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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Semana 6 - Everything is "Solo Bueno"

Hola familia,

How is it going? Everything is going well here - "Solo bueno" ( as they say here in CR). We are getting ready for Christmas here. The ward decorated the chapel for Christmas. We are planning on going caroling this weekend with the ward to help us find new people. Finding new people to teach has been a huge challenge for us this week. We try not to contact in the street or knock doors. The investigators that progress the most are referrals from the members. So that is our focus - working with the members. 

We also have been working on finding young men to teach. President wants the focus to be on young men from 15 to 25 yrs old. That way they can prepare to serve a mission. So we have been focusing on going to mutual. Because in mutual they play soccer (surprise uh), they get about 5 members and 25 non members to play soccer. So we go and get to know the kids that show up.  Sometimes we'll play soccer with them as well.  It is cool because when we are walking in the streets, the kids know us by name and we are now friends with them.  It has been a good thing for us to go to mutual. 

We haven´t been able to meet with the catholic family much. We stopped by once last week and they had read a lot. The grandma actually didn´t want to share the book we gave them. They really liked the things we teach them. They totally agree with it and it makes sense to them, but when we invited them to be baptised they denied. They didn´t want to change their beliefs, so we are going to still stay in touch with with them and hopefully they can change their minds.  We just wont see them everyday as we need to find people that want to move forward.

We had a cool contact last p-day. We were playing soccer at the church because they have a cement soccer field. We were playing against the members and two random people showed up. They had heard that we were teaching English classes and wanted to join and they also wanted to learn things about the church. They want to stay off the streets and change their lives. So we taught them and they are great. They are two 25 yr. old guys. We teach in both Spanish and English. It is tough, but we are helping the people in any way we can. 

They had the Primary program this weekend in church. It was really interesting. We showed up and there were ballons and streamers all over the chapel and in the sacrament room for the program -  It was really weird. The church is really new here and the members are just starting to figure things out. It was a really cute program. There are about 20 kids in the primary. One kid went up there and was really nervous and instead of saying his part he said "estoy nervioso" and sat down. It was really funny. 

Also the championships for soccer are next weekend. Heredia and La Liga are playing. It is a big deal here. Yesterday was the semifinals and people were screaming and honking horns whenever there was a goal. It is really cool. It also makes contacting fun. We just talk about soccer and people will listen to us. It is also crazy because everyone is La liga fans. But a church member in another area just bought the Heredia team. So it will be an interesting final for the members here.

I haven´t put up the paper Christmas tree you sent. We are moving to a new place sometime this week. The house we were leaving in wasn´t good for missionaries so we needed to move. There were some problems. But we are really excited about our new house. 

For Christmas we call, we can´t skype. I think we call from our cook´s phone and then you call us back. It is a lot cheaper that way. And I am pretty sure we can only talk for like 30 min. But I don´t know all the details yet. I will let you know when we get closer to that time. 

Dad, about your question on how to prepare for a mission. You can´t prepare for all of this. You think you can be totally prepared for all of this, but you can´t. The only way to prepare is by doing it. But one thing that I wish I knew before my mission was "Preach my Gospel". I would say -  read that before your mission.  The best thing to do is decide to go on a mission and be able to go.  Yes, things can get tough with the languange and a different culture, but they really haven't bothered me too much.   I think baseball and sports helped me a lot. I learned how to get back up when you fail. You have to learn how to accept challenges and do your best to beat them. If you do your part as a missionary, God will do the rest.  The mission has helped me to realize this. I have only been here a month and a half, but the lessons I have learned have already changed my life. It is amazing and I still have a lot more to learn!  That is my only advice for the mission, and just enjoy your time as a missionary. You are helping people come unto Christ  - what could be better. 

I am glad to hear everyone is doing great. I miss you guys a lot and I will try to take more pictures for you guys. Especially around Christmas time. I love you guys and it will be different without you guys for Christmas, but the mission is a happy time so I will be fine. Tell everyone "Hi".  Love you guys a lot!!! Adios!

Pura Vida Mae,

Elder Keysor