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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Week 4 - MTC


How's it going? I got your package this week and everyone on my floor was so happy. My room has become the candy room and everyone stops by to get some. I still haven't finished the candy from before so there still is a lot left. I read Kylie's story. It made me chuckle. Typical Kylie. It sounds like everyone is doing great. Kylie and Kendal are liking soccer and school. Kendal's Spanish presentation was perfect but she needs to start using harder words. She needs to challenge herself. It is the only way to get better at Spanish. She has the best resource with Nana and an almost fluent brother. The other day I volunteered myself to teach a grammar lesson in class. I had no idea what I was doing, but my teacher said I gave a great language lesson. 

I'll try to answer all your questions but remember it is tough. I've run into a lot of people here this week. I ran into Porter (Carlie Mckeon's husband). I talked to him a lot and he is teaching Spanish here and hopefully I run into him again. I ran into one of my student athlete mentors from school here. She just got in this week and is preparing to go on a mission. I also ran into one of the trainers for the baseball team here. He was working gym time so I got to talk to him. Of course I ran into Sister Miller. It is almost a regular thing now. I also ran into some senior missionaries from our stake, the Waldrons. They took a picture and I think they were going to send it to you. They are here for only a week before they go on their mission. 

Mason and Hutch are the only two baseball players left. Mason leaves next week though. I have run into a lot of other athletes here. I ran into someone from the volleyball team, rugby, and a couple football players that I had met at school. I see Chase and Matt Woodland regularly. Matt rides around on a scooter things cause his foot is in a cast from his surgery. 

To answer Kylie's question. I sleep on the bottom bed. Our roommates Elder Moberly and Elder Sparacino left this week. They left for the Guatemala MTC. A lot of people left this week. The other district lost half of their district to the Guatamela MTC. It's crazy. Plus a huge group from our zone left on their missions. It was the largest departing group in a while. 

I forgot to take a picture of my schedule to send you guys. I will get it for you next week. But just know my days are crazy from 6:30 am to 10:30 pm. I get more sleep here than I did at school and I'm more exhausted here. 

I've been gaining a little weight but there is a guy in my district that went to Westpoint. He's a military freak so I work out with him twice a week to stay in shape. We do some crazy ab workouts. 

I'm  glad to see that Nana got my letter. I was worried I sent it to the wrong place. I'm going to write them from now on in Spanish because my Spanish is getting better. I also got a letter from the Lewis family. They sent me a postcard and asked how I was doing. I also got a letter from Christine and Ben. Lucy drew me a picture too.

I can't listen to music here so I haven't used my iPod. And I expect a new iPhone 5 or 7 whatever is the newest when i get back :-).

We had a great devotional this week, it was about obedience. It was given by one of the Seventy, Elder Carlson. He said that obedience transforms us from who we are to who we will become. It was interesting,  but what made me really think is what his wife said. His wife said that we should strive to be the missionaries that our mother's expect us to be. It made me think because I know mom has high expectations for me. So hopefully I'm living up to that expectation and if not, I am going to strive to do that. Afterwards, we had a district review about it and our Branch President (I swear he is one of the 3 Nephites) spoke about our families. He quoted a scripture, D&C 31:5. It talked about how our families will be blessed for the time and effort we put in on our mission. I know this to be true. Hopefully you guys have already seen some of those blessings. 

I've tried to answer most of your questions in the time I have. I hope that helps. 

Things are great here and I love it. I love going to the temple every P-day morning. I love the classes even though they are 3 hours long. Spanish is great. And I love the food here. My teachers are great. I'm going to send you a picture of one. One is white the other is a little mexican guy who is 26 but I swear he looks like a little boy from Nacho Libre. He even acts like one. This place is great and I'm glad that I made this decision. It's crazy i've been here for 4 weeks already. I am starting my 4th week. Only 6 more till Costa Rica. I can't wait!!!

Elder Keysor