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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Week 3 - MTC

Hola mi familia,

I sent you guys some pictures. I wanted to label the pics so you could know who they are but I have no way of doing that and I can't remember the order I sent them in. The pics are of my companion ( Elder Hampton) , my district, my roommates (Elder Moberly and Sparacino), Elder (Jesse) Newman, Elder (Joseph) Robison, Elder (Daniel) McKinley and Elder (David) Estrada all guys that were in my dorms at school, and Elder (Matt) Hutchings from baseball, then the two mexican missionaries I play basketball with (Elder Garza and Elder Valdez). Hopefully you guys can figure out who every is.

Today we went to the temple. It is great,  the temple is always busy with missionaries. It is really cool. It sounds like Kylie is doing great in soccer. How is Kendal doing? Do they like school? I love getting your letters. We don't get to hear about things in the outside world so it is nice to hear things in the letters. I sent a letter to Nana and Tata in the mail. I hope they got it. 

Things are great here. I've been playing basketball during PE. It is so much fun, and I like playing with the Mexican missionaries. They are really good and love talking trash in Spanish. It helps me to learn some Spanish and have fun at the same time. On Monday we had a substitue teacher. She was from Spain. She spoke really fast and with a thick accent. But she gave everyone personal advice. She told me that I need to love everyone and I looked like I was a giant teddy bear full of love. It was really funny to hear because I was the only one that got good advice. Our district has made it a goal to only speak Spanish. It is really hard and everyone is really quiet cause we can't speak English. It is a great goal but very difficult. 

The days are going by really fast here. My Spanish is getting a lot better. I can understand everything but struggle speaking it. I have started reading the Book of Mormon in Spanish. It is really hard but I am actually able to understand most of it. I just have to go really slow and look up a lot of words in the dictionary. I've also started reading Jesus the Christ in my spare time. It's really good and really deep. 

The food is still good. I like it a lot but it doesn't really like me back. My companion is great. We work together really well. My roommates are great too. They leave next week for the Guatemala MTC. So it will a bummer when they are gone. I love your packages of goodies. The people in my hall also love them too. I love getting your letters and I know I'm not sending you guys a lot. But besides class and Spanish I dont get a lot of free time so I don't have that many interesting stories. But when I have them, I will definitely tell you guys. Send your letters through "dear elder". I like it because I get them on my email and also as a letter. It is nice getting mail at the end of the day even if it is something small. It really sucks the days when you don't get anything. Everybody makes a big deal about mail here. It is kinda stupid. Thanks again for the packages and letters. You guys are the only people that have sent me anything consistently. So it is nice. I love you guys and miss you a ton. 

Elder Keysor