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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Semana 5 - Yes, I need a haircut

Hola familia,

Things are going great here. It has been a little tough this week because we don´t have many people to teach. So this week we have focused on finding new people. Bismarck and Jazmin ( our baptisms) are doing great. It is neat to see them progress in the church. Yesterday Bismarck blessed the sacrament. It was cool. Plus he bore his testimony. It was so strong. He made the whole congregation silent. It was really great.  

About the tie - . Jazmin gave me the tie the day before the baptism and asked me to wear it the next day. It was her tie from her school uniform. She didn´t need it so gave it to me, it was a nice gesture.  

Yes Mom, I do need a haircut. I use gel but it has been so windy her lately. Like "tornado" windy. So my hair looks insane. I am getting my haircut today. There is a salon down the street that I will go to. 

This week was a little crazy. We had to travel a lot to San Jose this week. We first had a zone conference. It was my first one and it was great. President Wilkinson spoke about the power of the Atonement and how it gives us a ton of power. It was really good. We also had American food for lunch. The President's wife cooked sloppyjoes for everyone. It was so good. The following day I had to go to the office for my one month checkup. I got to talk with President and talk about how I am doing. Then after I got to eat at the presidents house with all the other missionaries who entered with me. It was BBQ food!!! So good. It was great to see how everyone else is adjusting to the mission. Everyone is doing really well.  I got to talk a lot with President Wilkenson. he is a neat man. He is such a nice guy and always is joking around with me. He is planning to come out and play catch with me one of these P days. It will be fun and he wants to bring his son too. 

I ate cow stomach the other day. Our cook had made a soup for herself with cow stomach. She asked if I wanted to try it. I said "why not, how bad could cow stomach be?". It was really chewy like fatty chewy. But there was no fat on it. It wasn´t horrible but I don´t think I will be ordering it at a restuarant anytime soon. I haven´t gotten sick. I think the constant beans and rice "solidify" things. So I am good. 

One contact we had went well. We went and knock on this door and a young girl answered and said her mom would be home the following day if we wanted to stop by. We came back the next day but the mom wasn´t there. But the daughter said we could talk with her aunt that was there. So we did and then the mom showed up and then the grandma. We started teaching them and they are really open to us. The mom has a ton of questions and we answer them all. She can´t believe it.  We visited again yesterday and the mom invited her whole family to listen to us. There were 4 different families listening to us and enjoying our message. They can´t pronounce our names so they call us amigo 1 and amigo 2. It is funny. It has been a neat experience this week.

Everyone here is getting ready for Christmas. I got one package you sent when I went to the zone conference. It was the one with the tree and decorations. So I set it up in my room. I didn´t take any pics yet cause I am not done. The other two packages haven´t arrived yet. Hopefully I will get them on Wednesday when we go in for a meeting. We will see. For future reference send packages to the PO box address. I think it is safer, addresses here are hard to pin down. But don´t worry. I should be getting the other ones soon. Hopefully Wednesday. 

Sounds like everyone is doing good at home. Kendal needs to watch out for those tree guys. They are dangerous. Take a picture of the "Griswald" house. I can´t believe Dad put up extra lights. He is usually is lazy when it comes to putting up decorations and lights. How does the Christmas village look? Kylie better do a good job. There are a couple members here that have villages too. It is fun celebrating Christmas in Spanish. The other day we where in a store and they were playing Christmas music.  I couldn´t understand it, so I asked the lady at the store "¿Este no es español?" and she looked at me like I was crazy. So she started singing the song and it was in Spanish. I felt so stupid and my companion was laughing because he had the same question. It was funny. The music is still hard for me to understand but everything else I can pretty much understand. 

Well hope everything is going well. I miss you guys and love you guys a lot. Keep me updated with things back home. I feel like I have been here forever. I can only imagine how it feels for you guys. Know that I love you guys and pray every night for you guys. Tell nana and tata les amo and also granma and grandpa I love them too. Kendal and Kylie study hard. It is really sad to see these girls here drop out of school when they are 15. It happens a lot. So study hard in school. Pues adios.Y les extraño mucho y les amo much tambien. Nos vemos.

Pura Vida,
Elder Keysor