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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Just visited a volcano

Hola familia,

Sorry I'm a little late today. We just got back from visiting a volcano. It was so cool. We went with a couple members and the sister missionaries in our ward. I took some pictures and will try to send them. Everything is going great here. I'm still eating rice and beans :-) . That butter stuff on the beans is natella. It is like a sour cream but way better. It is amazing on toast. We almost never cook. We went to pricesmart (the costco) last week and bought some cereal and pancake mix for breakfast and some snacks. Members always cook for us. One of my favorite places to eat is at the member's cafe.  Last week they gave us a plate of food with rice chicken, crab, oysters, shrimp and some other fish, it was so good. All the food is good. I haven´t eaten anything weird. I had liver the other day. It was ok. I just don´t ask what it is and eat it. The kids here love the smurfs but they aren´t called the smurfs. They are called los pitufos. It is so cool.

We average about 5 lessons a day if we plan right. We walk a ton but take a taxi and a bus when we can. But taxis are expensive. We had a cool experience with a bus this week. We got on a bus to head back to a lesson after teaching one to the members farthest away. The only problem was that the bus went right instead of left to head back. We never go the direction to the right, never. But we never had the thought of getting off. We didn´t want to walk so we hoped that the bus would turn around. Well it never did. We stayed on the bus to the last stop and had to get off. Well, there was a family on the bus that were laughing at us. It was pretty funny. So this family invited us to join them in their house while we waited for an hour for the next bus. While we waited, we taught them a lesson. They were great and totally open, it was really great. So we have an appointment to teach them again. The only issue is that it is a 30 min bus ride from our house. It is really far. 

Jazmin and Bismark are doing great. Both have a baptism date for the 24th of this month. We are so excited. Bismark is amazing. He has such a strong testimony. He asked me at church on Sunday if he could give his testimony during church. I told him he could during our Sunday school class for all the investigators. So he did and it was so powerful. He is an investigator of gold. He gets to church early to help us bring other investigators to church. He also shows up every morning at 6 am to play soccer with us at the church. We play soccer in the mornings for our exercise. We actually get a lot of people to play with us. People are always willing to play soccer here. Jazmin is great too.  And it is amazing to see how much she has progressed. 

We got this great reference this week from a member. His name is A---. He is 17 and never passed kindergarten. He can´t read and isn´t educated, and has Word of Wisdom problems. But he really wants to change, which is cool. He knows he has issues and has an amazing vision for his future. The only issues are he can´t read and needs work on the Word of Wisdom problems. So we are going to have to work with him a lot.  It is neat to see people who want to change. 

I can´t remember if I told you about O---. We met him one day while he was drunk in the street and he knew a lot about our church. It is obvious that he has a drinking problem. We found out that he had been taking the lessons from the missionaries some time ago because his mom wanted him to change his life. But his mom died while he was taking the lessons. So he went back to drinking and he became too dangerous to teach. So we ran into him on the street and tried to help him stop drinking. He has a great dream for his future but he is always drunk. Well, we hadn´t seen him for a while until yesterday. He looked completely different. He had shaven, got a haircut and had clean clothes. He had told us he hadn´t had a drink for 3 days. It was amazing to see him like this. We are hoping he continues on this path and are planning on teaching him too - if he keeps himself off the drink. It is amazing to see how people can change quickly. 

Everything is good. It poured rain the other day. It was crazy how much water was in the streets and on my clothes. Last night I woke up to a strong earthquake. They are pretty regular here and pretty strong too. My spanish is progressing. Everyone says I can speak well. I can speak enough to carry a conversation but still have a lot to learn. 

It sounds like everything is good at home. Ser and Estar is hard Kendal. But work hard and you will get it eventually. I still don't always get it. Kylie keep being Kylie. Good luck in soccer and school. Work hard. Love you guys and hope everything is going great. I miss you guys and pray for you guys every night. Keep me updated on things. Most people here tell us what goes on in America. It is pretty nice. Love you guys. 

Pura Vida,
Elder Keysor

Lagoon near Volcano


Ward members and Elders and Sisters overlooking volcano 

Ward members with Elders and Sister missionaries on trail to volcano

Above lagoon with ward members and Sister Missionaries and my missionary companion
Me holding hands with a statue - I don't know what it is for...