hard time walking straight. So I suddenly ran into a wall and cut part of my sleeve on the wall. It was so stupid. I made up some story that a drunk tried to cut me with a machete. It was a pretty believeable story. Our cook was able to fix the sleeve, so we are all good.

that´s all for now. ¡Adios!