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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

We moved to a new house

Hola familia,

Everything is going great here. It has been a crazy week, but it has been a good week too. Every week is a good week on the mission. We started this week by moving into our new house. We are now living on in a one bedroom, one kitchen, and one bathroom house. It is really cool. We don't live with members so we don´t have anything for the house. But the mission is going to be sending us some things here soon. The were too many problems living with the members so we needed to move. We just live down the street from our old house. I will send some pictures.

Today isn´t our P-day. We have permission to write our families and that is it. Our P-Day will  be this firday when we have a Christmas Party for the mission. Everyone here in CR is ready for Christmas. It is really cool.  Everyone makes tamales for the Christmas season, just like Nana. Everyone is outside cooking on a fire in the middle of the street. I have had a couple tamales already. They are really good. The only difference is that they aren´t spicy and have vegetables in them.  I think we are going to a members house for Christmas Eve to eat tamales too, just like at home.

The biggest thing this week is that we invited a family to be married. It is a family we have been teaching.  They have 6 kids and the oldest is 12.  They have been a tough family to teach with all the kids. But we invited them to get married so they can be baptized. They are supposed to be married this Thursday. It is really exciting. We also invited another famiy to be married yesterday. They said they wanted to but needed to clear things up between them first. This is a big challenge here in Costa Rica. Nobody is married and nobody wants to get married. So it is really tough to teach families and get them baptized. We also invited another person to get baptized the 5th of January. He has been investigating the church for a couple years because his girlfriend is a member. Missionaries invited him to be baptized but the girlfriend doesn´t want him to do it because of her. So we have been working hard and invited him again. And when we did, his girlfriend and him starting crying. They felt the spirit so strong and he accepted. They actually felt like we cared for them and really want to help them. It was so neat. So we are doing well with teaching.

Soccer is everything here. We play a ton of soccer and we have gotten a lot of new investigators from it. They are more comfortable to talk to us because we play soccer with them. That has helped a ton. We also have been working a lot with the members to get referrals. That has been good for us too. So the finding people to teach has gotten a lot better.

So you always give me a sports update, so here is the sports update here. It is finals time. LA Liga vs Heredia. Yesterday was the first game and La Liga won. During game time is our dead period. Nobody is in the streets. I am serious, NOBODY. It is like a ghost town here. But when someone scores a goal, you can hear screams and people screaming for like 5 min and then dead silence. After the game yesterday, everyone was going crazy. It reminded me of when we went to the the national championship between USC vs Texas. It is crazy.
It has been a good week. It sounds like everyone is doing well. Tell Nate congrats on the wedding.  The mission here is getting ready for the new missionaries. I can´t believe it is in a week until Christmas.  It will be different being here for Christmas. I am almost positive that we can only call home and not Skype. We will probably be at our cooks house and call you guys and then hang up. Then you will call me because it is cheaper for you guys. I will try to have more details on Monday. But all I know for sure is that it is a phone call of 30 min. So I don't know why other mom's say they will Skype. I miss you guys and can´t wait to talk to you guys. 

The mission is great and I am so glad that I came here. I have learned so much. I finished the Book of Mormon today. I have learned so much from that. I wish I could tell you everything I have learned but I would be here for days. Tell everyone Feliz Navidad.  Miss everyone a lot. Nos vemos muy pronto. Adios

Feliz Navidad,
Elder Keysor

New House - kitchen & study area. 

Study area with view of the bedroom/entrance
Entrance and sleeping area.  Yes that is my Sponge Bob blanket, a member gave it to me.

Christmas tree and ornaments sent from Danville (Alamo 2 ward)  Primary children

View from bedroom to kitchen. Notice the Christmas light/decorations mom sent