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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Week 7 (MTC) - 2 Weeks to go!

Hola Familia,

Things are great here. Discussions are going great. We now have 6 investigators we are teaching. Three of them have a baptism date, the other 3 are really close. Teaching was very hard at first , but now it has become easier because we can speak Spanish a lot better. It is very good but also very stressful. We usually have 2 to 3 lessons a day. They are really exhausting,  but I'm progressing a lot and CAN ACTUALLY HOLD A CONVERSATION. It is a lot easier to teach in Spanish for me, don't know why. I actually have a hard time thinking of what to say in English and have forgotten how to pray in English. Also every Saturday, we get to teach actual members who volunteer to be taught. That is fun and more relaxed and we get to talk to people from the outside world. 

Things are going great. People are starting to get their travel plans and everyone is counting down the days. It's coming really quick. It is crazy to think that in 2 weeks I will be living in another country for two years. It is a little scary but I'm super excited. I've been working out everyday. I was getting a little chubby. But now I look like a swimsuit model with my washboard abs :-) . I love getting your letters. It is great to hear how things are going outside the MTC bubble. I havent gotten any letters for anybody else but you guys,  so I really love your letters. When I'm in the field, I only get mail every 6 weeks. So it will be better to communicate through email. I got a haircut and tried to have it look good but they are strict about rules here. They can only razor it here at the MTC. Hopefully things are different in the field - Sorry Mom. 

We are getting ready for conference this week. We don't have classes the next two days,  only conference and study between conference. Everybody is super excited. I watched a great talk the other day after our fireside. It was by Elder Bednar. It was called "Becoming a Missionary". It was great and you guys should read it if you can find it. 

We try to have a lot of fun here. We tell a lot of jokes here. My favorite joke that I have in spanish is "Que hace el pez? .............. Nada" hopefully you guys can get it. Kendal should be able to and she should tell her spanish teacher it. Yesterday at the bookstore, the girl working there told me one that was pretty good. She tells me jokes every time I'm there. It was "What happened to the wind? ............... It blew away" hahahahahaha Did you get it?  yep that is the type of humor we have as missionaries. It is really good.

A guy on my floor got a box of Mountain Dew the other day. We threw a small fiesta of Mountain Dew. I went and asked the trainers for ice and we made a cooler out of a trash can. It was amazing. Mountain Dew never tasted so good!

It sounds like the girls and everyone are doing well. Kylie is now 10 crazy. I bet mom remembers when I was 10. Now look at me. Kendal still is having boy problems and spanish stuff. Espero que ella este entendiendo mucho de Espanol. Es un idioma muy bonito. Y tambien ella puede hablar con Nana y Tata en Espanol. Pues si, me encanta Espanol. Todos mis pensamientos son de Espanol. Es muy interesante. I wish I was there for halloween . I miss it a lot. Hopefully the graveyard will look good without me. 

I just wanted to thank you for everything you guys have done for me. I never really expressed my appreciation. But I am really grateful. I love you guys so much. Mom, thank you for making the decision to become a member of this church. It has been a great blessing in my life. I love you guys and am grateful for all the love and support you guys give me on my mission. It is a great motivator for me on my mission. Thank you for supporting me in sports and church. I am truly grateful for everything you guys have done in my vida. Le amo mucho. Y yo se que uds van a recibir muchas bendeciones por su fe y ayuda. Muchas gracias.

Les amo,
Elder Keysor

PS I'm going to send some more pics today.