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Monday, December 31, 2012

It's Almost Christmas! Yes, I can Skype!

Feliz Navidad,

It is almost Christmas!!!! Things haven´t been too crazy this week. Just getting ready for Christmas. This last Friday we had a Christmas Party for the mission. It was fun. We got to hear from the mission president and got to play some games. We also had some amazing food. That is the best part about these meetings is that we get real gringo food. It is so good.  I was also able to get the other two packages that you guys sent me. They were really big. I had to take them out of the boxes and put them in my backpack so that I could get on the bus back home. So I opened up my presents before Christmas. I tried to wait,  but Elder Siddoway tempted me - ha ha.  And I LOVE THE FOOT MASSAGER. It is great. After a long day of walking, it feels great. We have already put the mac and cheese to good use. Thank you so much for the presents. It is almost like being home. 

Tonight we are going to our cooks house for Christmas Eve dinner. We are going to have Tamales and they are having a secret santa so today I am going out to buy some presents for people here. Everyone has been so nice to us this week. We have been invited a lot to go eat tamales with people and we have been caroling this week with the youth. It has been a lot of fun. Christmas here is similar but the only difference is that Christmas Eve is when they have their parties. So it will be fun to go to one tonight with our cook´s family. 

It has been a rough week for the mission work though. We were supposed to have a marriage this week but it is getting delayed until January because the place to get paperwork is closed for the holidays. So that also pushes back the baptism. We have had a hard time finding people because everyone is leaving or traveling with family. We found some new people who we are excited to teach. And a lot of people came to the Ward Christmas party on Friday. It was a lot of fun because it was a crazy party. They had an inflatable for the kids in the church and there was confetti and music. It was crazy. I have never been in a church party like that. I guarantee that more people would go to things if they knew how the parties were here. 

The biggest news is that La liga beat Heredia in the championship on Saturday. It was crazy because between 7PM  till the end of the game, nobody was outside. It was a ghost town. But at night when we were getting ready for bed, it all of a sudden went crazy. Cars started honking, people started screaming, fireworks were going off in front of our house. It was insane. It was a party all night long. And the next day at church, nobody was there and everyone had sore voices. It was so funny. They take soccer as a religion here. 

But that is about it for this week. Not much going on but Christmas and soccer. The exciting news is that yes I can SKYPE tomorrow! The zone leaders told us we could last monday night. So I have been trying to find a place to skype. We are planning on going to a members house and using their computer.  We are planning on heading over around 8:30 am tomorrow. Elder Siddoway will go first and then me. So expect a Skype call around 9:30 am Costa Rica time so whatever that is California time. We can try video but it may be slow so we may just do voice. But yes I can use skype. I am going to try logging on to my account. I think I remember it. So that will be easier. So yep, Skype tomorrow for Christmas.

I can´t wait to talk to you guys tomorrow. I know there isn´t much time to talk but it will be great to hear from you guys. We have a really neat house right now.  We walk down the streets and everyone wants to play soccer with us. It was funny because they all thought the world was going to end on Friday so they were sad that we couldn´t play soccer. It was so funny. But nos vemos manaña, les amo mucho, y no puedo creer que manaña vamos a hablar por medio de Skype. Pues, adios y ¡Feliz Navidad!


Elder Keysor

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