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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Hola - Semana 3


Hows it going? Things haven´t been too crazy this week. So I don´t have too many stories this week. I will for sure have more next week. But we are contuning to work hard and eat more rice and beans. I actually love the rice and beans here. They have something called gallo pinto. it is the famous dish here. It is really good. We found a great pizza place that sells a slice of pizza that is bigger than a Costco slice and a natural juice for 1,100 colones (about $2.20 in the US). Its really cheap and really good. So we will eat there a couple times during the week. 

Something funny this week was I learn that they dont flush the toliet paper here. I found this out the hard way. I tried to fix it but it wouldn´t work and my companion just laughed at me. I finally got it fixed and learned that they throw away the toliet paper not flush it. Because the sewage system isn´t very good. So that was an interesting experience.

On Friday, we woke up to find out that we were having a baptism that day. The Sister Missionaries called us to tell us that their investigator, Roy, was getting baptised that day. He was leaving the next day for Nicaragua and didn´t know when he was getting back. So he wanted to get baptized here. Friday was crazy getting ready for the baptisim. Roy had been one of Elder Siddoways investigators before the sisters came in and split the area. He had been investigating for a really long time and had a few challenges to overcome.  So we had his baptism on Friday and the confirmation too. It was my frist experience with a baptism here. It was a really cool experience. After the baptism, we took Roy and Bismarck to the temple. We took them on a tour and got to talk to the Temple president about the importance of temples. It was really neat and it was a great experience for both Roy and Bismarck. It's great that there is a temple so close to us here.

This Saturday we have two baptisms scheduled. One for Bismarck and one for Jazmin. We wanted to have Jazmin baptized last week but she didn´t feel ready yet so we are doing it this week. They both are really excited for their baptisms. We had a lesson with Jazmin the other day and Bismarck showed up at our lesson. He joined us and afterward I asked him what he was doing here. He just said he came by to help excite Jazmin for her baptism and invite her to church.  He is a missionary before he is even baptised. He is 28 yrs old so he can't go on a mission but it doesn´t bother him. He is always saying that his mission is here in Costa Rica. 

Everyone is getting ready for Christmas here. They don´t celebrate Thanksgiving, so it is all Christmas. We went looking for a cheap Christmas tree but instead bought a papa pitufo pinata. I'll send you guys a picture. We may be going to a members house for Thanksgiving. We will find out here soon. But everything is going well. Hopefully you guys sent those packages through the postal service not fedex. The mission doesn´t want things sent through fedex. Because we have to go to the office to sign for it and it is too hard for everyone to go there to sign for packages. 

Besides that, everything is solo bueno. They have a lot of funny sayings here. The ticos are really relaxed and things that are really bad in other spanish countries aren´t bad here. They call every girl a "guila" and in Mexico that means prostitute. So it is funny to here moms call their girls "guilas". A lot of times to say "hi" they say "oop". 

Say "hi" Nana and Tata while you are there for Thanksgiving and also to the whole family. Les extrano and les amo mucho. Hope everything is well with them. And I miss tacos and Mexican food. The food here is really good but nothing compared to Mexican food. 

Love you guys and hope everything is good. Miss you guys a lot. Be safe and make sure to eat at someburros for me. Nos vemos!

Pura Vida,
Elder Keysor

Elder Siddoway, Bismark and Elder K

Ray, Elder Siddoway, Ward Missionary, Elder K

OUr Christmas piñata