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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Week 6 (MTC)

Hola Familia,

Things are the same old stuff here. Everyday consists of classes, study, and spanish. I get the full amount of sleep everyday but it never seems to be enough. The days are exhausting and ye, the food seems to be getting worse.  I have seen three districts enter and leave before me. It kills me. I want to get to Costa Rica.  We got new roommates this week. They are going to Bolivia. But they leave for the Peru MTC in 3 weeks. So they leave before me. Im starting to get tired of the MTC and want to go to Costa Rica so bad. 

But besides all that stuff, its is great here. Even though being here for 9 weeks is hard, I am glad I am here that long. I feel like if i was here shorter my learning would be rushed. So being here longer autally helps.  The best food comes from the temple. It is amazing and so cheap. It is the one thing i look forward to during the week. I've meet a couple Elders going to Costa Rica but not a lot. It says I leave on the 21st. That is just an estimate. I wont know until a week before I leave. But it is possible to leave on a Sunday. People leave everyday of the week at all different times. I havent gotten anything from my mission pres. You have to remember that Im here for a couple more weeks and not every mission pres sends stuff to people. I dont need anything right now. Most of the stuff i can buy at the store here. We get 40% off everything in the store so its cheap. Plus we get $6 every weds on our card. Kinda like at BYU. If you would like to send more food and candy, you are always welcome to. I know me and my roommmate would appreciate it. For some reason i have been craving PEZ candy. Dont know why but I have been. 

I was glad that Nana and Tata got my letter and understood it. I was also happy to get letters from the girls. It sounds like they are doing great. Kylie is still smeagol and Kendal tiene un novio. Pero esta bien. Puedo matar el despues de mi mision. Espero que Kendal esta aprendiendo mucho de Espanol. En la proxima carta, quiero que Kendal escriba solamente en Espanol. Por Favor. 

It was good to hear about the guys and Drews Mom. I was wondering what happened with that. At least she went to church. That is very important in an investigators progression. I miss everyone but most of all I miss being able to go to the outside world. I love temple walks on Sunday cause I'm able to be outside. Last week I saw Jeff Barker at the temple. He was having a picnic with his girlfriend. I took a picture with him and attached it to the email. He said he loves the new coach and he is doing great things for the team. He said Dez is now throwing 94 and James is throwing well too. I think they will have a good season this year. 

People recgonize me all the time here. I've had people come up to me and say they recgonize from BYU and the baseball team. My companion thinks it is funny. I guess I just have one of those faces. Plus I get mistaken for a trainer during gym. 

A friend of mine from BYU just came in this week. His name is Moses Kautamela. He plays football for BYU and went to Bingham with Mason. He is the nicest person I've ever met. he is a big Samoan guy. But he is going to Oakland, CA on his mission. I told him if he is ever in Danville, you guys need to have him over for dinner. He leaves here in 2 weeks. 

Things are great here. My spanish is a ton better and it is actually affecting my English. I have the hardest time writing in my journal cause im slowly forgeting how to spell in English. that is why this letter has so many typos. My companion says I snore really loud and talk in my sleep. But i sleep talk in Spanish. So i guess thats a good sign. I have 6 investigators now. It is crazy. I sometimes teach 3 lessons a day. It is very tiring. But i have progressed so much since being here. My teacher tells me i have progessed at ton and am a great missionary. He tells me every day that I will be a very successful missionary. He says my best trait is that I'm a great listener and teach to the persons needs. I really like it here and dont have any complaints besides the food. It is a great place and the people here are great. I've made friends with a lot of missionaries here. I can tell that these friendships im making will continue after our missions too. 

I'm sorry I'm not answering every question. I try really had to tell you how things are here. But everyday is the same. Class and study and eat. I try to tell you guys the interesting stuff that goes on here but there isn't much. Devotionals and firesides are the only different stuff here. There are rumors that Holland may be coming here this week. We will see. People make stuff up all the time. Have you guys watched that talk by Elder Bednar about Christ? Its really great but I don't know if you can find it. Usually MTC talks arent published. Hopefully you can find it. 

Well my time is up and I hope I used more detail. Sorry about that. It is very hard. The typos are a mix of I dont have time to fix them and my english is getting horrible. I love you guys and I miss you guys a ton. But I get to live in a top rated vacation country for two years. That's pretty cool if you ask me.  Well les amo y les extrano mucho. 

Nos Vemos,
Elder Keysor